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I laughed so Hard I Peed a Little.

Okay, so maybe I am the only person alive that hadn't seen this, but I just about died laughing. I am not a fan of cats- but creative kids? Love them.

The Black Out.

I've kept quiet about this PR "Black Out" as I do not do reviews on my blog or on SITS- we give stuff away from mom-prenuers, but do not review the item or receive any product for ourselves in return. The money we do make is off ads and put directly back into SITS- (like buying bounce houses). But then I saw Scary Mommy' s take on it {which I loved} and my comment to her was turning into it's own post- so here you have it. I don't care about black outs and I am not interested in slamming other bloggers. I don't read blogs I don't enjoy. Why give someone the page views? I would love to see brands and PR firms really look at the blogs they are advertising/supporting. Page views can be VERY misleading depending on how a blog is set up. The content, the loyalty and the readership should be the focus- the MATCH of brand to blog. Working with Pepperidge Farm and Mr Youth on the Fishful Thinking initiative has been a wonderful experience- they offered rea

Facebook Fiasco

So facebook seems like a great idea right? Are you aware it can be used by your enemies? It can. Like the my arch enemy. We will call her "Sue". Sue is one of those people who you seem to always cross paths with. One of those people who has always been, well, jealous of your life. And, in love with your husband. We recently attended a party. She was there. With her camera. And, a sole purpose to take as many bad pictures of me as possible. After calling my name and taking a very close photo of my surprised face, she said, "These are going up on facebook." Then proceeded to snap away at me all night. To the point that my husband even noticed. The pictures of course, ended up all over her facebook page. The worst pictures ever. Like in the midst of laughing with eyes half shut and double chin pictures. She of course tagged me. I untagged. She tagged again. Really? I thought of the perfect revenge. Tonight, and for all the nights after that, I am going to sleep with m