A Question. Or two. Or Five.

Are you getting your pumpkins ready???

Good. I'll be back tomorrw with a little linky thingy and keep it up for a few days so everyone can join in.

I have some new readers, which make me so happy, so I thought we'd get to know each other a bit better.... leave your answers in the comments.

1. Who is your "celebrity boyfriend"?

2. What is your favorite blog to read (besides mine, of course)?

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn' live without?

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out?

5. Favorite book (besides Twilight Series)... I need some new reads!


Tiffany said…
1. Celeb b-friend: Michael Buble or Channing Tatum

2. Mindless Junque, Mama Kat, Lulaville, Seven Clown Circus, The S Club

3. I have a homemade granite cleaner that I love.

4. Heck yeah!

5. "One Thousand White Women", The Red Tent.
Anonymous said…
That is SO funny!! We lived in Bloomington as well from Feb 2006 - 2007! We probably saw each other and never knew it!
I wonder if our kids went to the same school even? ;)

1. My current celeb b-friend would be Jeffrey Donovan. Strange I know...but what can I say?

2. I really like By Jane (http://byjanes.spaces.live.com/)

3. LOL hmmm...maybe my treadmill? Oh or my running shoes!

4. Well, DUH! ;)

5. My most recent favorite is Garden Spells - you should come be my friend on Good Reads! There is a link on my blog to the website ;)
Aunt Julie said…
1. Will Smith
2. If Mom Says OK, by Tara R.
3. My sweetness and my sarcasm
4. God willing! Have to finish the books, first!!
5. Gone With the Wind, if you want a classic; Water for Elephants, if you'd like to read newer fiction
Rhea said…
1. This is sad. I'm not sure who my celebrity boyfriend is. I'll get back to you on this one.

2. My favorite blogs right now are Pioneer Woman and The Bloggess.

3. My GPS has gotten me out of some jams lately as far as secret weapons go.

4. HELL YA, I plan on seeing the Twilight movie.

5. I'm just finishing up the Eight by Katherine Norville, which is really good, and if you want another yummy romance/mystery vampire book, Guilty Pleasures by Laurell Hamilton.
Lauren W said…
1. James McAvoy
2. Expectantly Waiting, Married to the Military, Paper Cities
3. My flat whisk
4. Absolutely
5. The Time Traveler's Wife or Ender's Game
Lula! said…

1. I think we all know that Jason Statham is OFF the market. He belongs to me. The End and Amen.

2. Everyone on my blogroll...and the MTV News blog, because every Tuesday is "Twilight Tuesday" and that makes me very happy.

3. Nympho Niagra. Just sayin'.

4. HALE yes! (Get it? Jasper...Rosalie...yes, I am cheesy.)

5. Read the e-mail I just sent you. And then read "The Westing Game," by Ellen Raskin.
Just Lisa said…
1. Celeb boyfriend-- Vince Vaughn. Yeah, He's kinda an ass. I have a thing for guys like that.
2. I read everyone on my blog list, but I am always especially entertained by Ashley's Closet and Little Momma and Co.
3. Hmm... secret weapon... I'm very fond of chapstick. I wear it everyday, with make up or without.
4. Yes. I already have a girls' day planned.
5. I love Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook, the Wedding, the Rescue... all excellent.
Jen said…
1.Mmmm, celebrity boy friend, I guess I would have to say Johnny Depp.
2. I know this maybe cheesy but I don't think I could pick just a few. I will refer you to my blog roll.
3. My kitchen scissors. It is the fastest way to cut up food for all my kids.
4. YES! My hubby has read all the books to and we are so going.
5.I love the Stephanie Plum Novels but Janet Evanovich. There are 14 books now and I can't wait to read the newest one. I totally LMAO while I read these books.
Casey said…
i'm a new reader!
1. haha! matthew mcconaughey
2. designismine.blogspot.com
3. my cell phone!
4. not gonna lie, i'm not a big movie person, so maybe when it comes to redbox
5. "the man who moved a mountain" by richard c. davis
suzspeaks said…
I'm a new reader too...but I think you know that already! ha!
1.David Beckham....oh yeah!
2. LIttle Mamma & co., Grace Violet, and a few others
3. lipstick, clorox cleanup
4. YES
5. I'm searching for something new to read too.... I've heard the Janet Evanovich books are great. We'll see..let us know what you decide...maybe I'll follow!

I'm getting my pumpkins ready!
S Club Mama said…
1. Who is your "celebrity boyfriend"?
Will Smith or John Stamos (ER-version) or um...(I don't know)

2. What is your favorite blog to read (besides mine, of course)?
My best friend, Laura's http://iamtheclay2003.blogspot.com
OR Mama Kat's

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn't live without?
My Bible. If I don't read at least a bit a day, my next day is off.
My watch! I hate being late! It's 2 minutes fast.

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out?
I will probably wait because I want to read the books first (and I'm 6th on the library waiting list).

5. Favorite book (besides Twilight Series)... I need some new reads!
Robin Jones Gunn - Sisterchicks series
sTORI Telling - Tori Spelling (if you loved her in 90210, read it...if not, don't)
Dear John - Nicholas Sparks
The Nanny Diaries (the book & movie)
S Club Mama said…
PS You know you're one of my favorite blogs FOR REAL & thank you for saying I'm one of your faves! Too sweet!
KatBouska said…
1. Jared Leto

2. Aside from the obvious...and to avoid repeating any that have already been name...and mine of course...I'm gonna go with Afro.

(theafros.com and you should all go give her some love as her Dad is being tested for Lymphoma...and be sure to tell her you saw her a a fvorite read listed on Tiffany's page...it'll make her feel good)

3. My computer...aka my life line to the world outside of my house.

4. Yes, but not until after I've read the book.

5. For Those I Loved by Martin Gray...hands down the best book I've read In. My. Life.

This was fun T!

Heather said…
Hmmm, good questions.

1. Patrick Dempsey. I love me some Dr. McDreamy elevator moments.

2. My blogroll is my lifeline to the world. I only wish my sister Michelle would stop stalking and start blogging.

3. My scrapbook room and all my tools. They can double for weapons if needed.

4. If I could buy my ticket now, I would. *Sigh*

5. I'm with Jen, I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. You will pee your pants, laugh out loud, and basically look like a fool while you're reading it. Good times.

I so love "getting to know you better posts". So when is the SITS reunion in real life gonna be? Hmmm???
Becky said…
Awesome questions!
1. Roger Federer (yes, I love tennis!)
2. I love Octamom
3. Hmmm...All my scrapbook stuff and computer.
4. Of course! Just found the Twilight series last month and love them.
5. Currently reading The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Love your blog!
sassy stephanie said…
1. Marky Marky is my man!

2. Too many to name.

3. Lipgloss

4. Yep

5. I'm a newly recruited crackliture groupie.
I threw them in a post on my blog.. because it's not so good to see hot guys names without being able to see them!! Grr, mmeewwwwooooowwww...
come on by.

Wep said…
I am picking up my punkins on the way home from work tomorrow because a pass a stand :) I already picked up my ribbon and glue gun though! I'm so excited!

1. John Cusack
2. Other than yours of course, I like Mindless Junque and a bunch of others that crack me up!
3. My pilates mat, instant good mood
4. Should read the book first
5. American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Love all his work, but this was my first one!
I always like the questions you come up with!

1. Hmmm. Eric Dane. Or Hugh Jackman.
2. Oh, way too many to list.
3. Peanut M&Ms. Wrote about them today.
4. Absolutely. Taking my 10 year old who is almost done with New Moon. And said 10 year old depends on Lula to send her a daily dose of Edward Cullen photos.
5. My favorite book of all time is "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire. If you are looking for suggestions - I LOVE Christopher Moore. He is whacked. And absolutely hilarious. My fav: "Lamb: The gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal."
Angela said…
1. Michael Weatherly (NCIS)

2. The Nester, A Soft Place to Land, Bless Our Nest...there are so many!

3. My laptop

4. Probably not, since I never get to go to the movies.

5. Reading Lolita in Tehran is one of my favorites.
Ash said…
1. It was David Duchovny, but with the whole sex addiciton thing, well, hold on.

2. The Nie Nie Dialogues - her sister is now republishing favorite posts. Inspiring to say the absolute least.


3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I swear it is alien technology.

4. I want to read the books first, and since I can't seem to get through any books since I started this whole blog addiction, I may have to rent the DVDs.

5. Big Stone Gap series by Adriana Trigiani. All of her books are really great, IMO.

Thanks! Great questions.

Lula! said…
I just have to tell eudae-mamia that BIG STONE GAP is the town directly next to mine...the real, actual town, where the book takes place. They are making it into a movie...and you KNOW I will be at the front of the line when they cast "extras" or "background" talent.

If they cast Jason Statham in it (highly unlikely, but you know I dream big), I will stalk him until the restraining order forces me away. Not even kidding.
CaraBee said…
1. Celebrity Boyfriend: James McAvoy

2. Lula, Maternal Mirth, More Mere Catherine, Heavy on the Caffeine

3. Secret Weapon: Dr. Pepper, it's like Popeye's spinach to me

4. Twilight? Heck yeah!

5. Fave Book: Hmm, tough one. I just read the Time Travelers Wife and The Used World. Both good, not favorite, but good.
1. I have several, but at the moment it's Rick Springfield (he's still a celebrity in my world & he's on GH)
2. I LOVE to read Mommypie
3. My Secret Weapon is bonne bell lipsmackers and my digital camera (besides my hubby and girls)
4. Yes, I want to see Twilight, but have to read the book first
5. I LOVE the In Death Series by JD Robb (aka Nora Roberts)
Shannon said…
1. Gerard Butler. Or Ryan Gosling. No, Christian Bale... wait! Gerard Butler. Definitely Gerard Butler.

2. Too many to list...

3. cell phone

4. YES!!!

5. Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
polkadot said…
1 - John Cusack
2 - Pioneer Woman, Plain Jane Mom
3 - My iPod Touch
4 - Hope NOT
5 - God of Small Things
Vicki said…
1. I don't have a celeb boyfriend...really.

2. Finding Atman and Lulaville...both RLFs.

3. lipstick. Or my iPhone. No, lipstick AND my iPhone.

4. No. I'm probably the only girl in America not really interested. If Lula reads this she's probably going to break up with me.

5. Anything by Philippa Gregory. I read "The Constant Princess" and then "The Other Boleyn Girl" (didn't see the movie). My next will probably be her latest: "The Other Queen".

ALSO: "Waking Raphael" by Leslie Forbes. FABULOUS read. Her other books are ok, but this one hits it out of the park.

Those are my two constant recommendations.
Angie's Spot said…
1. James McAvoy is mine, all mine.

2. I'm copping out and referring to my blogroll also. I follow about 90 blogs currently.

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish stick. It's a miracle worker for $6.

4. Yes. Yes. Yes.

5. Jen Lancaster's 3 books are my current faves. She's friggin' hysterical!
Carrie said…
I've been so bad at commenting lately, so here goes.

1. Gary Sinise. Yes, Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. Not when he was crazy suicidal hippie looking in the movie, but before. What can I say? I'm strange that way...

2. This is like asking me to choose which child is my favorite. I can't do it. I guess if I had to choose, it would be my Sister-in-law's blog because I get to feel like I get to see her, my brother, and my niece at least once a week, even though they are 1000 miles away!

3. My Wusthoff-Trident Knives. People thought I was crazy when I spent $400 for four knives. (it was half a month's take-home pay at the time), but I considered them an investment. Eight years later, they are still amazing! The unfortunate side-effect is that I have turned into a complete knife snob.

4. Nopes. I only pay to see action or SciFi movies in the theatres. Otherwise, I wait for the DVD or OnDemand.

5. I'm reading Stephen King's latest--Duma Key--right now. I'm a big fan of King and Koontz. I'm not much help in that area!
Haven't gotten my pumpkin yet...but when we do, we get at least 5 too many.

Now then.....your questions are fab.

1. Who is your "celebrity boyfriend"?

Will I be stoned if I admit that I don't watch TV and I honestly can't think of one. single. name?

2. What is your favorite blog to read (besides mine, of course)?

Hum......I read a bunch, but ones I never miss are yours (of course), Mindless Junque, Mama's Losin' It, Octamom, Little Mamma and Co., The Peterson's Go Public and My Chaos My Bliss.

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn' live without?

My Oreck vacuum, front load washer and dryer, Oxyclean spray stain remover and mineral face powder. Oh, and hello? BOOKS.

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out?


5. Favorite book (besides Twilight Series)... I need some new reads!

Animal Dreams and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, Pride and Prejudice, Violette by Charlotte Bronte, The Frenchman's Creek by Dauphne DuMaurnier (sp?)
Laura said…
I am a new reader (but will continue to be back).
1- Patrick Dempsey
2- My favorite blog you of course. Actually I have too many favs to pick just one.
3-Secret weapon... wireless headphones for watching t.v late at night while hubby sleeps! Books on my ipod allows me to listen (and read) while working out and cleaning!
4-I will be seeing Twilight the night it comes out!
5-These are my words (great read). Thanks to my mother. A thousand Spendid suns, The kite runner. Hopefully you haven't read all those! Are you on Good Reads?
Dee said…
Celeb boyfriend - Tom Hanks - sad, yes I know, or maybe George Cloony, again, sad ....

2 What is your favorite blog to read - "So what was I saying", my friend Sunshine!

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn' live without?
Gosh, the computer I think!or TV...

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out? No, I am afraid of vampires

5. Favorite book - Lots of them, but I like auto-biographies at present.
Nicole S said…
Celeb boyfriend - Christian Slater (see Untamed Heart and you will heart him too!)

Fav blog - "Mama's losing it" too funny!

Secret weapon - humor, I have to laugh to get through life!

Movie - okay, what am I missing, I've never heard of Twilight . . .

Fav book - I love "Marley and Me" also "Eat, Pray, Love" and guilty pleasure anything written by Jennifer Cruise.
Mom said…
1. Celeberty boyfriend...Don't have one, I have a cowboy!

2.Too many to name just one.

3. Besides husband, kids and animals my camera and computer.

4. Yes and my hubby took off so he could go with me. I even dragged him to the Breaking Dawn book release

5. I'll have to get back to you on this one.
Ash said…
Lula - that's so cool! I so miss that part of the country right now. I'm also a Georgia Peach - grew up in Roswell, and the Fall was my favorite time of the year. Here in Texas it is still 90, no hope of a cool snap until Thanksgiving - sigh.

Go Dawgs!

And Shannon - thanks for reminding me of Christian Bale, oh and Bear Grylls - they look somewhat alike, no?

jori-o said…
1. Celebrity boyfriend... hmmm...there was something pretty sexy about Chritian Bale in The Dark Knight.

2. Blogs...I've found so many recently! I really like Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin' It!

3. Secret weapon...I'm so old-school: my weekly planner I carry around with me in my bag. If I don't write things down, I am totally lost.

4. Twilight=YES

5. I like classics--Pride & Prejudice and East of Eden are two favorites. I liked Water for Elephants as well. I read lots but forget titles...
Michelle said…
Hi Tiffany -- I just found your blog today and I am really enjoying it!

Here are my answers:

1. Sadly my celebrity boyfriend was Heath Ledger. I have yet to replace him.

2. I have a lot of blogs I frequent, but my fav is Bits and pieces (http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/).

3. Secret weapon -- being hyper organized!

4. Twilight movie........HECK yeah!

5. Pillars of the earth and World Without End by Ken Follet.
Celeb boyfriend - right now it's a balst from the past, Joshua Jackson...yum!

Fave blog - Pioneer Woman

Can't live without - french vanilla creamer

Probably won't see Twilight. I really don't like movies from books. I love the books though!

Fave Books - books by Maeve Benchy. I like Beverly Lewis. I read a lot so this is hard!
Nessa said…
I just found your blog and cannot stop reading! I so needed another blog to add to my addiction, lol!

1. Who is your "celebrity boyfriend"?

Hugh Laurie

2. What is your favorite blog to read (besides mine, of course)?

I have many favorites. See my entire blog roll. Keeping The Kingdom First is the first blog I read regularly, and the first one I check everyday.

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn' live without?

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out?

I'm ashamed to say that I have no idea what Twilight is :-(

5. Favorite book (besides Twilight Series)... I need some new reads!

I am currently reading the Biggie Weatherford series by Nancy Bell and loving it!
Ginger said…
1. Tie between Justin and Leo.

2. I love me some celeb gossip.

3. Secret weapon, huh? Hmm.... I seriously can't think of what mine is. Weird that Angie came to mind first?


5. I love the Shopaholics, and Good in Bed. I love chick lit.
,,,, said…
1. Who is your "celebrity boyfriend"?
Robert Pattison of course!

2. What is your favorite blog to read (besides mine, of course)?
A Day Care Life by Heather Shaw

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn' live without?
black hair ties lol

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out?
of course! I'm obsessed!

5. Favorite book (besides Twilight Series)... I need some new reads!

I just finished up four books of the House of Night Series by P.C. Cast

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