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Breaking Dawn... Finally.

Fourth book is out and I have the first 300 pages.  One of my staff knows someone....yadayadayada.  I cannot wait to delight in all that is Edward.  And Bella.  And Jacob. This is gonna be so good.  Have fun this weekend reading.  Let's meet back here on Monday and share. For those of you who haven't read Twilight.... go get addicted.  Now!


I initially wrote a post that drew attention to the negative people making drama. Instead, I am DONE.   Let' s move on, as I am feeling like making this blog private for those that I trust to be real. We are gonna keep it classy over here.   © 2008 The R Family Diaries. All Rights Reserved.


Did I ever tell you that my husband was an LAPD Detective?  Yep. Apparently, I am too. Here is a piece of advice: If famous people (Jared Leto) blogged with us, they would do so anonymously.  PERIOD. Yes, I am sure.  100% sure.   ****************************************************** Updated: I understand this may be perplexing to some.  We've got a pretty tight community here and someone is blogging under false claiming to be a celebrity, which they are not. I have the proof I needed and just wanted to make some ladies aware.  I am not a fan of  phonies and frauds.  Anonymous is fine with me, but don't claim to be someone you aren't.  Especially if they are famous.

Shirley Temple

On Sunday we went to a Bris, the Jewish ceremony for a baby boy's circumcision.  It was a beautiful ceremony full of tradition, heritage, family and friends.  One of my favorite things about Judaism is the traditions.  I find them fascinating and incredibly inspiring.   One of the great things about being raised in a place like LA is all the different people who fill up your life and your heart. CM was raised Lutheran and went to a Lutheran elementary school.  But, before that, he went to a Jewish preschool (his mom worked there and still does!) The Boy also attended the same preschool for a few months 2 years ago.  They both knew 2 of the Hebrew prayers said on Sunday.... amazing. I was raised Catholic.  My Godfather is LDS and my oldest and best friend... Jewish.  Right now, our family is looking for it's place in the religious world.  We are firmly grounded spiritually, but I'd like The Boy to grow up with a religious identity of some kind.  But, that's another post

A Decade.

In a soft white bed of down and love, he asked what her dreams were.  In a whisper, she replied, "That we walk this world together."   This is the final line in a poem I wrote for CM over a decade ago.  Here we are, 10 years later.  It's more than I could have hoped for.   Thank you , my love.

An Apology

Dear Bloggy Friends, I am sorry.  So very sorry that I haven't been living up to my end of the "comment love" bargain. I know it's an unspoken law of bloggytown that when commented upon, you return the love. I am a wonderful lover most of the time.  A giver, really.  But, lately, with pmac running my life for 9 weeks a year, I've lost my comment mojo. I want to thank those of you who have stood by me.  Those who know that "it happens to everyone" and that I have "nothing to be embarrassed about." When I get back on my feet around.. oh... August 18th, we will have a SERIOUS love-fest.... dare I say, orgy.   There will be multiple commenting.  Each and everyone of you faithfuls will be left totally satisfied and begging for more.  Promise.   Get your rest and get ready, cause as soon as I am back to my leisurely life, you're all getting hit right where you want it your comments.


So, I AM meeting up with Swirl Girl and Insane Mama ... I feel pretty confident that neither is a serial killer. This will be a first for me, meeting peeps from bloggyland... Have you guys met up with anyone from this alternative universe?  Would you?

I Write The Songs...

So I know a girl who knows Adam Levine of Maroon 5.  She is also friends with the girl he wrote "Sunday Morning" about.  I know, sigh, so romantic. And, totally hot.   (That's why it's playing on my blog.  Just for now...apparently, music on the blog isn't so popular....) This leads me to wonder.. how many of you have ever been the inspiration for a song?  CM has written a few songs about me.  The most recent being: "She's a blog, blog, bloggin' machine. Watch her get down, watch her get down."  or "My girl wants to bloggy all the time bloggy all the time, bloggy all the time."  Cute.  He is always cracking himself up. Anyway, what about you?  Any songs, poems, novels, sculptures, movies (and not the kind you have to disguise and hide from your kids) or paintings inspired by you?   If not, what song do you wish had been written about you?  For me it's Billy Joel's, "Just the Way You Are."

Browser Wowser!

Do you see that ADORABLE Fleur de Lis up in my browser?  How cute is that?   My SITSta, Cara , did it for me.   It is just a little way to set your blog a part, especially when people bookmark you. She calls 'um "blogicons" and I love them. Head on over to her new site and support a girl.  For $10, you can have your own browser bling!

Six Things You Need to Know

Or not.  I was tagged by my new bloggy friend who live like 5 minutes from me, but we have yet to meet.....   SWIRL GIRL Six Quirky Things About Me..... I believe in my heart of hearts that: 1.  My term "Crackliture" will end up in some kind of dictionary 2.   Heather and I will end up on Oprah.   3.   Lula's Libby and my boy will end up married. 4.  I dislike cats.  Immensely.   5.  Meditation just might be me for me. 6. I wish I was a better cook.   This is a huge help! And there you have it.  Random crap about me.  Yippy. I tag:   Tara , Mrs. S , Jenn , Carabee , Ann (the nice one), Z's Mom  and Tinabean1988 Now go post 6 random things about you!

"To Live My Life As..."

This is a re-post of the ONLY post I did that didn't receive a single comment.  I consider it to be one of the most important posts I've written... ****************************************************** First of all, thank you so much for reading this and for all the amazing emails, phone calls and conversations of support.  I know I am blogging like crazy, but for now, the juices are a'flowin', so I am a'bloggin'.  I'm sure it will slow a bit and I will start to post recipes and such....okay for those of you who know me, maybe not recipes... A few years ago, I spent a life changing weekend at The Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York.   It was an intimate retreat of 10 business professionals designed help create your business's culture. In any business, you have to know what kind of culture you want in order to really hire and market to the people you want.. or more importantly, the people who want you! To begin the process, the facilitator (actuall

Weekend of Women

I had the pleasure and privlidge of spending this weekend with a group of women who I trust and adore completely. We meditated, drank delicious wine, ate amazing food, practiced Yoga, painted intuition and danced for hours. Swam in an ionically charged pool and relaxed in an infra-red jacuzzi. Slept in the glass gazebo under the stars and woke to a new day of beauty. Dear Meditation Mamas, I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude. This weekend was nothing short of incredible. I'd like to begin my thanking each and everyone of you for bringing your energy, enthusiasm and love. I felt it every minute. Leon- Thank you for nourishing our bodies. Your culinary creations were fabulous. You are a good man to a good women. Erica- I just love who you are. You bring out my inner girl which takes me to a new level of joy. Thank you for being my sounding board and partner in crime. I love you so much. Natalie- I have decided that the giggle bed is definitely it's own form o

The True Edward?

I told you I would post who I wanted to play Edward.  I agree that ultimately, Henry Caville is the best choice... if the movie was being made 5 years ago.  He is just too old to look 17. Here is Henry: Colton Haynes, was in the running.  He had my vote!  This video has music, and I encourage you to let it play while you watch, as it's the perfect Edward and Bella song. Enjoy!!!

Vamp Love?

So, y'all know that I am a HUGE Twilight fanatic.  This cover just came out on Stephenie Meyer's website.  He is just NOT. HOT. ENOUGH. to play Edward.  Ugh.  What do you think?

My Television Debut

So Lula found Swirl Girl in a John Crier movie video.  This got me thinking that the one time I was on "Growing Pains" is out there. Yep, I found it.  I can't believe that I am showing you this, as I was as awkward as 14 can be... but watch the first 2 minutes.  I am the girl with the pink jacket and gray jacket and the plaid gray and white scarf. I will disappear for a minute when Kirk Cameron starts talking to the girl, but I come back.. an there is some dancing, so watch.  Then, I am clearly upset and news that the concert is sold out. And then die laughing.  When the "as long as we got each other" song starts my fame is done. Oh, and guess who else was in this episode?  Yep, Brad Pitt.  I always knew our paths had crossed..see, six degrees of separation, now you "know" Brad Pitt.

It Just Gets Better. Part 3

Ladies, I feel like I need a bit of a disclaimer before I go on with my story.  I actually debated about whether or not to post the wonder of this weekend as I know so many Americans can't even consider a night at a resort style hotel or the contents of the black box. Candy Man and I have been truly blessed in many ways.  And, we have worked very hard to build our business and find some financial success.  It is not lost on me for one second that these are tough times for many.  So, please take this for what it is.  A couple who ten years ago ate spaghetti for an entire year to afford their first home, who is celebrating a decade later with a little extra.  The love is the same. Actually, the love is even better. Now, on to that box. That box had jewelry in it.  Of this, I was sure.  Was it earrings?  A necklace?  Was it a joke? I opened it.  And, I could not believe my eyes. (The picture is crap, but the best I could do!) It was so beautiful, and so classic and so sparkly and so e

It Just Gets Better. Part 2

Incase you missed Part 1 The key was to a hotel room.   At The Four Seasons, Westlake Village. For those of you who have not had the chance to stay at a Four Seasons, it's amazing.  We travel a lot and I have stayed in some great hotels.  But, there is just something about a few hotels, like the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton that set them apart.  Everything is perfect.  From the linens to the doorman to the $18 turkey burger delivered poolside.  It's class.  Not flash. I get to the hotel, which is actually less than 2 miles from our summer home.  No traffic to fight, no gas to waste.  I get to the room and take a long, relaxing shower.  Blow dry my hair.  And, crawl into what may possibly be the most comfortable bed ever.  I am in heaven. Candy Man walks in all ready to go and we go head on down to the hotel bar.  Here, I have a drink that is pure delight.  It comes from a glass jar full of fruit soaking in Vodka.  Delish..  Two "delighfuls" later and we decide to

It Just Gets Better.

This weekend was the most romantic of my life.  It all started with a phone call.  I was driving home from pmac (backwards) and my cell rang.  I almost didn't answer it, as of July 1, California is hands-free while driving (I hate ear pieces), but I hit speaker. On the other end was my husband, who had supposedly headed down south to check on our non-summer house and would be back tomorrow.  He said, "Pack a bag.  Include something nice to wear to dinner.  You can shower when you get there."  Then he hung up. I was all a twitter.  My husband is a good man, fantastic father and hotter than all get out.  But, not exactly the type that plans romantic get-aways.  That's my job.  Our ten year anniversary is July 25th and apparently, he was surprising me early. I got home, packed some stuff and waited.  He walked in and handed me a key.

Thank you.

I wanted to take today's post to say Thank You.  Thank You to the brave men and women serving now and all through out our great nation's history.  I am a true patriot and feel incredibly blessed to be an American. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  My family thanks you. Have a wonderful 4th of July.  Let Freedom Ring.

Cornhuskers in the House!

Nebraska showed up, representing big!  Here and on SITS !  Woot, Woot! Now, we just need North Dakota, Montanna and maybe New Mexico? I think Mama Dawg may be on to something... maybe they re-route? Let's fill the map!  I am brewin ideas....