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You're probably bracing your self for some rant on me having "enough" of something negative... But that's not what this is about at all. It's about having enough. When is it all "enough"? In a world of more, more, more, I worry about teaching my son about "enough". Helping to recognize the abundance that's around him. Enough. It means so many things to so many different people. We sat down and did this FT kids activity . I was really pleasantly surprised at his list, which included: Enough stuffed animals. Enough food. Enough wii games. Enough friends. But the best one? Enough love. What are you feeling "enough" of today?

You Get Me.

You know how we always hear these cheesy, yet, fabulous lines in movies? Lines that you know aren't real, but make you secretly hope your husband will look across a crowded room at you and say, "You. Complete. Me". Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Tonight, it happened to me. It was a regular night, like any other. Tucking in my 9 year old boy. The boy who has started rolling his eyes and getting a certain "tone" in his voice. A boy whose hugs and kisses come just a bit less frequently. A boy whose childhood is flashing before my eyes. That boy looked right at me from his pillow and said, "Mom. You get me. " It literally took my breath away. I looked at him and replied, "I'm your mom. Getting you is kind of my thing." My life had a movie moment tonight. In the midst of the ordinary, my son made me feel extraordinary.


So, many of you who stop by this place once in a while know that I am a huge fan of reading. I love books. Period. I've been known to term certain fabulous works of fiction as " Crackliture ". You've heard me rave about Hunger Games . And of course, the follow up, Catching Fire. Last night, I delighted in the third and final installment. Mockingjay. I would just like to take this moment to personally thank author, Suzanne Collins, for being true to her characters and story til the end. Although I will miss Katniss, Gale and Peeta, I leave them feeling satisfied and complete. Amen.