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Chili & Halloween

We had a great Halloween.
We all set up at a neighbor's , who hosted with delicious chili and hot dogs while 25 kids trick or treated around the houses.
The Boy was Darth Vader and carried one of the FX Light Sabers, a bit of an expensive Halloween accessory, but he got for Christmas and what good is a toy if you can't play with it! And, we could see where he was a mile away!

This is The Boy and a girl (crush) from his class...

Did I mention the chili?  It was fantastic.  

Lots and lots of kids.  Like a real old fashion, neighborhood Halloween.

And, they had this chili.  It was so good. 
So much for the 2 miles I did on the treadmill.

I hate Paypal.

Hey Guys,

This is a great new way to send and receive money WITHOUT the fees from paypal.

I find myself sending and receiving money all the time and this makes things so much easier than asking my sister to send me a check for her half of my mom's Christmas gift, without paying the stupid fees!

Anyway, when I find something good, I want to, they pay you for referrals. Got to love that.

Youth is Wasted on the Young

I remember the first time I heard that quote.  I was 17 and my grandmother said it to me.
I thought she was nuts.  What the hell did that mean, "youth is wasted on the young"?
Crazy lady.
Well, now that I have seen HSM 3, I totally understand.
I sat for 2 hours watching those hard, tight, stretch mark free bodies sing their way through senior year with the biggest crisis being whether to go to Stanford early or finish senior year.
Don't get me wrong, it's really entertaining.  Come to think of it, my life was one big musical number at 17.  Would I drive my cute self down to Malibu in the Mustang convertible?  Or, would I head on down to Melrose and go shopping with friends?  Decisions.
Sitting in that theatre, watching them frolic in the rain, I felt like youth was punching me in the face.  Repeatedly.
Having your whole life ahead of you.  And, all the energy, enthusiasm to make it all happen.  
No need for  Prozac, Botox or Biofreeze.
Now, y'all know I love my life. In t…

The Dark Side

The party.
The Boy had a wonderful time.
CM and I survived.
I need to credit Tip Junkie, as I got most of the Jedi Training Camp ideas from her amazing blog.
The party started with the boys signing in to Jedi Camp and receiving their standard training uniform (brown felt cut like a poncho with a rope belt).  They each received a sticker,  I had 2 of each and use that to divide them into pairs later for training.... as any good pmac director knows, divide and conquer is the way to go.
We had "The Empire Strikes Back" on TV and playing throughout the speakers in our house.
The boys then came outside and were briefed on the training camp and activities and behavior expectations.  
Then, in pairs, they practiced the different stations of the obstacle course.
Once everyone had practiced, they individually ran the course.  The last station was one on one dueling with Darth.  Once they completed it successfully, they received a darth rubber bracelet.
Then pizza, and a scavenger hunt for the…

To My Boy.

I can't believe it's been 8 years since you arrived.
I remember every minute of the night you were born.
Holding you all night, falling totally in love.  
Thank you for being exactly who you are.
Every freckle.  Every Giggle.  Every Scowl.
You are a wonder.
Magic in motion.
My heart walking around outside my body.
The reason I was born.
Happy Birthday, sweet prince.
Being your mom is the best gift and the biggest honor.

Jedi Master.

Today is the The Boy's birthday party.
We've got big plans.
Thirteen 2nd grade boys for Jedi Training Camp.
If I am not back by Monday,  assume I am no longer capable of intelligent thought and am sitting somewhere in a corner rocking.

Circling Dreams

As I sat at the table and watched The Boy peruse the latest Scholastic Book offerings and circling his literary desires, I began reminiscing.
Remember this time of year when that big, glorious book would be left by the front door?
The pages that could change your life.
Make you into a perfectly matched pre-teen with all the turtlenecks, corduroy and argyle you could hope for.
Winter coats I would never need in So Cal, with matching ear muffs.
The Catalogue of Catalogues.
The goodness of JC Penny's.
People, I am telling you, when that book (that must have wiped out a small forest to be made) showed up, I grabbed a pen spent hours flipping the pages, circling the items that could make me into the stylish tween I hoped and prayed to be.
I swear, I can smell the shiny pages and feel the papercuts.
While I coveted all of it, there were a few items that I actually prayed for.  Feverishly.
First, their was a pair of ice skates.  $19.99. ( If you've been a reader of my blog, you know I had BIG …

Best of the Rest.

If you've clicked through the "Best Of", you either love my blog and want more, or you are interested in seeing what I consider the "Best" of these gramatically incorrect, silly posts about nothing.

So, in no particular order, here are the posts I think would make a fabulous book bought by millions. {Hint.}
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Say Cheese!

You guys know how I love taking pictures, right?

And how Pioneer Woman got me all addicted to Photoshop. Photoshop Elements that is, Version 6.

See, PW does these amazing things with what she calls "actions". Basically, you push a button and it does all the technical stuff for you. Sounds great, right?

Well, if I had sprung for the $600 professional version of Photoshop, these actions abound. But, to keep my marriage intact, I went for the less expensive Elements version and just prayed that one day there would be some "actions" for us cheap chicks.

Well, ladies, this weekend, I found some!

I even figured out how to install them on my Mac.

My favorite action is "Acid Washed"

Took this regular picture:

And made it into this:

I just opened by picture in Photoshop E and pushed the Acid Wash button. Amazing.

Here's another beauty.


Look at those freckles pop! I just love the gritty, bright colors.

Then, I ran the "Porcelain" and "Ru…


Apparently, I spelt "vehclempt" wrong.  
For the record, it's not in spell check.  
I love any Yiddish terms I can get my hands and use properly (we call naps, schluffs over here), so I want to make sure you are all aware that the correct spelling is actually "Verklempt" (thank you Swirl Girl and Kat).  
Now go talk amongst yourselves.
So The Boy was super chatty tonight, and as usual, he did not disappoint.
TB: Mom, today I played handball with the girl up the street.. what is her name?
Me: Jensen.
TB: Oh yeah.  Jensen.  I don't think she recognized me because I don't have my spikes anymore. (We shaved his head this summer and he is so stinkin' cute, it's stayin' that way.)
Me:  I'm sure she knows who you are.
TB:  Probly cause of my freckles right.  They haven't moved at all.

The logic of a 7 year old.   It really can't be beat.


So The Boy's baseball league plays Coach Pitch for the first half of Fall Ball and then Kid Pitch for the second half.
Last night, in the first inning, of the first game of kid pitch, my boy pitched.  
For the first time ever.  
He pitched only one inning (since CM is the manager, he doesn't want to seem like he is favoring his own kid).  
He struck out two batters and only hit one.  (It really hit the bat and then the kid, but he cried, so he took a base.)
Is he adorable or what?

I know this event is inconsequential to most of you. 
But to me, it signifies a boy, with not a single. sign. of. baby. left. 
And, I am feeling a little vehclempt.    

A Love Letter

So, a few weeks ago I received an email.
It was from the husband of a fellow blogger.
Her birthday was coming up and the one thing he knew she would love is for everyone to post on her birthday. 
Is that love or what?  He went through her blogroll and emailed each of us asking if we would participate.  
What a thoughtful, kind and amazing gesture.
So Jen.  Happy Birthday.  Getting to know you through blogging has been an extreme pleasure. You are a talented writer.  Funny and honest.  I love that you share your journey as a working mom with 4 kids, 3 of which are triplets!
I wish you all the happiness in the world... you've clearly already got all the love of a good man.
Please go wish Jen a wonderful birthday, she is one amazing lady!

The Secret to Success is Support

Today is the blogathon over at SITS. If you don't know that that is, get over there now! Not only is there a prize every hour, it's a place of acceptance and support!
Here is my SITS experience.... I have to say, it's a bit emotional to write.
I started blogging back in March after following Heather's blog to keep up with her and her family after I moved from CO to CA.
Once I began, I was addicted. 
Addicted to comments.
She had been blogging for 2 years and was only getting a few comments on each post.
We both wanted more.
One day I called her with an idea.
A blog that's sole purpose would be to get all the bloggers like us together for some serious comment love. She and I hashed out the details and SITS was born.
I know it must sound silly to say, but it has enhanced my life in a way I could have never imagined.
We have received the most touching emails of thanks, blog tributes and awards, and most importantly, a new circle of supportive, funny and caring friends.

The Voice!

It's back! I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to talk without losing my breath!

While the raspy, sexy sound is gone, I no longer sound like an 8- year old smoker.

And, now the guy at the drive thru will be able to hear me!

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers.

I am feeling good and resting up.

After all, there is a blogathon tomorrow.
JUST ADDED:  I really wrote 8 year old smoker?  BWHAHAHAHHAHA.  Obviously, I meant 80... I think.

15 hours With No Food.

How sad is it that 15 hours with no food sounds absolutely preposterous?
I am having surgery on Monday and apparently this fasting is protocol.  Ugh.
It's no big deal.  I have a growth on my left vocal cord, and while my voice is very deep, raspy and "sexy", some days I will wake up with no voice at all.  I can't even read out loud anymore without losing my breath.
So much of my work entails talking, and everyone is always asking if I am sick.  
Anyway, no eating or drinking (not even water) after midnight and my surgery isn't until 2.
I am not worried about the surgery, I have had surgery before.  It's the talking for the first time after that is freaking me out.
My voice has always been really distinctive.  People always comment on it.  I know the hoarseness has gotten worse, significantly worse, over the past 3 years and I know I need a voice that works.  
But I have this nightmare that I will wake up and sound like Janice from friends.
So, think of me on Monday. …

Circa 1990.

So I was doing a little organizing today and came across something from my past....

I know.  Hysterical.  It's a head shot.  From 1990.  Everyone in LA had one.  (Kim and Mel, stop laughing.)
Sorry about the bad quality, I just held it up to the camera in my mac and took the a picture of the picture... hence, the backwards name and the weird lighting.

In my head, I still look like this.  Like this, but with more manicured eyebrows.  And maybe a few more fine lines.

So, I took a picture of myself with my computer, to force myself to show you all what I really look like. No fancy photoshopping, no awesome magic camera.    I do have to tell you how hard it is not to have a double chin using your laptop, the thing is looking up at you... scared me to death when I first showed up....

Almost 20 years later... TWENTY YEARS?   How can that be?

I look like that chicks mom!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

New Crackliture.

As a result of Heather and Lula's endless urging,  I started The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins at 9 PM.

It is now 1:43 AM.  I am done.  Wow.
Ladies, we have ourselves some Crackliture.  

I Love LA.

No, I did not take that picture, but I was there.
Saturday night we watched the Dodgers sweep the Cubs at Dodger Stadium to win a post-season series for the first time in 20 years.
It was awesome.  The crowd was alive.  The crowd was electric.  
We were high fiving and hugging strangers.  We were eating hot dogs, drinking beer and swinging our Dodger hand towels as we chanted, "Let's Go Dodgers. Let's Go."
We watched on the big screen as they played montages of photos of Tommy Lasorda, Fernando Valenzuela and tons of Dodger moments from the 1980s.  All set to the tunes of songs like "Don't Stop Believing".  
We stood for everything.  We cheered like crazy.  We stayed with 56,000 others to watch til the very end.  And then stayed and cheered some more.  The players came back out of the locker room and jumped into the stands.  People were high fiving each other as we walked out.
Horns honked the entire drive to the freeway.  For one night, we were all…

Freakin' Hysterical.

Okay.  I stole this from Blarney, cause I peed a little watching it.  It's that funny.  

My Favorite Month

I love me some October.
Yes, the boy was born in October.  The 26th.  That day was not only the anniversary of the day I become a mother, but of the day the hell that was my pregnancy came to an end.  
Many reasons to celebrate.
Anyway, you already know that I broke out the pumpkins.  Which, by the way I will repost, so please feel free to send your links if you haven't already.
Now, I'd like to show you some other October decor.  Most of which was $1.  

So that's my front door.. I thought about sweeping, but really, we are all friends here right?  (I mean it's not like I am posting pics with a bunch of junk all over and a sheet thrown over the window.)  

See the wreath?  Oh, no, not a $1.  Got that in the Pottery Barn clearance section a few years ago.... good deal, but more than $1.

I know.  The ribbon.  You love it.  Me too.  

I "designed" it myself.  With hot glue of course. And, the Halloween glitter goodness?  .99 Cent Store baby.  

This is one of my favorite Do…