"Vegas Baby?"

 I just bought myself photoshop and have been loving all it can do...this is a picture from our family cruise.  I did a little playing with the color and it changed the whole feel of the picture.  I can't stop thinking of the "Rat Pack" in Vegas...or maybe the mafia?  Whose kid is in the back hamming it up?  His mom should really teach him how to pose properly....


Anonymous said…
How totally cute! I've been thinking about getting that photoshop. It loks like fun!
Heather M
Debbie said…
Hi Tiffany! What a surprise to see that you left a comment on my blog last night. Thanks for stopping by. I just read a few of your posts and I love your writing style!!! You are good at this. Keep it up! I loved your Twilight post and your new "crackawhatchamacallit" word. So funny! Heather has raved about those books, but I cannot get past the vampire thing. It creeps me out. I may have to go peruse them at the book store though. Oh and I loved "Memoirs of a Geisha." Thanks for letting me stop by and I will be back!
scargosun said…
That is a keeper. Love what messing with a photo can do.

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