So its here.

Spring is upon a us.

A sense of renewal.

I know we usually make resolutions and goals are often set at the new year mark, but I think I am going to use this awakening of Spring as inspiration to wake up too.

To slow things down, to savor the simple.

This month in Fishful Thinking Newsletter, Dr. Reivich talks about "Savoring Spring". Taking time to watch the earth around us spring back to life. Slowing down and focusing on the positives- noticing the beauty.

Not only is it a great reminder for me, but she includes a list of things to watch for with your kids.

I love the idea of passing on "savoring" to my son.

Creating a tradition of enjoying.

It's been 4 months since my mom died.

Four months of a blur.

I'm using Spring to refocus on living.

Living well.

What about you?

What does Spring hold for you?


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