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The Truth.

Remember when I wrote this anguished post about The Boy believing in Santa? It's happened. The Boy knows. Knows the truth. The truth about Santa. Sigh. We made it 9 years. Sigh. It went down like this at 4:34PM on 11.30.09. The Boy:"I think I want another Star Wars Light Saber". {The $100 that actually light up}. Me: "Um, from who? You already have 2, and you are asking for a dirt bike." The Boy: "Santa." Candy Man: "You need to ask your friends about Santa Claus." {Candy Man thought he should've known last year.} The Boy: "Wait. You guys buy the stuff from Santa?" Me: "What do you think." The Boy: "No, you don't." Candy Man: "Let's think about this for a minute. You really think a man travels around the world delivering presents?" The Boy: "So Santa is not real. I kind of thought so." Long Pause. The Boy: "So, the Elves- they aren't real either." Me {on the ver

Party Like I'm turning 35.

I am turning 35. In a few months. Not a big deal, really. But, I do want to celebrate. Big time. Candy Man agreed to a party! I know. I can't believe it either. Drinks. Dancing. More Drinks. And, instead of presents, canned goods for charity. I'd love some good appetizer, dessert or drink recipes. I'd also like to know how you celebrate. What's you idea of the perfect party? Any fabulous parties you've been to lately? Do tell.

One Mom Blogger

Yep. That's me. I went and bought myself a dotcom. Easy to remember. Will come up in search engines. I like it. And, I'll be making that change to Word Press. Ladies, it's fantastic. The pageviews over at SITS have increased dramatically in just 3 days. Why? The layout. Instead of scrolling, you click. The more clicks. The more pageviews. Plus, it has all these cool ways to tag your posts. Awesome SEO plug ins. Don't worry, not much will change here. But, if you want to update me in whatever place you keep my blog address, please do. I am now

Dreaming Oprah.

"Oprah in my dreams As real as it may seem It was Oprah in my dreams" So that was little play on Debbie {now non as Deboarah} Gibson. You're Welcome. Anyway, on to "Dreaming Oprah". The other night I had a dream about Oprah. I don't remember much except I was REALLY excited to talk to her and she was super nice. But, that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the actual act of dreaming Oprah. It's not like I watch her show regularly {although I am DYING to be on it}, so why am I dreaming of her? Why is she in my the deepest part of my consciousness? It must happen to lots of people every night. But how many? What is she doing in their dreams? Skiiing, Cooking, Stripping? Yesterday, I tweeted, " I am formulating a post about dreaming of @ Oprah . I think it happens more than we realize." And, within minutes, I got this tweet from IndieBizChicks : " @ SITSGirls I wrote a blog post on a dream I had with @ Oprah in it


We had a fabulous night of trick or treating with friends. And, I had a fabulous time enjoying Captain and Coke. Which led me to need to pee half way through our trick or treating extravaganza. Fortunately, a kind stranger allowed me to use their facilities. To that stranger- I am eternally grateful. And, I leave you with this cuteness: