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It's Official, I Have a New Hobby...Again!

So after playing with photoshop, I realized my current camera just wasn't cutting it... so, I treated my self to a new Canon Rebel X T .  I know the XTi is the newest thing, but it was an additional $150, and I figured I'd rather use that towards a second fancy lense.   I was playing around with it today and took this...    (For the record, I don't believe The Boy is throwing gang signs...but maybe I should look into it...) And these:                           I am thrilled with the crystal clear action!  No blur! Wow.  What a difference.  Seriously, this camera does everything.  I loved my Canon Rebel 35mm, and this digital version has more than met my expectations!   I used to take tons of pics, but have slowed down over the years, using a -bit-better-than-basic point and shoots.  This camera is the "hotel night" (use your imagination people)  I needed to fall back in love with photography. FYI- If you are thinking of buying a new more expensive camera, I su

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness...

S o, as many of know, my husband, who for blogging purposes shall be called, "Candy Man" (hence the song choice) is somewhat of a germ-a-phobe.  We seriously need to consider buying stock in Purell, as he is singlehandedly keeping the hand sanitizer industry in business.  Before my son was 5, he could get in and out of a bathroom without touching a single surface.  And, if you asked Candy Man the one thing he would need to survive on a desert island, there would a be a 2 way tie between this stuff and Carmex. Now that you have some background, I have a story.   Candy Man was also an LAPD officer for 10 years.  I know...totally hot.  (6 ft. 4, handsome as all get out, in a uniform and packing heat.. forget about it, that's more than a girl can stand!) Anyway, during those 10 years, the reality show, "LAPD Life on the Beat" was filmed.  Candy Man was in quite a few episodes.  We recently found reruns playing on Fox Reality and started using the DVR to record them,

"Vegas Baby?"

 I just bought myself photoshop and have been loving all it can do...this is a picture from our family cruise.  I did a little playing with the color and it changed the whole feel of the picture.  I can't stop thinking of the "Rat Pack" in Vegas...or maybe the mafia?  Whose kid is in the back hamming it up?  His mom should really teach him how to pose properly....


This is a repost from my early days of blogging.... but, in honor of Stephenie Meyer and Breaking Dawn... we should all reflect on the wonder that is Twilight. One of my gifts from God (or the Universe, Allah, Brad Pitt, whomever you worship) is reading fast.... crazy fast.  It's not like speed reading, I read every word and comprehend everything.  This super-power is what enabled me to major in History in college (and skip class on a somewhat regular basis) and read tons of books quickly and easily. A good story takes me over.  I get so into a book that while I am reading my husband has to get in my face to get my attention... for me, reading is better than any tv show or movie.  Especially if the book is good .  Like forgo sleep and other fun activities starting with "s" good . To honor these amazing works, I have created a word.. which I do believe is my own invention and I will be running to shortly after this post to trademark it:   Crackliture . (Lite

Shameless Plug...

My Kitchen (Check out the cool lettering above the cabinets!) Well friends (both new and old!) I thought I would talk about my little side business! Running camp is of course my main job, but a woman needs a creative outlet too, right? So, one day, I found a website that offered vinyl lettering. I was instantly in love. Showed it to my most creative friend, Heather ( mindless junque ) and our new business was born! We actually had quite a good thing going, as not only would we sell you the custom words, we would come on over and put them up for you! Well, I moved back to Cali and started all over with my girls Erica and Shanell.  We started Such Sweet Serendipity   Please visit and take play around in the design center or take a look at what we've already done.. here are a few of my favorites: I love how we did this one "in" the head of the bed frame Beautiful Mongram for the Master Bedroom

Being Seven Is Heaven

So happy to be playing baseball, that you skip to home plate when it's your turn to bat. So glad to see that you know the catcher, you  exclaim   "hi" and ask him why he doesn't play basketball at recess anymore. So thrilled to have hit the ball that you cheer for yourself while running to first base. (picture Kirk Gibson rounding the bases in the 1988 World Series) So ecstatic that you got to first base, that you high five the   opposing teams first baseman. So comfortable in your own skin that you dance  anywhere, anytime... the best of your moves being the "helicopter".  So thoughtful   that when you have a chance to spend your school pennies for good behavior, you choose to  buy your mom a ruby ring. So silly that you erupt in giggles at a moments notice at least five times each day (It's the sweetest sound there is.) So sincere  that you whisper ,  " Mom, I just love your meaty arms" when you give me a squeeze. So true to who yo

I Have Been Tagged!

Wow!  I've been tagged!  My first rite of passage into the blogging world!  I hope I do it right! So, Here are the rules: 1.Link back to the person who tagged you. 2.Post these rules on you blog 3.Share six unimportant things about yourself. 4.Tag six people at the end of your entry. So here it goes: 1.  I used to dream of being a professional ice skater.  Considering my, let's say, "voluptuous build" this may be surprising to some of you, but it was my DREAM.  I used to lay in bed planning my routines... both to television show theme songs.  My more serious, dramatic routine would be to the theme song from Dynasty.  And, my fun, crowd pleasin' routine would be to the theme song from "Cheers".... (you can tell what my parents watched on prime time as I was falling asleep!) 2.  If I had a daughter, her name would be Ava James.  Is that not just the greatest movie star name? 3.  Now, I know I already have a pretty fantastic career... but, if the opportunit

Is the Only Lonely?

I shout from the rooftop...."NO! NO! NO!"  I am so tired of  my child (who doesn't have any siblings) being referred to as an "only".  If you have 4 boys, are they called "sisterless"? Seriously people, wake up.  Not having a sibling is not some kind of disease.  I swear, there is a prejudice among parents of what I am now going to call "multis".  "Oh, so you have multiples. Was that a choice?"   Furthermore, I cannot believe the prejudices there are out there among my fellow WOMEN.  If you work, you're neglecting your kids.  If you don't work, you "gave up" your life to have kids.  If a you have a brood of kids you must be Mormon (or seriously Catholic) and your kids suffer from your lack of attention.  Not having kids?  Forget it, according to some, you'll regret that forever.... Why is it that we are one another's biggest critics? When someone I don't know asks me, "So, when are you having anoth

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Everything. So I seriously love words.  Love them.  I especially love 2 genres in which words are used: Movies and Song Lyrics.   Today, we are going to obsess on Song Lyrics.  Push the play button on the blue thing-a-ma-jig to get the music going.  Some of these have personal meaning.  Some are attached to memories (if you were at my wedding, you may smile at the Coppa Cabana reference).  And, some are just plain genius. Can you guess the songs?     "If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be be let down."  "She's sun and rain.  She's fire and ice.  A little crazy but it's nice and when she gets mad you'd best leave her alone."  "I really love your peaches want to shake your tree."  "And, I sang with all my might. She said, tell me are you a Christian child?  I said, ma'am I am tonight." "Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl."   "Don't go changing to try to please me.  You never let me down


So, even though I swore I wasn't going to do it....I watched "Idol Gives Back".   Don't get me wrong, a show that raises that much money and actually does something with it is amazing.  My problem is I am left feeling SO INCREDIBLY SAD and PISSED OFF.  Asking myself why? Why are children being orphaned by the millions by AIDS?  Why do children in AMERICA not have access to books, medical care, FOOD when I know people who spend more on a handbag than many Americans make in a month.  That the same bag could buy 200 mosquito nets. Why am I so incredibly blessed and more importantly, what is my responsibility to share my blessings?  How do I go about it?  Is $10 or $20 or $1,000. really going to make a difference? When I call the local food bank to volunteer, why don't they call me back? How did Annie Lennox physically walk away from those 4 orphaned brothers in Africa?  Did Simon leave the family in NYC a check for six figures when he left their tiny apartment?  Did