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I Will Remember This.

I wish I still had my pink sleeveless t-shirt with the Bille Jean iron-on on the front and my name in felt letters on the back. Sigh. I watched the Thriller video at least 500 times in an attempt to know every.single.move. Today, on my usual route home, driving down Hayvenhurst, I passed his parents home.   Tons of people were gathered outside, news trucks were everywhere.   A stack of flowers was beginning to mount. No matter what else went down, he was and always will be the King of Pop. For the real Michael Jackson experience, watch the video in full screen.

Coming Up for Air

Wow.   It's been a loooong time. Too long. Still busy, but wanted to let the few of you who still come by to know that I am alive and well. Hope to return to blogging soon. I know, you totally miss me. I totally miss you.