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Wine. Fun. And More Wine.

Man, we had fun this weekend.  Fancy Meatloaf, Wine, Mexican Food, Wine, Patio Dining, Wine, Shopping, Wine, Pancakes, Wine, Twilight Movie, Wine, Gay Gas Station Employees, Wine, Cackling Laughter, Wine Tasting, Wine, New Friends, Wine, More Laughter.

We made all kinds of new friends....
This is us at the movie theatre... see how I'm smiling?  Yeah, the movie hadn't started yet.  This picture was taken by Casey, a blogger who we met in line, she and her friend were so much fun! This picture originally had Tattooed Minivan Mom... but she forgot her Darth Vader mask, so she can't be posted.  

This was our "wine guy" at the first vineyard.  Our tour included 5 tastes, we ended up leaving having tried 8...good wine guy.
These ladies (Amy, Tonda and Sharon) even joined us for dinner after the tour was over!

We had some serious fun.

The Let Down

I saw it.


I actually whispered to Lula, "I am going to the car." twenty minutes in.
She made me stay.

What happened?

Where was the love story?

Why were tons of easy details left out?

Why the HELL did they go to the eco-farm and skip the scene with the blood typing?

What happened to the Port Angeles dinner... the most pivotal point in the book?

And don't even get me started on the meadow. When did 1,000s of prism-like diamonds become gold glitter?

Why did people laugh out loud during the biology class scene? Edward should be in physical pain from the ache, planning how to kill everyone so he can feast on Bella's blood...instead, he looked like he was trying not to puke.

I had hopes people. High hopes.

I thought Robert did well. Kristen, okay. Katherine (the director), not so much.  
There were glimmers of the Twilight I love... but not enough.

Don't answer any of these questions. I just needed to vent.

Lula and Heather are here, we are having an absolute blast. Tatt…

Joy. It connects us all.

I did this post a while back.  
When I thought about what I wanted to post in regards to Optimism, this was it.

Seriosuly watch it. It makes you feel so happy and joyful... thrilled to be living and looking towards a fabulous future.
Makes the world feel a bit smaller.
I actually got quite choked up.
It's worth it.  Hit play.  NOW.

Even if you've already seen it.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


My kid is huge.

 What the heck have we been feeding him?  He weighs 76 lbs.  76 LBS?  How can that be?
Somebody stop this madness.  This "growing up" thing.  I can't take it.

I Got Nuthin'

My girl Kori emailed me today asking if I was okay....she mentioned I hadn't posted in 5 days.
FIVE DAYS. How can this be?
Well, first of all, I have really stepped back from spending so much time in bloggy land.
I know this sounds crazy, but I have been taking this liquid vitamin and mineral supplement and I feel great.  Like so great that I want to get my a$$ out of bed and do something besides blog.  Who knew?
Some of my bloggy friendships have crossed over into real life, and now I am emailing and im'ing, and talking on the phone, making plans to meet them...
So, I am here, I am alive and I will announce the winner.  In a minute.
SITS is my first priority and I love doing it, so that is where I'll be.
I'll be here too, just don't know when and how often.  Right now, I don't have anything to say.
The winner, chosen by The Boy himself is........
Mamarrazi.  He gets his head "shaved" weekly and thought it was SO funny that she thought he wore …

Tiffany R 101

I am so glad you came by my little piece of bloggyland.

I began blogging in 2008 and was immediately smitten with the idea of my words being read by the universe.

Comprised of my rants and raves about everything from Advice to New Moms to Tampons, my style is short and sweet.

I consider myself a talker who writes and I love comments, so please, talk back!

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Here are few FAQs.

Q: Are you the Tiffany of SITS and Bloggy Boot Camp?
A: Yes. Me and her are one in the same.

Q: What is your cool job other bloggers refer to?
A: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Although, it has been alluded to in a few posts, so if you really want to know, start reading. Muuuuhhahahahahaa.

Q: Whose blogs do you love?
A: I have a few blog requirements: (1) Must have font size at least "normal". (2) Must have paragraph indentations. (3) If I have to scroll down for more then 5 seconds to see the end of the post, you've probably lost m…

Caption This.

Contest: $30 Target gift card for the best caption.  
Leave it in the comments, ends 11.11. at 11 pm.

What the Hell is Wrong With You?

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon on Dr. 90210, what the hell is wrong with you? When you were shopping at the nursery for toy balls for your unborn son and said, "I just want him to like what he is supposed to like." What?

Mother of 2. When your husband left you TWO MONTHS ago with 2 tiny children, for another women, you asked for 2 things. "A bed and a tummy tuck." WHAT???? Then, after your tummy tuck, you had the man who just left you and your 2 small children for another women, as your care taker. Surprised when he wasn't helpful? What the hell is wrong with you??

Bubbly suburban mommy who thinks she can talk about everyone else, spreading gossip like wild fire, hurting feelings and breaking hearts. Acting like everyone's BFF, and them stabbing in them back. Perpetuating Poison. What the hell is wrong with you?

Little League dad, yelling at your 8 year old from behind the backstop. Heckling ass. Walking by the other team, mumbling words, "th…