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New Moon Footage: Oh My.


Laugh Out Loud- PG 13

Since I am crazy busy I thought I'd pull out a re-post... this is one of my favs...enjoy. I do have a good love story, but it's full of drinking and good lovin' and Barry Manilow songs and stripper bars and is totally and wildly inappropriate.  So we will pass on that for now, but I can't promise I won't hit some kind of writer's block one day and spill every dirty detail.  But for now, it's staying back in the past where it belongs. I do, however, have a story about a crazy lady.  Those are always good, right?  Well, right or wrong, here we go... (oh, one more thing.  I am going to try to make this all cliffhangerish, so play along and beg for more...) So, you know how some names are ruined forever?  Like "Mikey", cause the boy in second grade who had a booger collection and smelled like feet was named "Mikey".  Or "Amber", who played "6 minutes in Heaven" with the boy you thought you were "going" with AND w

Big Pimpin'

Hi Friends. Apparently I am pimping myself out to all kinds of blogs. Guest posting again. Yeah, that's how I roll. This time you'll get to see pictures of my house. Interested? Thought so. Come see me at Mimi's!

It's Just Going Too Fast.

Whose baby boy is this? And why is this picture making me cry? Click on the photo and look at the determination in his face.   Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Come See About me..

Today I am guest posting.. and you know what that means... I need you to come see me over there and leave a comment. Make me look good girls. Rachel is a fabulous blogger, I was thrilled to be asked and I don't want to stink up the place..... Click Here. NOW! Thank you.

Mother's Day.

This is what I posted last Mother's Day. It is still exactly what I want to say. Breast or Bottle. Your Bed or Crib. Home School or Public. Single or Married. Nanny or Not. Six or One. Disposable or Cloth. At Work or At Home. Juicy Sweats or Cat Sweaters Homemade or Store Bought. No matter your Mommy style. I love you. I support you. I thank you. Happy Mother's Day.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

So, I am so not a blogger. That last post was up for a week. Sheesh. Anyway, I am totally busy with life, but still love and adore you. So, don't worry about me, I'll make it back to blogging. Eventually.