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So its here. Spring is upon a us. A sense of renewal. I know we usually make resolutions and goals are often set at the new year mark, but I think I am going to use this awakening of Spring as inspiration to wake up too. To slow things down, to savor the simple. This month in Fishful Thinking Newsletter , Dr. Reivich talks about "Savoring Spring". Taking time to watch the earth around us spring back to life. Slowing down and focusing on the positives- noticing the beauty. Not only is it a great reminder for me, but she includes a list of things to watch for with your kids. I love the idea of passing on "savoring" to my son. Creating a tradition of enjoying. It's been 4 months since my mom died. Four months of a blur. I'm using Spring to refocus on living. Living well. What about you? What does Spring hold for you?