Dreaming Oprah.

"Oprah in my dreams
As real as it may seem
It was Oprah in my dreams"

So that was little play on Debbie {now non as Deboarah} Gibson.

You're Welcome.

Anyway, on to "Dreaming Oprah".

The other night I had a dream about Oprah.

I don't remember much except I was REALLY excited to talk to her and she was super nice.

But, that's not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about the actual act of dreaming Oprah.

It's not like I watch her show regularly {although I am DYING to be on it}, so why am I dreaming of her? Why is she in my the deepest part of my consciousness?

It must happen to lots of people every night.

But how many?

What is she doing in their dreams? Skiiing, Cooking, Stripping?

Yesterday, I tweeted,

"I am formulating a post about dreaming of @Oprah. I think it happens more than we realize."

And, within minutes, I got this tweet from IndieBizChicks:

@SITSGirls I wrote a blog post on a dream I had with @Oprah in it before… http://hw4bd.th8.us

Seriously? People are not only dreaming Oprah, they are posting about it!

I went to go buy DreamingOprah.com- ITS TAKEN.

People, we have a phenomenon on our hands.

So tell me-

Have you ever dreamt Oprah?

If not, do you know someone who has?

What strange popular culture folks have popped up in your dreams?


Beth Dunn said…
I want to be on OPRAH too and I'm sure I've dreamed about it. xoxo

House. Not Hugh Laurie...the actual character House.
Rebecca said…
I have never dreamed of Oprah - though something tells me I will now - thanks a ton ;)!

Have a great weekend!
Amy said…
Not yet for me.
Unknown said…
Sorry--never dreamed Oprah. But I'd totally read a post about it if someone else did!
Unknown said…
Can't say I have dreamt Oprah before.. Dr. Phil lol yeah I have never really been an Oprah person myself..
Sera said…
That's crazy! I had a dream about that guy who played the librarian's son in Where the Heart Is. Totally random. I dreamt he was like 20 years older than me and I was trying to decide if I should go out with him. Bizarre!
Lula! said…
I've never dreamed of being on Oprah.

Nor Ellen.

But I want to be on Ellen. And visit her show, too.

Ash said…

Just about turning Nate straight.
I used to watch her... haven't in a VERY long time now.
Susie said…
Dreamt about her??? Heck, she's on my vision board:-) Right next to Martha:-)
CaraBee said…
I never have dreamt about Oprah. I did have a dream about Owain Yeoman (Wayne Rigsby from The Mentalist) last night. BUT, it wasn't about being on his show. Ahem.
strokeofliving said…
Hey Tif,
You know I've never had an Oprah dream.

But I once had a dream that I was in an episode of "The Munsters." Eddie was chasing me around a dusty vintage chaise in their foyer in front of the staircase that housed the pet dragon. And... my dream was in black and white - not in color.

Maybe you can pose that question too. Who dreams in B/W vs. Color?
April Greer said…
If you're ever on Oprah...you'll have to tell me because otherwise me no watchee. I'm not sure why. If she was on XM radio I would probably listen but I'm not a fan of talk tv.
Jen said…
I have not dreamed of Oprah. The only famous person I have dreamed of is Orlando Bloom as Legolis. But I can't tell you what happened in that dream b/c this is a family blog. ;)
Queenie Jeannie said…
Nope, I've never dreamt of Oprah! That's crazy that the web address is already taken though.

Now I'm curious....LOL!
I've never dreamed of Oprah. Who would have known it was actually a phenomenon. :) Leave it to you to go research it, too. :)
Stephanie Faris said…
My dreams rarely make sense. My boyfriend keeps having a recurring dream that we live in a condo where an elevator is the front door. He feels like there's a message there somewhere...
Maria said…
Well I haven't yet, (dreamt about Oprah, but there's time!
Um, that's just bizarre because TWO nights ago I had a dream about Oprah!

I can't remember what it was about (with a newborn, sleep is, um hard to come by) but that's just strange. I'm not even a fan!

Good to know I'm not alone! Now, why couldn't Ewan or Jude or Matthew make an appearance in my dreams?
Swirl Girl said…
I had a dream of being on Oprah's Favorite things show. You know the one where everyone in the audience goes home with a car and million dollars and some cool shades??

"And I guess that's why they call it a dream"
(Elton John play on words)
Veronica said…
I have never dreamed Oprah, interesting.

I heard that she's taking her show off the air, did you hear that?

I've dreamed of Justin Timberlake, that was a nice dream...
Pepper said…
Nope no Oprah dreams here but I did see that tweet. LOL
Unknown said…
No Oprah sleep dreams, but I've had dreams of being on Oprah! It would be tearful and excellent and would somehow be a gateway to everything fabulous in life. Silly me.

I call my son The Boy, as well...that made me giggle! Thanks for stopping by!
Tenakim said…
not Oprah, but that Suze Orman was yelling at me about my debt- I hate her!
Live.Love.Eat said…
I've never dreamt of Oprah, only of a guy who loves me so much he would jump on her couch and exclaim it to the world.
I have never dreamt of Oprah, but have dreamt of various characters from movies watched just before sleeping....It's always awkward!

I do, however, want to get on one of holiday giveaway shows...like everyone else in America! :)
Sara said…
Seriously? I've had dreams about the Pioneer Woman. That I go visit her on the ranch, and she doesn't like me and I feel uncomfortable the whole time.
Mortifying, no?
Okay, that is totally crazy and hilarious. I learn something new every day!!
kanishk said…
- though something tells me I will now - thanks a ton ;)! Work from home India
Alex said…
I did dream of Oprah last night, but only because I read before I went to bed that she is going to start her own TV station. Thats a bit epic I thought.
Connie said…
I have dreams of Oprah and dream of being in the audience of her show.....I've posted about her before and also about her quitting her show...just this week.
Masala Chica said…
Did you ever see the episode of 30 Rock where Teena Fey was on a plane and loopy from drugs and dreamed that oprah was sitting next to her on the plane? It's hysterical and I highly recommend watching it.

Great post.

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