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I Heart Spring.

And these cuties I got at CVS.
{Go over to Angie's for Wordful Wed.}


So, by now, you know I am on the Faculty for Fishful Thinking.
It has been such a pleasure representing this program, and they just raised the bar.
They are debuting a new Storybook Feature.

You can upload some photos and create a story about your child.  
And, BE ENTERED TO WIN a $10,000 Scholarship.
I did one for the boy {he's the kid in the goggles}... it's in the sample gallery.  Check it out.
He thinks it is so cool.
It's worth your time. 
Go ahead.  Click on the blue book.

Stinkin' Adorable

I actually teared up.  Such simple advice. Such a difference we can make.

A Few Notes.

Um, yeah, so about that rant yesterday. {Scroll on down if you missed it.}
Thanks for seeing me through it.
I do want to say a few things in hindsight.
I actually enjoy Twitter.  It is a great way to keep up with you guys and Ashton Kutcher.
My experience there for the most part has been great.  I encourage you join in.  There are lots of totally cool and super nice, rainbow-and-unicorn sitstas hanging out!  
I want to clarify something about SITS- you can use profanity on your blog and still be featured, we just ask that it's not in the 3 posts we link to.  Many bloggers just change it for the day and then change it back.  Your blog is your space.  Period.
While I know some of you would LOVE to know who I am talking about, I won't say for 2 reasons:  {1} I'd rather slide down a razor blade into a pool of acid than give them a single pageview.  {2} I have no interest in perpetuating drama.
What I needed was a good, ol' fashion vent, and you let me have it.
You "stroked my…

My Rant. This Can't End Well.

If you are here for a quick, happy visit, you may want to move on, I am about to rant.

{I do violate my own style and use the "f" word for referring to itself. You'll understand why.}

When Heather and I started SITS last year, we thought it would be great to have a place where any women blogger could get featured, find blogs, and participate in a positive, welcoming space.

Over time, we have grown at a steady rate, and have received WONDERFUL feedback from our SITStas. Thank you.

Recently, I have become active on Twitter, and introduced to a larger version of the blog world. I have been shocked at the snobbery and exclusion that goes on. SITS has kept me very safe and sheltered from this "cut-throat" side of mommy blogging.

There is definitely an "in crowd" and as with every "in crowd", a group trying desperately to get in. And, of course, to cement their reign, they need people to ignore or snicker about.

I did high school {and while I actuall…

An Easy Update.

So the blog isn't the only thing that got a makeover around here.

My husband started with this:

and ended with this:

And, I just proposed to him.

And, He said yes.

Happiness really is in the little things.


With my new blog design.
Oh my, how Shannon of Eight Crazy makes me swoon.
I proposed to her last night.  
She turned me down.
But left me with this beautiful blog.
If you've been thinking about a "bloglift", she is your girl.
But, remember, she was mine first.

A So Cal Easter.

Easter was absolutely beautiful here in So Cal.

We were lucky enough to spend it at the park with a great family {all blond children photographed belong to them.  My boy is in the orange.}
I brought my camera along.
Have a look.
Sandbox fun...

Beautiful girl in bubbles

Is that some golden hair or what?

Ready for the egg hunt....

And, they're off!

Gorgeous Children Alert- do I have friends with cute kids or what?

This one is my favorite...

Or maybe this one...

Well, this one is pretty cute too....

Then, I saw this one...

But, wait.... 

One more...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter/Passover/Whatever.

I'm on a Roll- with Pictures!

Not only am I blogging for the THIRD day in a row.. HELLO.... I've included pictures.

Ava and I may have just gotten our groove back!
Easter egg dying went down over here.
The supplies... don't you love the plastic containers they included?  So easy.

 Then of course, there is that metal,egg-holder-thingy...
Which apparently, can be used to improve vision and help you look like a Count.

Hmmmm.... what color?  Oh the decisions.

Then, the actual artist in action...

And, then, the final product!

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I Get By With a Little Help.

Yeah, I'm talking about you.

I was feeling all pity party-ish yesterday and you all rallied with your loving comments.

I am very blessed to have wonderful friends IRL and amazing friends out in bloggyland....

I like to think you get back what you give.

I must be a pretty awesome chick.

See how I can always bring it back to me?

It's like a gift.

And so are you.

The past year in the blogosphere has changed me.

I could have never imagined the connections I would make, the friends who I have never "met", but make me laugh every single day.

Thank you for sharing your highs, your lows, your secrets, your vices, your loves, your losses.

Thank you for putting yourself out there.

And over here.

I leave you with my favorite:

"I am so glad that you have come. I will pour out everything inside me that you may leave this table satisfied and fortified. Blessings on your eyes. Blessings on your children. Blessings on the ground beneath you. My heart is a ladle of sweet water, brimming over.…

I Suck.

I love celebrations.
And, you know how I love to give away things.
Did you know my $#@%ing 1 year Blogiversary was March 29th?
HOW did I let that get by?
I feel like I just caught a glimpse of my birth certificate and I am older than I thought.
I am really bummed.
I had BIG, BIG plans for this.
Does someone want to throw me a surprise Blogiversary Party?
At least leave me a nice comment telling me how over the past year my writing has changed your life.


I'm back!

We had a great time exploring the Grand Canyon and living large in Vegas.

One of my favorite things to do is people watch.

Vegas just might be the all-time BEST place to do so.

My parents joined us, which allowed Candy Man and I to "go out" one of the nights we were there.

How sad is it that we decided to stay at our hotel and play Bingo?

Don't answer that.

Did you know that Bingo has gone hi-tech? Yep, you sign up and they give you this nifty machine which has all your "cards" downloaded and it let's you know when you've won.. {which I did, by the way, $50, thankyouverymuch.}

I know what you're thinking, "What fun is that?"

Surprisingly, really fun.

And, much less stressful.

I am always worried about being the ass that yells "BINGO!" when I've made a mistake.

The machine tracks all that for you.

While you drink free Coronas.

But, if you insist on rolling old school with the paper and the daubers, they still allow that. N…