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That Fabulous Face.

So last night I was watching tv in bed with the boy. There is something about his face. The freckles, the chub, the soft roundness to his eyes. I.LOVE.THAT.FACE. "A face only a mother could love." is so full of truth. Not that my son isn't handsome- he is. Do people on the street stop and stare in awe of his beauty? No. But I do. Last night, I said, "Can I just tell you something?" Without looking up he replied, "Yes, mom, I know you love me and my face." Me: "Do I really say it that often?" Him: "Mom, 59 times a day is a lot. How about 20?"

Honey, I Just Want to Connect Women.

I wasn't going to respond to the article in the NYT about Bloggy Boot Camp. But, I'm not really one to sit by quietly. Below is the comment I left on a post about the article. So I am finally going to pipe in here. I am Tiffany, the barefoot sorority leader who runs Bloggy Boot Camp. First of all, I did not serve any cocktails in sippy cups. If they were there, it wasn't part of the conference. Matt, we will not be adding a bunch of stops to Bloggy Boot Camp for 2010- since my site {SITS} nor the boot camp site was linked in the article, its not very easy to find. And, honestly, I'm not sure how many out there are interested in hearing about how many hits you can get on a tutu tutorial. If this is all Jennifer got out of a day that produced comments like: "Thank you for reminding me I should be authentic in my blogging." "I was nervous to come, but felt so welcomed and everyone was so kind." "The information was so valuable, thank you!" Th