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How Twitter Killed My Blog

So, you may have noticed. It's been pretty much *crickets* over here. I was looking back over my blog and realized something. The waning of my interest in blogging coincides with something. My introduction to Twitter. Yep. I am a full blown Twitter lover. It's so quick. So easy. So engaging. It used to be that I would think of something I wanted to share with you guys. I'd write a blog post. Now, I just tweet it. I guess some could argue that a tweet is not as fulfilling as a blog post. But it does offer something I love. Instant Gratification. Instant Conversation. With the blog, I have to write the post, wait for you to come on over, read, decide to leave a comment. Then, if I want to return the comment, I have to head on over to your place and read your entire post and comment. Over on twitter, we are chatting right away. And if you think of @ replies like comments, well, then, I am getting my feign satisfied. Plus, while over 400 of you follow this blog, over 4,500 of

Photoshop Actions- Free!

Okay. I am in LOVE with this FREE photoshop set of actions! It whitens teeth, brightens eyes and smooths skin. Took this: to And, now you want to know where you can get it, right? Now, Rita, of Coffe Shop is CRAZY generous and has listed a ton, and I plan on trying them all, but the one I used for this shot is called "Powder Room 2". {It's down towards the bottum under "Retouching". You do need minimal knowledge about layers and such, but I mean minimal- AND, this can be used in Photoshop elements, which is a bit more tricky of an installation, but doable. {I must thank my friend, Carissa for turning me on to this site!} Enjoy!