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Wordful Wednesday

He looks cute.  
Even Sweet.  
Looks are deceiving.  
He'd throw his momma under the train if he thought it could get him some sympathy.  And a call home.
So I got a call from the school nurse today.
Apparently the boy came by the health office with a stomach ache.  
It was right before lunch, so she told him to go have some lunch and see if that helped.
He says okay.  And reappears a minute later.
Nurse, "I thought you were going to try some lunch."
TB: "Well, I forgot to tell you something."
Nurse: "Okay.  What is it."
TB:"My throat hurts.  And, I am tired cause my mom had her book club and they kept me up all night."
Nurse: "Oh.  I see.  Well, let me give your mom a call.  I know how those book clubs can be."

That sucker. Sellin' me out to the nurse.  Fortunately, she is also in a book club and knows that a group of women and some wine can interfere with a 7 year olds sleep habits.
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Free Handbags

Free handbags.  One every hour for 24 hours.
Handbag Planet
What are you waiting for?  GO!

Fun with Vinyl.

I decided to put up some new vinyl lettering.  Did you know I sell vinyl lettering?  Yep, my two girlfriends and I own Such Sweet Serendipity
You remember the wall of plates?  Well, I added this:

Then, in the wake of USC's loss, I decided to put good thoughts into the universe.

Isn't that Awesome!  It's the wall of our new loft (I'll post all about that soon).  Yes, that is an actual basketball hoop on the wall.  And, yes, basketball playin' goes on.  All the time.
Here is where they keep score:

See that window in the back?  Total Mistreatment.
Did all 4 windows for under $35 with a glue gun and some tacks.  More to come on that.

So Much for My Private College Education

So I have a problem with spelling.  I suck at it.  Surprising, because I am such a voracious reader, but my brain just doesn't catch 'um.  
Usually, I can deal with grammar.  
Under the stress of Thursday's loss, I clearly had a grammar mishap.
How many of you noticed that I wrote "through" instead of "threw" in the post below?
I just know Kathy caught it.  I am guessing Lula and Kat did too.
Thanks for not saying anything, I was devastated when I wrote it.  
Grief can cause grammar mishaps.  
I know it must have been hard not to point it out, but I appreciate that you were willing to put my feelings above your need to correct me.
Just Love Me Through It. *
*This phrase coined by Heather of Mindless Junque. I have permission to use it as needed.

Too Sad To Post

Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic of a title, but last night, my boys lost to Oregon.


It was painful to watch my beloved Trojans get hammered by a 5'6 running back.

It was excruciating to stand by as gorgeous and talented Mark Sanchez through interceptions.

Yes, I love college football. Love. Like I'd marry it and have it's babies kind of love. And, some (okay many of you) have no idea what I am talking about, but for those that do, you know how sad it is to watch your teams dreams of a National Title go up in smoke.

Well, at least we still have a shot at the Rose Bowl.

When was the last time you screamed at your tv?

You Guys Are SO Funny.

Reading your comments about "Toni" the boot camp witch has me cracking up.
I am actually someone who has no problem asserting myself.  (Heather can vouch for me on that one.)  
I wasn't really offended.  I thought it was hysterical.  Afterall, I consider myself smokin' hot on the right night, in the right light.  With the right jeans and great boots. 
The ironic thing is, had she said it to one of you, I would have kicked her size 2 ass.  And, then rolled on the floor in a fit of laughter.
So, thanks for having my back.  Even if it is HUGE.  (bwahahahahahaha)
Love you guys.

Boot Camp Diaries.

That's what I should call this blog.. since it's taken over my life.
Clearly, the whole pumpkin thing wasn't a huge and learn.
So I was at boot camp today. We got paired up to work out.
I ended up with a very nice, muscular woman who likes to push herself... great.  Even when I was athletic, I used to hold my breath and sit at the bottom of the pool to skip laps during swim practice.
So me and, we will call her Toni, start our workout.  Today, Josh has decided that we are going "heavy".  Awesome.  I pick up some 10 lb weights for should press... she tells me I need to use 15.  Okay.  Fine.
The workout is going along fine.  Toni is doing more weight than anyone else and really pushing me to do the same.  She tells me how she trained someone who lost 7 lbs in a month.  And how she hiked for 8 hours the day before.  Then she says this:
"Would you believe it if I told you I used to weigh 195 pounds?"

I responded, "Wow."  trying to end the conv…

Pumpkin Patch!

It's Pumpkin Time!  A few days ago, I did this post on how to make these pumpkins. 
Join in!
Add your link here (by clicking on the Mister Linky below) and make sure to link back to here so the participants get lots of looks!

I can't get the links to show, so here they are, go check these out!  I'll add yours once you add it to Linky.  Or email me the
Mama Kat

A Question. Or two. Or Five.

Are you getting your pumpkins ready???

Good. I'll be back tomorrw with a little linky thingy and keep it up for a few days so everyone can join in.

I have some new readers, which make me so happy, so I thought we'd get to know each other a bit better.... leave your answers in the comments.

1. Who is your "celebrity boyfriend"?

2. What is your favorite blog to read (besides mine, of course)?

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn' live without?

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out?

5. Favorite book (besides Twilight Series)... I need some new reads!

Gag Me With A Spoon.

I went thrift shopping today.  It totally stunk.  What is it with the inflated thrift shop prices? It's "junk", right? 
Anyway, I walked into one and was looking around when 4 teenage girls came in.
Why is that I always realize how old I am around 16 year olds?  I swear, I was 16 like yesterday.
These girls had been invited to an 80's Theme Party... apparently they are all the rage.
One of the girls picked up a turquoise sweatshirt with a neon, southwestern wolf print on it. 
They broke out into hysterical, cackling laughter.  
The girl says to her friends, "So, I will cut off the sleeves, cut it short and wear a tank top under it.  That's how they wore it back then, right?"  Yeah, she wasn't kidding.  She honestly seemed perplexed.
I snort laughed out loud.  
"Back then"?  "Who is they anyway?  The people from 2 and a half decades ago with zero style?
I felt like saying, "Listen girly.  Ton Sur Ton, Esprit, Jag and Guess were hot.  Like …

Glue Gun. Check. Ribbon. Check.

Oh, and you'll need at least one of these.  Maybe 10.

Which, after about 5 minutes and some hot glue, will become.......

I know.  So Stinkin' Cute.  Anyway, let's start with ribbon.....
Have I ever told you how much I love ribbon?  It makes things pretty.  

And I love pretty.  Sigh.  
On to the pumpkin decorating!  

Choose a ribbon or two that compliment each other. I like these.

Glue the first color (in this case the solid blue) from the stem to the bottom.  I just glue at the top and the bottom... no need to glue all the way down, as the glue will often darken the ribbon.

See how the sides match up?  Now do that one more time for a total of 4 stripes.  

Now add your second ribbon right over the top.  Again, only do a dot of glue at the top and again at the bottom.

Is this not so easy?  Now, I like to finish it off with a little bow.  

I tie it and then glue it on.  I also like to add those cute scrapbook luggage tags and write things like: "Happy Halloween" or "Happy…


Yeah, I am a P.O.O.P.I.E.  What are you gonna do about it?
So, I have some "faux-liage" as it's been referred to by The Nestor.
I'm joining in a showing it off.
Take a look.

This is a little arrangement on a side table in my living room.

Not bad, right?
Then, in my Family Room... I used Three... yes Three topiaries. They are "faux".
I keep meaning to paint that orange pot black.. it's making me crazy...

Here are some closer looks....

And, all faux-liage needs a fat, somewhat blurry, baby bee to buzz around.

Wanna play?  Go HERE.

Politic Free Zone?

So I won't be telling you who I am voting for.  I am actually very interested in politics and follow them closely.  Always have.  As a registered independent, I don't vote by party.  I vote by issue. By who I really think will do what is best for Americans.
And, issues that are important to my family, may not be on your priority list.  That's a okay with me.  
I have been quite surprised how heated and well, aggressive, people become over the candidates. There isn't one that I love.  And, honestly, there are things I like and dislike about both tickets.  I will make my decision closer to the election, and after the debates.
But this blog isn't a place to discuss that.
It is however a place for us to laugh.  And this cracked me up.  Is Tina Fey amazing or what?

I Couldn't Help Myself

Nikki won the printer. Go say congrats!

I did it.  I started putting out the Fall decor.
I know.  It's 100 degrees, but I can't stand it.  I.LOVE.FALL.
I filled these apothocary jars with mini pumkins and cute fabric pumpkins.
I was going to use gingham ribbon, but the polka dots won the sass.
Here they are from a bit further out:

That's all I have done for Fall.  Baby steps, right?  Otherwise my Christmas stuff will be out before Thanksgiving!  
Here is a little something I just did:
See those gold plate hooks?  Those things ROCK.  I love them so much, I am using them to hang all my pictures.  Everything hangs nice, even and flush to the wall.

Plates are such an inexpensive way to take up a large wall space with something classic and clean.  All of these are from Marshall's and Home Goods.  This blue color is all over my house.  LOVE IT.
Yes, I know that top row looks uneven, I think it's the angle, cause they look just fine in person.

And, for you nosey people,…

Pay it Forward Contest

Somebody get my fishnet stockings and feather boa, I am off to Vegas!
Well, not really, but I should be, cause I am one lucky son of a gun.
First, I entered this fun contest over at Kori's blog.  You need to go read this blog, Kori and her family are going though a lot right now, and her grace and openness are amazing and inspiring. Please go check her out, you won't be sorry.
To have some fun, she asked who who your first "crush" was on, and my entry was drawn!  The prize is a surprise, but the rules state I need to pay it forward, so we are having a little contest.  I'll get to that....
THEN, I won something that I LOVE.  Yep.  I won the necklace form Angie.  OH. MY.STARS.

Now, I also need to tell you that Mrs. S, whom I ADORE, entered the necklace contest, but commented that if she won, she was going to give it to me.  WOW.  
So, for my "pay it forward contest".....
Prize:  An Epson Picture Mate Portable Photo Printer.  This thing rocks.  You can take it any…

Just Do It?

So, I did it.  I rejoined the hell that is Boot Camp
I had to go back.  
Summer is over and if I don't Boot Camp, my ass will be the size of Alasska (hahahaha).  
Today Josh gave us some eating guidelines.  
So, not only do I have to subject my body to push ups, crunches, squats, planks and medicine balls, but now I can't eat after 7 PM.  
We did a "light" workout today. 
 A 2 or 3 on a scale of 10, Josh said.  
Then why can't I get up from the toilet after I pee?  


The Boy: "Mom, what do you want to do on Sunday?"
Me: "I am not sure, its too hot to play outside, maybe a movie?"
The Boy: "Well, I know you have to blog."
Really.  Geez.  That can't be good.  

Yeah, I'm Watching It.

So I am watching it.  90210.  I loved that show.  Growing up in 91301 was actually quite similar.
I remember the very first time I saw 90210.  
I was laying on my parents bed watching TV, and there they were.  So Cool.
Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, Donna and Steve.  I was an instant fan.
What show most represents your growing up?  Roseanne?  Cosby Show? Hee Haw?
Trust me.  You want one of these:
It's  a Cricut Expressions Dye Cut Machine.  It's worth around $300.  
It will change your life.  Scrapbooking, kid's school projects, cool vinyl lettering.
We are giving one away at SITS.  
Go enter!