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$100 Richer!

So, I decided to use a very scientific method to choose the winner. I told the boy to choose a number between 1 and 167. He chose 22. That is Mrs. S! Please stop by her blog and leave her a comment, she loves 'um as much as I do! And, incase you haven't stopped by SITS lately, this weeks giveaway is AWESOME.  It's an address stamp!  Since I can't win (that would be a bit suspicious), I am going to get one much easier (and stylish) will that make Christmas card season!   Go enter!

Midnight Sun

I know many of you are Twilight fans, and some of you may not be aware of what is going on with what was supposed to be the next book in the series-Twilight written from Edward's point of view. An uncompleted rough draft was leaked.  I received a copy of it a few days ago, but chose not to look at it, as I knew it wasn't yet finished and decided to wait a bit....('til the need for another hit of Crackliture became dire.)   Among my fellow Twilight fiends ( Lula and Heather ) there was speculation as to whether the leak was actually the "real deal". Today, Stephenie Meyer , confirmed that it is.  She is so upset by the leak, that completing "Midnight Sun" is on hold indefinitely.    She has decided to post the leaked version here if you'd like to read it. As many of you know, I am VERY protective of Stephenie.  I am so sad that she feels violated by the leak and REALLY hope that she will find a way to complete Edward's story.

I'm Baaaaaaack.

So, I am over the blaaaaaaaaaag feeling, thanks to all of your encouragement. I went out with a girlfriend (Hi Kirsten!) and had a drink. We stayed out until 11:30 pm!  We sat at a table outside this little Irish Pub.  I wore mascara and lip gloss.  And flip flops (they were blue Havaianas , so that is a little bit sassy, right?). I forgot about the interesting people that come out at night.  The most interesting being the "White Cowboy Rapper From The West Coast".  Yes, a 40 something white guy with a scruffy beard and somewhat of a transient look rapped for us.  It was as bad as it sounds. There was also the 30 something lady that had to be practically carried to her car at like 10:00 cause she was completely intoxicated (no, she didn't drive). Really?  At 10:00 on a Wednesday night?  Yikes. So, thank you for listening to my pity party yesterday.  I love my life.  I am incredibly blessed. And I adore every one of you.  I was just in a mood.  You know, a little funk.  


BLAAAAAAAAAAAG.  Is how I feel about my blog right now. I have no funny stories.  My kid hasn't said anything witty or humorous for days.  Seriously, it's crickets over here. I did "mistreat" my windows.  I'll post a picture.   Maybe.   Right now that sounds like too much work. Ugh.  Let's see... oh.  We are repainting the inside of our house.  My poor CM had to repaint the family room THREE time before I liked the color.  Yes, we are still married (as far as I know). And, Boot Camp starts back up in a week.  Whoopie. Anything else?  No not really.  Anything interesting going on with you? Didn't think so. Remember when we were like 21 and right now instead of sitting in bed blogging we'd be deciding which sassy shoes we were gonna wear out dancing?  And, we would just bring a few bucks cause we never paid for a drink?  When anything we wanted to wear totally fit?  When we could stay out til 2 AM cause all we had to do was get up by 11 to go to work at

One Hundred.

So, this is my 100th post.  It's time to C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E. One hundred rants and raves.  One hundred laughs.  One hundred memories. I am actually feeling a bit sentimental! In honor of my 100th post, I am having a contest. $100 American Express Gift Card. To win?  Leave me a comment telling me which of my posts is your favorite. Want an Extra TWO Entries?  Post about the contest on your site. Nothing wrong with getting a little Birthday love, right? Contest ends Friday, 8.29.

I Love Our Troops.

I want to thank each and every one of you that has a loved one serving our country. My family and I are incredible grateful for your sacrifice.

Yet, more Answers....

Well, that was fun! I am back for round 2.... We left off with Jaci , who asked: What was your career pre -motherhood? Tiffany: I do my best to keep my job off my blog. I run a etavirp yad pmac . That's backwards, so I can keep the blog off people goggling my name along with my blog. Make sense? I started working there when I was 19 and attending USC . When it came time to have a career, I followed what I love. It paid off. I also was a manager for Gap and Victoria's Secret. Waitressing may be my true calling....I am good y'all. Getting good tips was such a fun challenge!!! Kori : What is your favorite color? Favorite Band? Favorite food/Desert? Tiffany: I can't pick a favorite. I LOVE colors and the subtle nuances between them all. I would love a job naming colors. Favorite band.. hmmmm .. love the Go-Go's. Dessert: Pralines N Cream. Sassy Stephanie : Why do yellow and blue make green? Were you one of the drunk girls in Heather's book purchas

Some Answers.

Wow! You guys came up with some good ones! Today was the first day of school for The Boy and the first weekday back at home, so I am crazy busy.  Therefore, I am splitting it into two posts and will answer the second half tomorrow! Angela : Do you make up reasons to go see your hot obgyn? Tiffany: Sadly, we moved away from the HOT OB. Thanks for the memory.... Ann (the Nice one) : How is your book club going? Also, After finishing Twilight series, do you feel a sense of mourning? Tiffany: Book Club is going well. I couldn't attend it this summer, but am looking forward to September's meeting!  Yes, I feel a huge sense of mourning. That's why I cried. However, I wouldn't trade the ache for anything. It's magic when you can feel that way about people who aren't real. That is the magic of reading for me. Insane Mama : If you, as a teenager, heard your parents having "adult time" would you knock on the door and hush them? Tiffany: No. I'd be

Go Ahead. Ask Me.

So, I want to open the floor to questions.  Go ahead.  Ask.   I will answer on Monday.   Oh.  On Monday... the comment lovin' begins.  That's right ladies.  Get ready.


So I've gotten a few nasty "Anonymous" comments.  Today's was downright mean.  Called me "discusting" (clearly, we are dealing with an incredibly bright blogger) and remarked on my short "mourning" period and my son's future psychological problems due to him being in the dressing room.  Which he wasn't, as the post stated.  But again, we are dealing with someone who is not only crazy, but uneducated as well.   When did a 7 year old in the dressing room get creepy anyway?   I have also had someone questioning whether or not I am a "real" person.  My hunch is, that these two people are the same... All I can hope is that there aren't two idiots frequenting my blog.   Mama Kat and Insane Mama have also been receiving regular rude, vulgar and misspelled comments from an "anonymous".  Jealousy is a sad state and a useless emotion.  The use of poor grammar is well... insulting. I have disabled my anonymous and hopefully r

Panty Shopping.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words.  Diane was one great lady.  I know she would appreciate her memory being honored, and then she would tell me to move on with the par-tay, so here we go... I took The Boy (who is 7) to a retail establishment the other day to purchase apparel for myself. He is a pretty easy kid and as long as it isn't too time-consuming, he can deal with me looking at stuff and even trying on a few things.. (while he waits outside where I can see his feet and he keeps talking.) I don't have a problem with him being in the dressing room.  Lately, he has decided he doesn't want to hang out with me in there.  A little sad.  Sigh. Anyway, this particular proprietor sells both clothing and underwear...dare I say lingerie? So, I am in need of some basic cotton, which I begin to pile up and something bright, lacy and purple catches my eye... must have it. Get it all together and take to the counter and the lady is ringing us up.  Imagine 10 pairs of blac

We Lost a Great Lady.

It is with a heavy heart that I post today.  3:00 AM on Wednesday morning, our world got a bit dimmer. A wonderful women, and beloved member of the R Family passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer. Diane was larger than life.  A red head with a spirit to match. Funny, kind, outspoken and truly the life of the party, she will be greatly missed.  She leaves behind a husband, two sons, two grandchildren, and a host of friends and extended family that will miss her parties, phone calls and crazy comments. Although we were a generation a part in age, I always felt a strong bond with Diane.  We both married into the R family on July 25 th .  We both delivered a son into the R family on October 26 th .  We both loved to socialize, laugh and drink margaritas.   I am going to miss her more than I realized.   And, while I know that she was greeted with open, loving arms and is cracking the angels up with her antics, I'd be lying if I said it didn't seem too soon. © 2008 The R

Public Display of Affection According to The Boy

So we are driving through a parking lot and I see this couple totally making out.  The guy is like totally passionate, the girl, not so much.  Not like she's in danger (unless he is going to choke her with his tongue).  More like, gross bad breath. Anyway, I say to CM, "Wow.  That is some serious PDA.  Do you see how she is like stiff and not that into it?" CM: "Maybe it's an affair and she's worried someone will see them." The Boy: (not even looking up from his book in the backseat), "Yeah it's probably one of those street fairs." Ah, yes, another torrid, suburban, strip mall, street fair. © 2008 The R Family Diaries.  All Rights Reserved.

Finished Breaking Dawn...

****Don't Worry, NO Spoiler!****** At 1:24PM, Sunday, August 3rd, I finished Breaking Dawn and therefore finished the Twilight series. I sat and wept.   Wept out of gratitude to Stephenie Meyer for sharing her talent and being true to the characters despite knowing people would be unhappy. Wept out of sadness that the love, trials, victories and magic of Bella, Edward and the Cullen Family had come to an end. Wept out of delight that the book was more than I ever could have hoped it to be. Wept for the wonderful way Bella grew and changed right before my eyes.  Watching someone come to understand the meaning of "more than my own life" is magic.   I have heard that Twilight fans are disappointed.  I think many of them are young and not able to grasp the essential beauty of the story: the characters willingness to sacrifice.  This book spoke of a love that they don't yet know. For me,  it was absolutely perfect.  I will miss my friends. © 2008 The R Family Diaries.  All


You guys ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FIRST 2 CHAPTERS of Breaking Dawn. WOW.  This book is going to be something else....seriously.