Meeting Stephenie Meyer!

So today is the day.  The day I meet Stephenie Meyer.  If you don't know who Stepehenie Meyer is, run to your nearest book store and purchase Twilight.  Now.  Or, read this.

It's a book signing (yes, my beloved copy of Twilight will have Stephenie Meyer's signature, so no, you cannot borrow it).  I will only have a minute with her and I need to say something so profound, so meaningful, so provocative that she wants to be my friend.  Forever.

So far, I am going with Heather's suggestion of telling her the truth.  Which is something like, "I wracked my brain for weeks on what to say and came up with nothin', so here is my blog address.  Please read the post titled Crackliture and please, be my friend."

Any ideas?  Tune in tomorrow for all the details!


Lula! said…
I'm all jealous and stuff. And she so needs to be our friend. Don't you think she'd fit in perfectly with this crowd of blogging babes? I mean...come on...we rock. And stuff.

Can't wait to hear ALL about it. Every single bit of it.
Mama Dawg said…
Go with that. It's perfect. Honest and it just might work. Let us know how it goes!

I've been meaning to buy this book and read it and I almost did when I was in New Orleans last weekend and could get to a Barnes and Noble. However, since I now have a second chance to get it and I got paid today, I'm totally buying it tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
Mrs. Romero,

I love Heather's suggestion!!!!

Please post the details of the book signing. I wish so much that I bought a darn ticket, ARGH!!!!

Alison said…
I'm sure she'll be flattered that you like her books so much. How cool that you're going to a book signing--I've never met any of my favorite authors (well, many of them are dead.)
How fun! Can't wait to read the order ;-)
LaQuintamomof3 said…
Now I SO want to read this book.

Thing is my oldest and I are in the middle of reading the Harry Potter series. I finished book 4 last weekend and he should finish it tonight. On to book 5-- don't get me wrong, I am LOVING reading with him-- but the more you talk about Stephaine Meyer, the more I want to read her books!
I am really excited for you. I have never taken the time to meet my favorite author...
way cool! Please share.
Have a great weekend!
Sunshine said…
Ah shoot, I'm totally getting this the next time I go to B&N! Dang it. Vampires? I'm coming to you when I have them nightmares, k?

Seriously...TOTALLY tell her about your blog. That's probably the best things she'll hear all day!

Have fun.
KatBouska said…
Maybe you could slip her a piece of paper with your phone number on it as well and then whisper "call me" in your sexiest voice. That'll get her!!
Candid Carrie said…
My name is Carrie and I am not into vampires. I don't get it. At all. I have enough anxiety in my life without adding vamp-drama. Does the vamp-drama stick with you in a scary way?

I am, however, a speed reader like you. It is a gift. I know it is inappropriate to say Harry Potter and Twilight in the same comment, but I flew through the entire HP series in no time. Yup, like a reader on crack. This is really funny.

Seriously though, even parts of HP were very scary to me.

I didn't see anything on the news about disturbances at book signings so I am guessing it went well.

Please don't travel this weekend, I can't wait until Tuesday to hear what happened.
Jennifer P. said…
yup. That sounds good! And though she may not be a famous author, Jennifer Paganelli is a rockstar in the design world (Country Living, Country Home, This Old House have all done major stories on her and her business, Sis Boom). I got up enough courage to approach her on her blog, and now she's a friend---who sends me samples of her own fabric line and everything! I'm just could work! And being that Stephanie is LDS (so am I), and that you once lived in St. George, you probably know the drill--just say you wanted to know more about her church. That ought to get her attention ;)!
Jennifer P. said…
Have a GREAT time, btw.. Can't wait to see pictures of your autographed book!!!
Tiffany said…
Carrie... there is NOTHING scary about this book. These vampires do not suck human blood. Its a love story. If you liked Harry Potter, you will like these books.

Kat- Restraining order... HA!!

Kathy- I swear, I winked at her. More to come.

Sunshine-Again, it is not scary. I have never read an Ann Rice book, I am not into Vampires. But, I am into love. Crazy love.

Hairline Fracture-It's a great book. It sounds like fluff, but its not. She was inspired by Wuthering Heights and her character development is amazing.

Lula! I gave it my best shot...she know where to find me if she wants to be friends!

Rachel- you would have loved it. E and I left walking on air.

laquintamom- read it.

Jennifer- I totally should have worked the LDS angle...didn't even think of that. Oh, there will be pictures. By husband asked if we need to frame the page...

Heather- Honestly, I didn't feel right being there without you. But, I got over it. :)

Mama Dawg- Go now. Then come back to obsess.
~Sheila~ said…
I have no idea. But you are witty, you'll come up with something.

Just whatever you do...don't start with.."I'm not a stalker. really."
.........on the other hand. That is a way to get her to remember you.

Good Luck!
Anonymous said…
Mrs. Romero,

I was there in spirit. I was vibing your energy last night, truly.

Next time...

Ginger said…
OMG you met her???? I want to hear the details!!! What did you say? What did she say? Did you invite her to coffee? I want to hear!

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