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I'm A Winner!

Yeah!  I am ALL KINDS OF EXCITED!   Pauline over at berriesweetpicks ran a contest for an ADORABLE bag:   And, I won!  Oh. My.Stars.  You must go check out her blog immediately, she has just the coolest "picks" and coupons codes!   Love the bag? Hoohobbers . They've got all kinds of cute fabrics to choose from and here is a coupon code for 15% off . Also, stop by her personal blog Diapers and Deadlines (especially the post called, "Who is Allergic to P-A-M-P-R-I-N".  So funny.  Turns out, she also suffered from Hyperemesis, just like me.  Ah, a fellow survivor.) Thank you Pauline !

My Fab Five

Lula! made a comment on Carrie's recent post that got me thinking... So do you remember the Friends episode where they all write their list of celebs that they would be allowed to have "relations" with if the opportunity ever arose? (Okay, so maybe you wouldn't get all physical, but just go to dinner...and maybe dessert.) Again, my usual disclaimer. In no way does this post diminish my love for all the hunky hotness that is Candy Man. Well, I want to know your 5. It will speak volumes about you. Here are mine. In no particular order. 1. Vince Vaughn (The humor and height is hot.) 2. Morris Chestnut (Where do I start?) 3. Edward Cullen (I know he isn't real, and, he could potentially kill me. Don't care.) 4. Channing Tatum (Step Up. I was enthralled. And, it wasn't the story line.) 5. Michael Buble. (That voice? Anytime, anywhere.)

I LOVE MAKE UP (especially when it's cheap!)

GO TO Rumor has it Nordstroms just bought them out and is going to use this line as their own. TONS of makeup only $1... designer brush set: $12.00 If you spend over $15.  use the code CAROLINA for 50%  off!! (wish I had read the email completely   before I ordered!) I just got lots of lip gloss, bronzer, mineral make up...GO!

So You You Want To Be Famous PART TWO

We are SO excited by your responses to The Secret is in the Sauce!   A few things:  1.  This is NOT a contest.  You will ALL be featured on the blog during the next 2 months.  We are featuring bloggers in the order received. 2.  The blog is set to open on Monday.  Come get your "SITS" button for your blog and find out the details. 3.  For the first five days, we will just be spreading the word... there is a contest involved. 4.  What is a "best post"?  Imagine you have a blog shop, which blog posts would you display in the store front window?  Anything... recipes, funny stories, great photographs... whatever best represents YOU.   5. Please feel free to submit posts from other bloggers that you think people should know about! This is gonna be great, I tell you, GREAT!

So You Want to Be Famous?

Do you love comments?  Yes, I am a comment whore. Do you get all kinds of excited when your map thingy has tons of flags?  Yes, it makes me bite my toes. Do you want your blog (and you) to be more popular... maybe even famous? Yes.  Oprah needs to get the green room ready. Well, so do Heather and I.  We want all these things for ourselves and for you!  We have been planning and scheming, and we think we have figured out a way for all of us to help each other. Wanna play?  Send 3 links of your BEST posts to  We will be featuring great posts on the new site and our friends get first crack at it! And see this baby?   How cute is she?  There is one for your blog.. available soon... real soon!

The Two G's to a happy life.

In honor of Kathy's paying it forward.  I am re-posting this... most of you haven't read it, it was one of my first posts. Okay, well maybe there are 3 if we are going to count "the spot", but that's a whole different post..(to come (no pun intended), I promise).  But, for now I want to rave about what I like to call "The Two G's".                                   Gratitude and Generosity I have worked through my sadness and frustration of yesterday's bleak view of the world provided by Fox.  I began thinking about how Grateful I am for the "riches" with which I have been blessed.  Gratitude always brings me home.  Back on track, back in focus. I can impact my little corner of the world.  I choose to do this with Generosity. Generosity is a funny thing.  I truly believe that most of us humans are Generous by nature.... we just don't know how to go about sharing it.  Being Generous to a stranger, has become somewhat, well, uncomfor


Stephenie Meyer will be the next post I promise.  If Kyla doesn't get off her butt and email me the photos, I will do some creative re-inactments. But, in the meantime.  I received one of those emails about the things kids say.  I am the person that stops the madness and doesn't forward them on....(yes, you are welcome). Anyway, one jumped out as me as the most succinct definition of love.  I hope you like it.  And, I hope it's what you have in all your relationships.   "When Someone Loves You, The Way They Say Your Name Is Different. You Know It's Just Safe In Their Mouth."   Billy Age 4 Thank you CM for keeping my name (and the rest of me) safe.

June 8,1992

Carri e posted a story about ditching (or attempting to ditch) school at the end of her senior year.  Go read it, as she is hysterically funny. She reminded me of my senior ditching experience. Ah, memories. (I am waiting for the pics from Stephenie Meyer signing before posting.. as they will save me 1,000 words each, right) It was June 8, 1992.  My friend, Jodi and I had been planning the day for months.  We were eating no fat (even taking the cheese off of pizza), working out like maniacs and scheming up our escapades. As the date arrived, we prepared.   Outfit: A unitard thing that was a tank on top, biker shorts on the bottom, with a little attached skirt.  It was black with bright flowers and from Contempo, of course.  Worn with black cowboy boots.  And a scrunchy. Tanning Salon: Check.  I was a beautiful golden brown (I have the wrinkles now to prove it.) Make Up: Lancome counter make over baby! Tell parents we are spending the night at each others houses. The 10 Step Plan:  1.

Meeting Stephenie Meyer!

So today is the day.  The day I meet Stephenie Meyer.  If you don't know who Stepehenie Meyer is, run to your nearest book store and purchase Twilight.  Now.  Or, read this . It's a book signing (yes, my beloved copy of Twilight will have Stephenie Meyer's signature, so no, you cannot borrow it).  I will only have a minute with her and I need to say something so profound, so meaningful, so provocative that she wants to be my friend.  Forever. So far, I am going with Heather's suggestion of telling her the truth.  Which is something like, "I wracked my brain for weeks on what to say and came up with nothin', so here is my blog address.  Please read the post titled Crackliture and please, be my friend." Any ideas?  Tune in tomorrow for all the details!

Just Livin' the Dream

So after reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert a few months ago, a few friends and I tossed around the idea of writing a book.  The idea was that it would be from 4 different perspectives of 4 different women (us) at different places in there lives.   In EPL, Gilbert talks about "her word".  The one word that is yours.  Who you are right now, what you want, etc.  It's open for interpretation.  We decided to base our first chapter around "our word".  Since we never got past introductions, the book is, well, waiting for more.   I have thought a lot about posting this.  The admissions you are about to read don't happen much.  And in no way are they a judgment on anyone who is totally miserable or unsure of themselves.  We all are who we are. One last disclaimer:  In NO WAY do I consider myself a writer.  I am a talker who writes things down, so please be kind and have an open mind..(oooh, maybe I am a poet?) Here we go... ********************


CM took The Boy to the Laker Playoff Game at the Staples Center... The Boy just got chosen (with 5 other kids) to go down ON THE COURT and High 5 the LAKERS!!! OMG! This is so not a waste of time! He may be on TV, if your watching the game.. you all know what he looks like!!!!

New Twilight Movie Trailer!!!!

Well, maybe not that new, but good, so good.  This clip is NOT scary. There is nothing vampirish about it. At all.  Its a LOVE story.  Just watch the stinkin' clip.  


                     Candy Man and his Candy Grandpa.. Are goatees hereditary?

More About ME!

Kathy has tagged me.  Please read it this post and I promise not to do another for a month. And, you will find out all kinds of interesting tidbits about me!  It's a win/win people. What was I doing 10 years ago? In 1998 I was graduating from USC (FIGHT ON!) and getting married!  We had just bought our first home and gotten our first dog, Riley. Five Snacks I Enjoy: Peanut butter filled pretzels. Red Seedless Grapes Cheese.  Any kind.  I love the stuff. Cool Ranch Dorritos Salmon Sushi Five Things on My To Do List Today: Boot Class Enter latest bank statement into Quickbooks Clean downstairs desk off Answering business emails Call Heather about The Secret is in the Sauce Things I would do if I were a billionaire Get a pool Start a college scholarship program for at risk youth Run for the US Senate Buy and island and build a private resort Pay people to read my blog Five Jobs I have had Lifeguard Gap (sales assoc. and manager) Victoria Secret (manager) Waitress (great job.  loved i

It's an Unfortunate Thing When...

Okay, so enough with the sappy music and sentimental pictures.  The Boy is awake now and I am over it.   Let's move on, shall we? You know how growing up you always heard jokes that included an unfortunate name? Like: Harry Balls or Sandy Beach? Well, I think we have come across the topper.  The following is TOTALLY TRUE. My son started practicing Tae Kwon Do a few months ago.  My husband takes him to the first class and comes home to tell me all about it.   CM: "The class seems great.  The instructor is a younger guy, really good with the kids." Me: "Cool.  So, what's the cost commitment?" CM: "Well, I spoke to the owner, Master Bates, and...(insert something here I didn't catch because my mind was exploding)." Me:  "Did you just say "Master Bates"?" CM: "Yes." Me: HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER and TEARS. CM: "It's really not that funny." Me:  "Yes. Yes, it is." CM: "Maybe it is if you're a

I think we'll keep him.

See that tiger?  That is Sasha.  She has been with us for years.  Nothing like a good friend for a sweet boy. I know I usually don't play music, but this song was a must.  Go ahead and listen to the whole thing.  Cry if you'd like.  I am.                                                     There are no words, people.  No words.  But, I know, you know.

Six More Things About Me.

Scarsogun tagged me!  Six things: 1. If I could sing, I would want to sound like Pink. 2. I am begging my husband for a swimming pool (and I think its working!) 3. I have stopped using my first name on the blog to keep it separate from my business.  So, Mrs. Romero it is. 4. I consider you all friends.  Which is kind of scary and kind of cool. 5. The Secret is in the Sauce. 6. I am totally, completely and utterly blessed. I tag: Sunshine , Hairline Fracture , and Here We Go.  

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Dear Josh, I'd like to start by thanking you for your encouragement over the past 2 weeks. The high fives and positive re-enforcement during our workout rendez-vous have been most supportive. However, I feel the need to tell you that breaking up with you crossed my mind today. Constantly. Especially for the 45 minutes you had me "boot camping" outside in the 85 degree heat. I know the other ladies were jogging, and push-uping with no problem at all, but I'd like to remind you that in comparison to them, I am carrying a small third grader in extra weight. Let's talk about jumping jacks for a moment. Shall we? This is not an exercise designed for women (like myself) who have a bra size with 3 letters in it. It's called gravity, my young friend. Look it up. Now, I am not going to quit and go running back into the arms of an In and Out double double, or the sweet caress of Parlines 'n' Cream. I've promised myself that I will no longer darken t

OB...No, not another tampon post.

I 'd like to start by proclaiming that I am in madly in love with my husband. In no way does this moment of "gyno-attraction" diminish his hotness and my love for said hotness. Having said that, let's begin. So I feel pretty safe in saying my OB is hotter than your OB. Okay, make that "was", because when we left LA for St. George, I had to leave his glorious, silver, stirrups. But he is worth a post. Trust me on this . Let's start with our first (and only) encounter. It was my 6 week follow up after having The Boy. My regular OB was out of town, so they assigned me to Dr. McHottie. I walked into the room with no idea of what was to come. I got undressed (from the waist down of course) and stuck my feet in the stirrups. Then he walked in. A cross between Jake Gyllenhall and Channing Tatum. In scrubs. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I got all kinds of flustered and the conversation went something like this. McHottie : "Hello Mrs. R." (Cleverly remin

And the Winner Is....

So it took FORVER to print and cut all the comments from the past 2 weeks, but I did it and I have a winner! Before I get to that, I'd like to say that it has been a wonderful 2 weeks bribing you to check out my blog and comment...I'm hoping it's now habit enough for you to do on your own.. if you left, I'd miss you. Terribly.   I'm thinking maybe contests are my thing, so check back often... next one will involve naming a photo... So, now that I have laid the guilt on thick, I'd like to send a BIG, $100 Congratulations to                                                     Kathy!  Go now and check out her blog , she is HYSTERICAL.  I recommend beginning with the post about the armless dwarf.  If that isn't enough to pique  your interest, I don't know what is. The Secret is in the Sauce.  Seriously.

Marketing Genius...

Dear Tampax, After using your product for years, I have come to realize you are missing a key element to providing me a "happy period". Please include a Snickers Bar in every box.   I think you will find that not only will your sales increase, but your customer loyalty will triple. Thank you. PS:  After much consideration (and wine), my friends and I would like to request the following coupons be included in our monthly kit: McDonalds French Fries, Ammunition (maybe buy one get one free?), Electrolysis (those trucker mustaches are a killer) and Prozac or any other good anti-depressant.   A "Get out of Jail Free Card"  issued by local law enforcement would also be a big incentive to buy your product.   My husband is requesting a free night or two stay at a nice hotel... Or, maybe we will all smarten up and just get a Mirena and be done.

Ah, Motherhood

S ince there are only a few days left in the contest, I thought I'd post again and give another chance to comment! So Candy Man and I are obsessed with giving The Boy a great childhood. Yes, really. Now don't get me wrong, I understand he needs trials and tribulations to grow and prosper, but he is 7 and has plenty of time for the crap of life. In this particular instance, The Boy was 5 and the Harlem Globetrotters were in town (said town was St. George, UT...). Our reason for jumping at the chance to take The Boy to see them was two fold: One, we thought he would love their ball throwing antics and Two, after 2 years in St. George, the kid needed to see some....diversity. So, we buy great tickets. We ooh and ahh over the wonder that is the Globe Trotters. We buy all kinds concession-stand goodness. At the end of game, we purchase a Globe Trotter's designer ball and wait in line to have it signed... this is the stuff boyhood dreams are made of right? Apparently not.

Mother's Day.

Breast or Bottle. Your Bed or Crib. Home School or Public. Single or Married. Nanny or Not. Six or One. Disposable or Cloth. At Work or At Home. Juicy Sweats or Cat Sweaters Homemade or Store Bought. No matter your Mommy style.  I love you.  I support you.  I thank you. Happy Mother's Day.

Boot What?

My understanding of Boot PMAC is that it's a military program based on separating the boys from the men and then turning said boys into men through grueling, death defying exercises. Right? So why in the hell would I sign up for something called Boot Camp? I'll tell you why.  Peer Pressure.   ****************************************************** A few weeks ago, my "friend" Mary (and I use the term friend lightly, as she is the one who roped me into this hell) said to me, "Hey, let's do boot pmac."   I said, "Okay.  As long as it doesn't involve running or humiliating public weigh-ins, I'll do it."  (You all know why I said yes.  No way did I want Mary gettin' all hot and skinny.  Not without me.) So, boot pmac looms ahead.  The instructor suggests we do some push up and crunches every night to get ready.  I talk myself into it twice, as I am in total denial of what is to come. After a sleepless night filled with anxiety about bein

Baby's Got A New Pair of Shoes

So Candy Man took The Boy to get new shoes.  In the past, we've always picked out 3 or 4 pairs and let him make the final decision.  This way, we don't end up spending $50 on silver shoes with yellow stripes. Yesterday, CM felt it was time to take that step towards manhood and he let The Boy choose from ALL the shoes in his size.   He selected the pair you see (yes, after one day at school they are that dirty) and let me tell you, that boy was all kinds of excited.  Today, as we are pulling out of the drive way, I feel something thump down on the center console... its The Boy's new shoe.  He has hoisted his foot up for me to get a good look.   The following conversation ensues: TB: "Mom, look what I am wearing." Me: "Man those shoes are cool.  They kind of look like skater shoes." TB: "Actually, Mom, they are teenager shoes." Me: "Really?  What makes them teenager shoes?" TB: "When I walk down the street, everyone looks at my f