My Rant. This Can't End Well.

If you are here for a quick, happy visit, you may want to move on, I am about to rant.

{I do violate my own style and use the "f" word for referring to itself. You'll understand why.}

When Heather and I started SITS last year, we thought it would be great to have a place where any women blogger could get featured, find blogs, and participate in a positive, welcoming space.

Over time, we have grown at a steady rate, and have received WONDERFUL feedback from our SITStas. Thank you.

Recently, I have become active on Twitter, and introduced to a larger version of the blog world. I have been shocked at the snobbery and exclusion that goes on. SITS has kept me very safe and sheltered from this "cut-throat" side of mommy blogging.

There is definitely an "in crowd" and as with every "in crowd", a group trying desperately to get in. And, of course, to cement their reign, they need people to ignore or snicker about.

I did high school {and while I actually enjoyed it} I'm a grown up now. Looking to hang out with people who are comfortable enough in themselves to include and respect everyone. Not just the girls with the snarkiest comment, loudest opinion or biggest words.

SITS seems to have a reputation of being "rainbows and unicorns".

Somehow, we're not "real" as we feature based on participation, not "brilliance".

That because we don't feature posts with profanity, somehow we are censoring the "real" bloggers out there.

This puzzles me. So we know our audience. So changing "fucking" to "freaking" for a day in exchange for a few hundred visitors is asking to much? To make everyone comfortable for ONE DAY is over the top? Maybe the real brilliance is getting your point across with it?

I totally and absolutely respect bloggers who are not willing to change to be featured.

But, I don't respect bloggers who dismiss the community because of it.

Our biggest obstacle as women is often each other.

The judgment is ridiculous, cruel and totally counter-productive.

Whether it's breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, spanking, immunizing, Democrat, Republican, profanity or rainbows and unicorns- just because someone makes a different choice, it doesn't mean their choices aren't valid.

It doesn't mean they are ignorant, naive or criminal.

It means they are different.

The purpose of SITS is not to feature fabulously intelligent, witty bloggers, full of snark and sarcasm, or to feature mommy bloggers who gush about their adorable children, impeccable decor, delicious recipes, or Martha-esque crafts.

The purpose of SITS is to support one women

Recently, I saw a blog that's mission is to "feature" blogs.. {great idea, by the way}.

However, the "feature" gets rated.. Ripped apart. Chewed up. Spit out.

And, of course, it's all done anonymously.

What purpose does this serve?

Singling out blogs and tearing them down?

If you want to have a laugh with all your superior bloggy friends, why not make the blog private?

Is the public humiliation where you get your kicks?

I was seriously ready to close up shop and head out of dodge.

I want no part in "world" that celebrates a platform for choosing victims to scathe with atrocious insults.

Then, this came into my inbox:

"Thought I'd just let you know how AMAZED I was at the number of SITS girls who stopped in today. So many of them had very thoughtfully read the posts and left unique, insightful comments. Lots and lots of the visited every posted link and commented on each one. In this oft-snarky world of blogdom, I think SITS is in a category of it's own--offering a truly supportive community, a true band of SITSta's. Thanks for bringing us all together!"

I was reminded that SITS has become what Heather and I intended.

A positive, clique-free environment, where we are interested in doing one thing-

Making one women feel heard, appreciated, interesting and absolutely fabulous.

So, I think I am crawling back into my safe SITSland.

Where everyone is "the in crowd".

You all take such good care of me.

If you want to disagree, fine, but you'd need to be legit and have a blog.

Anonymous is Prohibited.


Thank you for making SITS a place where we can all appreciate one another. I have met some really awesome gals through SITS and I am really grateful for that. Keep up the good work!!!!
Amy said…
I would say that I have been with SITS now for almost a year. I love it and it's PERFECT to me!

Keep up the good work.

This post is awesome and I totally agree.
jori-o said…
I've never been able to get into twitter and now I'm glad...I would get eaten alive!
Tiffany said…
Tiffany, (awesome name, by the way)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I just love your rant. :) It's so true. SITS is a true form of what we SHOULD all be doing if we enlist in being supportive women of the bloggersphere. It's intended to be sincere, not lip service, honest to goodness support. Everyone likes to be included and feel loved. I commend the efforts you gals have made in uplifting one another through this site and proud to be part of y'all! Keep it up, sistah!

Tiff in Kentucky
Unknown said…
I love SITS from the bottom of my heart and am so happy that you two have made it what it is!! I have been with SITS more or less daily since September I think and have met so many great women there - thank you!!
Kori said…
Have I told you that I love you lately. You are the BOMB!
Amy said…
I do not even know how to use twitter. I really do not even care to at this point. I love SITS. A friend of mine found this site. Then I jumped on I am having a blast. I have meet some many neat people. I have a lot of people reading my blog and coming by and saying hi. I love the blogging world. I know I am with you when you say you want to stay safe in the SITS land because I sure do. Thanks for having a wonderful site to hang on to.
Anonymous said…

You are so very right on.

First - I never realized you "don't feature posts with profanity" Obviously, I never missed it.

Everyone has their own tastes - I read some blogs I can identify with, and there are others who I don't.

It doesn't mean they don't deserve the spotlight anymore than the rest of us - I'm sure people have come across my blog and shrugged saying "Ehhhh..." in their minds and moved on to the next blog, while someone else might say "Right on Sister!" and sigh up to follow.

Hold your head high. You have a great thing going and nothing to be ashamed of.
So it's not cool to be a nice girl. I found that out the hard way in high school! To those cliquey Twitter girls, I would like to say in my best Midwestern nice girl accent: "suck it."
Thank you so much!! Both for SITS and for having the courage to say what I have been tweeting ever since I joined the blogosphere a year ago- grow up people. Remember the golden rule? The catty nature that gets women a bad rap is very present in the blogging world- unfortunate but true. You rawk!
Anne said…
Well I guess I have been totally sheltered in the blog-world. SITS is really the only community I know about - I found it when I first started blogging and never bothered to look anywhere else. I love it, and I hope you guys never change. I like my sheltered little corner of bloggy land. :)
Unknown said…
Great post! I agree and am so thankful for SITS and what it stands for.
I love SITS. I love what it embodies. While sometimes I only make it halfway through my daily reader, I always intend to get to the end. While I always mean to make it over, sometimes my scatter brain makes me forget, wait is that something shiney? Wasn't I just vacuuming? Where did that kid wander off to. Oh, yes commenting. I think anyone who has time to spend tearing apart someone elses blog, has too much time on their hands and probably grew up a bully and maybe doesnt have real friends in life. Just one of a thousand possibilities. I guess I feel a little sorry for those who have to call out others. Maybe they dont know better or maybe they feel so bad about themselves that they want others to as well. Whatever the case I am so glad to have SITS where I dont have to worry about what others think of my rainbow and sunshine, but are also there for my days that are rain and clouds, much as they have been lately. I say THANKS for sharing your vision and strong support in this blog eat blog world!!!
shortmama said…
Wow where did I miss all this? I am on Twitter but I guess I have been lucky enough to miss the "high school girls". Why do women find it so hard to support each other instead of bash each other? And as far as the cussing goes, if you say freakin' instead of the other (my mama taught me not to say that!) dont we all understand what you mean anyway? Poop, crap, doody, #2, brown yuck, sh*t, its all the same. I adore SITS and think it is as it should be!
Brandy said…
I think you said it all. (And I can tell you were really upset b/c there is a typo or two-lol!Thankfully I hang with a lot of SITS ladies so I don't get caught up in the snarky-ness that exists. In fact I got enough drama IRL and I don't need it on here too.

If I'm ever featured I would have no issues PG-ing my's my choice to do so, but I CHOOSE to be a part of it all, just as I choose not to be part of the BS.

I want to second what the FB wrote you. You & Heather have created a nice, warm, fuzzy place that I for one LOVE. Thanks!
Beth's Blog said…
well, I have never been on twitter & I have been reading your blog for about 2 months. I have just now looked at SITS. I Love it! You can count me in!
Crystal Renee said…
OMG! I agree and love ya'lls idea for SITS! Let me tell you, high school is right. I originally starting blogging, because I was on myspace, another social networking site, it turned into DRAMA, when I just posted blogs and pics for family. You DO keep it NON CLIQUE like.

We appreciate it!

Thanks again
Sandy said…
Well said! That is exactly why I love SITS! Everyone is welcome. The support that we get from one another is amazing!
I'm sorry you had to enounter some women out there who feel the need to be crappy to one another. I love the support that we receive AND give on SITS. You've done an awesome thing. :)

p.s. I like rainbows and unicorns. ;)
Anonymous said…
It's a scary blog world out there.

Who heck with them.

SITS is a nice supportive place. That works for me.

There is enough judgement out there.
Natalie Jane said…
I have had a lot of snark on my blog, but I really don't get it. I mean, it is MY blog. If you don't like it, don't read it. Actually get comments from readers about what they wished I would focus on. Um no. I'll focus on what I want to focus on. Thanks.
Julie said…
The way I see it SITS ultimately belongs to you and Heather. And it is completely reasonable and within your rights to censor anything you darned well please. And if there's people take issue with that...too dang bad.
I don't care to repeat high school either and I'm way past jumping through hoops to hang with people who don't want me there anyway. So if some people don't want to be a part of our cheery rainbow world, they can click away and find something that suits their style.
In other words...screw 'em. (and if you need to censor that, feel free!)
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Tiffany. I am new to the blogging thing and hoping to share my blog with sits as a feature some time. I have definitely noticed the snobbery out there, but I must say that from day one I felt that SITS was a very different approach -- and I love it!
Keep up the great work. You've got my support!
Lula! said…
We are TOTALLY making out. Soon. With tongue.

I love you. This is my new favorite post from you, too.
Connie said…
I have never been a part of the in crowd...mostly because I'm too nice. I didn't have a clue there were people that didn't think SITS was a great place to be. It's even more upsetting to know that there are people out there being *mean girls* and ripping a blog to pieces.

Please continue to do what you are doing!
Heather said…
I've had enough snarky to last me the rest of my days. Mean people really suck and I have lots of things to say about this. I need to choose my words carefully. You know how I get.
Megan R. said…
Great post. I'm a SITSta (though with a recently and often sick little baby, haven't been posting in a while) and I love what you do. While my posts DO sometimes contain profanity, if I ever wanted to be feature blogger, I would change it in a heartbeat.

I don't know why people can't keep their fat traps shut about stuff. I recently posted about my Chunky Moneky being sick. Again. Mostly because some of my readers had emailed me, asking why I hadn't been blogging, was everything ok. Some random person came over and told me to STOP VACCINATING my baby. As if that was causing all of his issues. I wrote a big long post about it.

The post may be exactly what you are referring to, about why we can't be content with others being different. The thing is...I WAS content. I have my own views on vaccinations, but I kept them to myself. Why would somebody come to MY blog and shove THIER views down my throat? So then I DID share exactly what I think.

I think what you guys have started is an awesome and unique thing. And for those who don't think it's real....well you know what? Who needs 'em?
Jennie said…
I totally get where you are coming from... I have felt that from other bloggers, they feel like they are superior and have the right to ignore or to make rude comments, I feel like you do, I have gone thru high school, and I don't wanna do it again... I have felt this in the "REAL" world, at PTA meetings, at groups, etc.... I had hoped to avoid that in cyber space... I do want to thank SITS for introducing me to some of the best women bloggers out there, some have actually become blogging buddies... keep up the great work, don't throw in the towel because some women can't be smart enough or ingenius enough to find other words to use to express themselves other than the "F" word....
I think what you've created is really great and there are a lot of people who value the number of visitors over the quality of them. I'd prefer a real comment over 10 fake ones any day.

If I had a moment to actually comment on more than 1 blog a day (you should feel pretty special today...) then I'd probably join.

And maybe post slightly less inflammatory blogs.

(Thanks for commenting by the way. I absolutely understand where you're coming from and respect that. I think that our lives make up such a significant portion of what we believe that few of us will ever fully see eye-to-eye, but I still appreciate your view and the fact that you didn't call me a socialist. Even if I am. Which I'm totally not.)
S Club Mama said…
I LOVE this post. I think SITS is one place where I feel like I had support. I miss being able to come by daily - it's just too much for this job. But I'm excited to get back to reading because it is a positive place to be.
Wep said…
Good for you. I agree. There is enough nastiness in the world, we don't need to create more. I found Twitter interesting for a while mainly to keep up with old friends. But once you get TOO many people it just gets confusing.

I like blogland. I am having a bad week and while I may not have hundreds of visitors, my 10 or so regulars came out in full force to give me virtual hugs.

And I love them for it. And you for bringing them to me.
Krissy said…
That really is what I have come to love about SITS. The fact that though we all have many different opinions [and often voice them] no one dismisses anyone else. It's a place where there's mutual respect and care.

Keep doing what you do. =]
Jessica said…
I haven't been a SITSer long, but I love it when I have the time to check in...I am not perfect, I don't get there every day, but the days I do, I make sure to try and leave at least one comment on that blog. I mean, comments are like cocaine to us bloggers. Really. Nothing (except my DH and kids) makes me happier then a comment. And I've NEVER been part of the "IN" crowd. :-)
Heather said…
From a SITSta who didn't even have the first idea of how to navigate the blogosphere last summer when I joined up, THANK YOU for being there.

As for Twitter, I'm kind of a Twidiot, and I know this. I follow my friends and then a few random celebrities (hello, Hugh Jackman and Anderson Cooper!) but I'm completely unaware of Twitter cliques. Guess that means I'm not one of the kewl kids, eh? Whoops. Oh well, I wasn't in high school, either! I love Twitter (as best I know how to use it, which isn't that great - I still don't get the whole # thing LOL) for what I use it for, even if that has me cruising in the slow lane!

I must say though, that if George Clooney ever started tweeting, you KNOW I'd be his number one follower! ;)

I am eternally grateful to you and Heather for SITS, please know that!!
Mimi said…
You stated exactly why SITS is perfect.

I'm sorry the Twitter people have been ugly.

I love you (from afar)!
Megan said…
I found a site like that! I ran with my head held high. I don't want to be mean and ugly towards other bloggers. I am not always going to like everything I read, but I have more friends b/c of SITS than I would have just being on my own. I may not have a ton of followers, but I have real connection with the ones I have. We laugh, we cry and we rant. THAT is why I started blogging.

You know what? If we are rainbows and unicorns, what the heck is wrong with it? I would rather be beautiful and special as to generic and stuck up!!!!
Cecily R said…
You and Heather have obviously created a place for bloggers to go and be supported and to return that support. It should be applauded rather than torn apart.

People can be mean. And petty.

And wonderful. And amazing.

I'd much rather be around people who are the latter.

You know how I feel about you...MEOW. :)
Snarky Belle said…
I have told you before that I love what you do! You are amazing and appreciated by so many of us!! There will always be someone trying to tear down a good thing. Doesn't mean the good things are any less valid.

I've found you just have to go and be present where you feel comfortable. Shoot, I have been shut out of a circle of mothers who have had stillborn babies. Why? Because my loss occurred 12 years ago...apparently my pain isn't fresh enough, and I have since had healthy children. So, I am not welcome in their circle. I don't visit those blogs anymore. I don't need anyone adding to my 12 year old sorrow.

If someone doesn't like places to visit that are free of foul language and offer support, there are plenty of other places they can go. You just keep doing what you do, and we'll keep showing up!

Sorry for the long comment!
(p.s. I am a little nervous because my blog is called Snarky Belle...hopefully people know it's mostly tongue-in-cheek...I don't want anyone to think I'm a bad person because I'm occasionally snarky. Oh crap, now I'm worried.)
Because of Love said…
CLAP, CLAP! Great job!

I am glad that you stuck up for yourself and for all of us who read blogs because we like to learn, laugh, and enjoy other people's live. I think it is so sad that people would rather read blogs to tear people down.

And I enjoy SITS, but I guess I like rainbows and unicorns.
Unknown said…
Thanks for posting this-- I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I love SITS-- I'll be back right now I have a sick one.
Unknown said…
All I can say is ridiculous! I have heard rumors of cliques and bloggers bad-mouthing other bloggers, and I think it's a shame. I love the positive atmosphere of SITS, and honestly, I just try to steer clear of the nasty-talking bloggers (and that's not just talking about profanity). Thank you for all of the work that the two of you put into SITS. It's an incredible place. I think it's also clear that you DO have plenty of people who appreciate what you do. Keep it up, SITSta!
Julie said…
You have NO IDEA how much I enjoyed your rant!!! I've been blogging for less than 2 months and tried to treat everyone with respect both in comments and direct email. In return I have been snubbed many times. I would, however, like to give kudos to two big time mommy bloggers who still treat everyone with respect and kindness. It is Heather at Freebies 4 Mom and Wendy at Sweeties Sweeps.

Thanks so much...
Sarah said…
I love my SITS ladies! I have no encountered any of the haters yet, but I just joined twitter, so we'll see.
John Deere Mom said…
I freaking/fucking love you. Take your pick. ;)
Anonymous said…
I just started with SITS but I have to tell you anyone who uses the term "forced attrition" on a twitter post definitely makes my day!
Sarahviz said…
Yesyesyesyes and more yes.
Glad we got to chat today about all this.
A hug and a squeeze,
AP Mommy said…
I appreciate the community that you have created. I am relatively new to the blogging "world", until December I kept to myself and had my family and friends read, but it was in December that I decided to reach out beyond my IRL people and start making a community of bloggy support and friends.

SITS was one of the first sites I found and I'm so glad I did. I have yet to run across the negative darker side of mommy bloggy personally... I know it will rear it's vicious self eventually though and I am glad that SITS is there as an anchor of well rainbows... and unicorns? ;)
Jen Sue Wild said…
Whooo Well said!!

I love SITS for all the resons you stated.
It is a postive uplifting group to be a part of!

I am very proud to have the SiTS logo on my blog and I always recomend new bloggers to join..

Thank you Tiffinay for being you and sticking to your morals in a world thats lacking.
I love SITS! I must have my blinders on or maybe I purposly block out bloggers like that. I love what SITS is all about.

This blog post though can fall into so many aspects in life. I could have written the same for something else I'm involved in.

Thanks again for SITS!
Summer said…
Okay, do dish. Who are these snobs? Who do I need to beat up?
anymommy said…
I actually really like twitter, for just this reason, I can keep up with more bloggers and sometimes I even have a minute to click through and read a post I really love.

I've seen a little of the unpleasantness you describe and you're right. Who needs it? But most of the twitter community is lovely, or maybe I'm just naive? I mostly follow bloggers I already liked for their warmth in all honesty.

Every time I encounter the sista network, I'm impressed by the good vibes.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe people said that stuff!??!?! WTF??!!

I LOVE Sits. Seriously. It's awesome.

And as far as twitter goes...I did it briefly and hated it. That was enough.
Danielle said…
Well written, Tiffany. Well written. I retreated after being beat up (on a blog by a real life friend, no less). I don't regret retreating. But it's too easy to be nasty out there without fully recognizing the hurtful consequences.

I love the funny stuff, I throw around my own cursing, I complain and balk. But I try to stay nice. Or I keep my mouth shut. Hosting a place for people with those same values is a fabulous thing.

(And- I was one who wouldn't change my cursing for SITS. Yet you guys went out of your way to include me anyway.)

Thanks, Tiffany. Thanks SITS.
Unknown said…
I say "freak" them! I love SITS and look forward to it every morning. It is sad how caddy grown women can be. Shame on them. You do an awesome job!
tiarastantrums said…
I just joined as I did not know what it was . . . but I have been very pleased to go to new blogs that I had not found on my own. Loads of new and interesting posts to read! I love it and use it for what it is for! Keep it please!

As to twitter - I keep hearing all these things you mention - but I guess I'm just not in to twitter enough to "get" that nonsense. I think my brain glazes right over it!
I just signed up for twitter and from this post maybe I should cancel. I don't see the fascination with twitter to tell you the truth, except when people are trying to update with a quick sentences about sick children, ie:Mckmamma. I like my blog and all my non-cliquish buddies.
Green said…
I love SITS and what SITS is all about.
I always feel welcome there and the people I've met through SITS have been really wonderful too.
I thank you for not having HS, once in a lifetime is enough!
Sasha222 said…
I really love what you said here and It's something that I have actually experienced myself recently. I wanted to create a blog that was different from most of what was out there in the "mommy blogging" world. Yes I cuss, yes I talk about things that a lot of mothers don't want to talk about, and yes I'm VERY opinionated, but that is just me and how I choose to express myself. I would never in a million years condemn anyone for doing things different from me, and I completely understand if someone doesn't want to come to my blog and hear profanity, sex talk, or politics. It's a free world. But I was surprised to literally get cyber stalked by a mom blogger who absolutely hated what me and my blog might have represented. She took words of mine out of context and literally put words in my mouth to make me out to be something I'm not. Then after I took off "anonymous posting" from my blog, she started to actually create fake user names and profiles just to keep making snarky comments on my posts. I'm not the type of person who stands down for anyone or anything and I let her "have it" to the best of my ability through cyber-space, and I don't regret a word I said.
But it truly baffled me that someone could take the time away from more important issues in the world as well as take time away from their own families and children to criticize my little blog. I'm glad that you made this rant, and I'm sorry that my blog uses cuss words and now I realize it probably won't ever be featured because of that. But I do think SITS is a wonderful and important site. Thanks again!
Unknown said…
So I am a bit new to can ask Alexis of "Running away I will help you pack" that I defend people agaistn snobbery...

I am happy you ranted instead of keeping it for the lost followers I don't think its much of a loss. Also I want to create something my family would be proud of not embarassed. Sounds like they are miserable people if you ask me...I'll take the rainbows and unicorns. F' the hags lol.


I have two small children I don't want the first words to be profane..its bad enough my two year old likes to pick her nose hehe..eww.
Unknown said…
So I am a bit new to can ask Alexis of "Running away I will help you pack" that I defend people agaistn snobbery...

I am happy you ranted instead of keeping it for the lost followers I don't think its much of a loss. Also I want to create something my family would be proud of not embarassed. Sounds like they are miserable people if you ask me...I'll take the rainbows and unicorns. F' the hags lol.


I have two small children I don't want the first words to be profane..its bad enough my two year old likes to pick her nose hehe..eww.
Unknown said…
Snobby Twitter=Twit
Anonymous said…
So much great stuff here.

The past couple of days my blog was invaded by a group of blog reviewers who were angry when I commented defending a blog they'd reviewed and angry that I'd blogged about it. They tore the reviewed blog apart, not only the blog but also the blog's author. I thought it was overly harsh and I said so.

I like what you've said and where you're coming from here. I love what you're doing at SITS. The email from the featured blogger made me tear up a bit. How sweet was that?

I hope you don't pack up and vacate dodge. You're appreciated around here.
Unknown said…
I love being a part of SITS the women I have met through SITS are amazing fun energetic women!! Thanks for sticking with it even when you want to give up!!

much love!
Jen said…
That email you got says it all. I am truly thankful for SITS and everything that you and Heather have done with the site. It is really amazing and a wonderful place to go. There are some really cool people there. And I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

I think that you just hit the nail on the head with one of the things that is wrong with the world today. People can not just support and expect each other. They have to be mean and nasty and make other people feel bad about themselves.
Just think what a wonderful world it would be for us and our children if we (I know this is corny but it works) just get along and play nice in the sand box.
I agree with you 100%. It is because of people that you just described that scared me away from even attempting the blogging world but then I came across SITS and I was extremely thrilled at how I was welcomed with very open arms. The support is fantastic both in a blogger way and a personal way.

I love SITS!
Cassie said…
Good rant. I try to avoid the clique-i-ness of blogs but I see it a LOT on twitter. Blogging isn't just about writing, its about building community so I don't really get why people would submit their work to a site just to be judged! I know I wouldn't! I'll stick with SITS!
April Greer said…
Rant on lovely...I love it! It's hard as a newbie to believe this stuff even goes on but yet believe I do. (I think I'm pretty safe since no one reads my damn..darn blog anyway). I love the SITS girls and wish I had more time to keep up will all of them!
I'm so thankful for SITS. I have met really great bloggers (not just their writing, but great bloggy friends) because of it. I think that SITS is such a wonderful network of bloggers that are all looking for the same thing - support. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and Heather for this wonderful group!
Tara said…
If you were standing right here in front of my computer I'd hug ya! THANK YOU for staying true to what you are...because most of those cliquey bloggers out there are NOT who they are away from the shield of their computer monitors. We wouldn't know them from Jack on the street...probably pass right by them without even batting a FREAKING eye! Beautiful awesome post! you rock....thanks for giving all of us "Different" bloggers a place to be REAL! ♥
~ Julie ~ said…
I think SITS is great and I think you're right on. Thanks for sticking it ou. I'm new to blogging and am learning so much by visiting the blogs of SITS girls. Don't get discouraged... You're doing something very worthwhile and appreciated. Thank you!
Vickie said…
SITS is great. I have been with SITS since November and I have never been sorry. I have met and became friends with a few bloggers. You gals do amazing things.

I like rainbows and unicorns:)
Bunny said…
First I'd like to apologize for missing some of your posts, I enjoy your writing and hate it when work keeps me too busy to keep up with my favorite blogs. I'm soooooo glad I don't know how to navigatge around Twitter, I don't even want to now. You are so right, women need to uplift women. If we don't who will? I don't use profanity on my blog out of respect for the people who come to visit it. It's not nessesary, your right, it's so much like high school and I've been out of school a long , long time.
barb said…
Screw the naysayers. There's enough negativity out there already, I love SITS. As the featured blogger on Tuesday, I can only say that I am still amazed at the love that I received.

You rock. Don't let the turkeys get you down.

Barb (Black Belt Scrapper)
CaraBee said…
I agree with all of the negativity out there. Really? Is it necessary to tear people down to build yourself up? That's what I like about SITS. It truly is about spreading good feelings. Keep it up, girl!
Sharlene said…
Screw the in crowd. There are only a few of them and over a thousand of us! And we think you are the bees knees!
Ashley said…
I think you're totally right. I'm about freedom of the bloggity world and if I don't like something, I quit reading it. I don't know why that's so hard for other people and why they must leave rude comments on other people's blogs. Anyhow, I love the SITS girls :)
Anonymous said…
I want to say thank you for the SITS site. I love it. I love exploring new blogs. I think you and Heather are doing a fantastic job!
Alex the Girl said…
Well hello, they stole all of my comments again. Blog is very similar to high school social life. We were talking about that a couple of posts ago. But I'm glad you didn't let the chic cliche get you down because you've got a good thing going here. Hey, you should go check out this post I read a while back on optimism. Oh yeah, you're the one that posted it! I shared that with my girls and they loved it. Just think what we'd be missing if you hadn't.
Shannon said…
Wait a minute...

There's a blog out there that features bloggers... only to have the FB be "rated.. Ripped apart. Chewed up. Spit out."

Why would anyone want to do that?! Be featured there, I mean... that makes no sense.

I blog because of the connections I've made in this community of amazing bloggers.

I adore what SITS stands for... and I adore you and Heahter, too!
Marrdy said…
There is nothing I hate worse then people who feel entitled. And why pcik on others? Only to make yourself feel better or to give yourself any kind of feeling because you are basically evil.

You and Heather keep up the good work! I love visiting other blogs and I have made friend with people who I would never have otherwise. Thanks for your amazing hard work. And screw all those "mean girls"!!!
t said…
After meeting you and learning about SITS, I came over because sometimes I like to sit back and read new blogs and you always feature great ones that I'd never find otherwise.

Now, I'm not a true "Mommy blogger"--but I am a Mommy. My blog has nothing to do with motherhood and I don't come to SITS in hopes to be featured. I come to find new blogs to read and perhaps some great women along the way. I could write ablog about basketweaving and I'd still want to come over here and see what's going on.

Mean girls are not the type that need to come here. Now, I don't have a blog full of sunshine but I so appreciate the sunshine you spread at SITS.

Keep at it.
Cheryl Lage said…
You know, I like to talk a LOT, but there is NOTHING I need to add to what you have said other than AMEN! You rock...rainbows, unicorns and all. (I'll bring my own leprechauns and fairies the next time we meet!)

Love you, T. :)
I have been a part if sits for a few months now and I LOVE it!!

Just Lisa said…
Well said! F the haters! I love SITS, and I love that most of my blogroll consists of women you've featured. Keep it up!

(And PS- I love your new layout!)
Kimberly said…
Kudos for you and all SITS has become! Seriously...we don't need to tear each other down, especially not in a world where people blog to blog, not to "be cool." You're great!
Aubrey said…
I LOVE what you and Heather have created. If it weren't for SITS, I wouldn't have met so many lovely, gifted Mommy & Non-Mommy blogger who make me laugh, cry, think, etc. every day!
Just ONE more reason I will not jump into Twitter!
Shelter me!
AiringMyLaundry said…
I just joined SITs about a month ago and I love it. I've met some wonderful ladies through SITs.

I love it!
Jennifer P. said…
so well said. I've seen lots of stuff that's not rainbows and unicorns on SITS--but it's not crude either. I,and so many others, feel comfortable there for a reason. This was very well written Heather!
Ritch in Love said…
Wow! This post deserves a standing ovation! I so hear you on the "in crowd" on Twitter. It's such a curious community.

I so appreciate what SITS represents. Unique Blogs. Strong individuals willing to share their thoughts, their stories, their expriences. I have learned so many good lessons from many of the bloggers that use SITS. I can't imagine ANYONE wanting to rip apart another persons blog.

BUT it has happened to me. And it was horrible. I was a new blogger and my world crumbled. I almost gave up on my little corner of the world. But something told me not to. I changed my blog address, I changed my sign in name, and I continued to write and share. And it was the best decision I ever made.
katie lake said…
I think it is interesting how far some of these people will go and how they team up together against other people. I know this was about 6 months ago but did you see the mommy-blogger attacks against Tylenol? (It might have been advil but either way one of those brands). Kind of scary. I have lots more to say because of some personal experiences but I will leave it at that.
KatBouska said…


You've got to be kidding me. SITS is the best thing to happen to the blogosphere.

I LOVE unicorns and rainbows! I will always be an advocate and supporter for you girls and what you are doing over there.

I'm nosy though. We know this. I need names.
Sera said…
I LOVE this post. You just put it so well. I recently had a lady trying to start crap on my blog. I chose to ignore it because I do not blog to bring drama into my life and to pretend like I'm in high school again. She came back 2 weeks later and started giving me crap for not arguing with her on my blog. Again, she got ignored. I won't stoop to that level. I LOVE what you ladies are doing with SITS. It was one of the first sites I found that connected me with other women/mommy bloggers back in November. I love how you feature blogs based on participation, and I love how you foster such a peaceful, accepting, and supportive environment. And, you ladies are just hilarious! Keep up the good work, and ignore the crazies who try and start crap.
Anonymous said…
I had no idea there was a bad blogging world lurking some where out there. I hope you guys don't ever close up shop. Blogging became something totally different when I stumbled upon you guys. I love SITS and I love that I get to read new, amazing blogs every day.
Dee said…
wow, they feature blogs to tear apart??? Who puts their hand up for that to happen to their own blog? Or do they just randomly pick some poor persons blog?

give me rainbows and unicorns anyday.
wow, that was very well said. the capacity that some have in their hearts for cruelty always leaves me quite sad.
Rebecca said…
Let me say that SITS has changed my bloggy world! *been wondering how to be featured* I think you guys do a FANTASTIC job! That is why you have all the SISTAS! Keep doing what you are doing and don't let the mean ones get you down. They are just jealous!
You girls rock!
Susie said…
I am very luck because I have yet to encounter what you are talking about. Maybe because I just refuse to engage in negativity or maybe because I am not "out there" as much as I thought.

SITs is awesome! The only thing that I would criticize would be that it takes months to get featured. But, that's because you guys are so awesome that tons of people want in on what you have. You are your own "in" crowd.
I'm sorry that you had to experience this with these snarky people. It only takes one to ruin good things for others and it sounds like their concept is really horrible. Why would anyone submit their blog if it's going to get ripped apart. I would be devastated if someone did that.

And as for the tiny bit of censorship that you request in return for so much awesome traffic and comments, I am one of the ones who really appreciates that.

I don't care for profanity in blogs and I typically will pass by blogs that have a lot of it. But that's all I do is pass quietly by. I never criticize them or try to change them because I feel if it's your blog, it's your party and I can drop by or not. It's not my job to criticize the color of the balloons.

Hope you have a better day today!
Anonymous said…
There will always be those who are unable to accept others, and in return, have to tear them down, break them apart, and hurt them. I don't like to associate with those people, and I honestly feel something is missing in *them*, not the person they are tearing down.

Tiffany, you and Heather have a GREAT thing going at SITS, and I am so happy to have become a member. You do wonderful things (like today's auction), and I adore SITS (and you!) Keep doing what you are doing!
sassy stephanie said…
Well said girl. I gave up alot of my blog time for similar reasons. I have no idea the site you are referring to, but blog land is full of cliques, I guess like any group is. I started blogging as an outlet, but quickly got swept up in 'visiting' and having others visit me. I recently cleaned up my reading list to include only bloggers I have developed a relationship with.

Sad that peeeps, IRL and bloggyland feel the need to rip someone to make themselves feel better.
Anonymous said…
Great Rant. and, good for you for what you both have created!
Katie Lane said…
You are amazing... and SITS is amazing. I love the blogs you feature. Don't give those people a second thought, I would be bored without you :)
Rachel Sue said…
I hope you never give up on SITS just because there are people out there who must push others down in order to feel good about themselves. You're right. High school is over.
Unknown said…
AMEN! I could not agree more!
Becky said…
I have really enjoyed my blog and all of the wonderful people I have met through SITS. I had no idea it was like that "out there" and have no desire to go out there and see!
Thanks for all your hard work developing such a great place for all of us:)
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
I suppose that I am truly thankful to be naive! I don't tweet or twitter or whatever! And I certainly do not want to be brought down/torn apart over what I choose to blog about.

From the beginning, I have appreciated the whole concept of SITS, and thank you for the hard work you put into making us feel comfortable. I only started blogging last September -- right before I turned 60. [I had to do something to "get over it" if you know what I mean.] Almost immediately, someone referred me to SITS. They wrote that it's a great group that will open the world for me. It has.

Commenting is difficult because I work full-time in a very stressful position; but I do get around as often as possible to blogs I have discovered.

I love blogging, and some may call me unicorn or whatever -- but I love blogging with clean-spoken women (or men). I don't appreciate crudeness. There's enough of that in this world to cope with.

Thank you for the boundaries you set for all of us. Without boundaries, just as children, we are not safe.
Obviously women ADORE the mission of SITS. And appreciate all that you do to provide features that we don't have to worry about visiting. I think and always have that SITS IS a cut above and just a plain wonderful place to visit daily. I hope you and Heather know just how many lives your influence has touched!

AND, I LOVE your new look!
Connie said…
They can all piss off!
Mikki Black said…
Thanks for standing with us, strong in who we are. Sometimes the rainbows and unicorns help the crap of life not hurt so much.

I've found new friends and new readers and new blogs through SITS.

Anonymous said…
I didn't realize Twitter was so snarky. I was on it for a few weeks and honestly didn't get the point. I ditched it soon after.

There are always people who never matured past high school. Unfortunately, the internet is a "safe" place for everyone to let out their inner bitch anonymously. It's impersonal and lots of people say things they would NEVER say in real life.

I'm glad SITS is supportive. I'm glad it features all kinds of bloggers, and we're all internet friends! Most of us are moms, and we feel isolated at home with babies hanging off us--and SITS and blogging is a major blessing!

Snarky bloggers can move on and entertain each other with their negativity. We don't need 'em. :)
Ashley said…
I had no idea there were anti-SITS people out there. I find that very hard to believe but am happy in my naivety and happy SITS world. We all have our opinions - that is what we have blogs for. But in the end we support each other even if our opinions on whatever the subject matter may be differ.

I'm glad we have SITS to both offer the support to others and, of course, receive such good support from others.

I just recently hit my one year mark. I started out not quite sure HOW to actually blog. Then I found SITS. Not only have my daily reads substantially increased upon meeting so many wonderful ladies, but I feel like I have truly found a whole new world of friends that I never knew about.

Thank you, SITS, for welcoming us all with open arms and providing us with our happy little blogosphere cacoon. I like it here. :)
Unknown said…
That was a great post. I really enjoy SITS, although I've been a little slack on my visits lately. The blogs you feature are great & I have added several to my blogroll. Thank you for doing what you do! Ya'll are a wonderful asset to the mommy-blogging world.
Mandy said…
Good grief. I am with the girls have a great thing going. Please don't stop. I also didn't know Twitter was so cut throat. I have been off and on, rarely checking.

Regardless, SITS is great. :)
Ash said…
Oh girl, you know how I love rainbows and unicorns.

You and Heather are the best.

I heard that Oprah joined Twitter today. I'm thinking that's the last nail I needed :-) It has officially jumped the shark.

Thank YOU guys for the incredible world of SiTS. I'm afraid it is rather unique in its positivity (word?), and that, makes me rather sad.

Hang tough - we got your back. Em
Rhonda said…
I like my happy little world where I do see the bad stuff. I have been, thankfully, completely oblivious to it all!!

And you're right. Women are hardest on each other. To make themselves feel better about their own flaws.

It totally sucks.

Great post!
Unknown said…
Great post... I found SITS the week after I started blogging.. I guess I have been living in a big protective bubble of sorts with all of my SITSTAs.... Think I will stay there... You all are doing a FABULOUS job.. & I have met my bestest blogging buddies through sits... THANK YOU for making it possible!- Tressa
Rachael said…
I absolutely LOVE SITS! I don't care if we have to change a word if we want a post featured. I don't think that's very much to ask, like you said, for a completely awesome amount of support and the possibility of someone new finding and enjoying our blog. I have discovered some really awesome blogs through the site, and I love knowing that I'm giving someone else a happy day by visiting!

I don't understand all the negativity in the world, and that definitely applies to the internet. I don't understand why people are bent on putting each other down and tearing each other apart. SITS is all about lifting each other up! It's great. Obviously, if it wasn't, you wouldn't have so many followers!

Thanks for sharing this, you rock, and no one can say differently!
Jenni said…
You are so right. What you have done (and Heather) is fabulous. And I don't think those snarky bloggers realize that their intolerance and degrading posts only make them look narrow minded and less intelligent themselves. So anything we might add on their behalf is really a moot point! Intelligence is becoming--condescension, not so much.
Rhea said…
Wonderful post, Tiffany. You and Heather came up with something wonderful with SITS, which is why I wanted to be a Welcome SITSta, to warmly embrace new members. I wholeheartedly stand behind you. And I'm so disappointed by the negativity out there.

But you're part of something good and wonderful. Seriously.
Crazee Juls said…
....this saddens me...
Isn't there enough Yuck in the world, without "blog" snobbery?! Seriously.. I must be living in a rainbow/unicorn haze...because I wasn't aware of this..and I'm quite happy to stay in my happy haze, and leave the haters behind... I appreciate what you sits girls do... It's one of the highlights of my day!
Perfectly said, Tiffany. If anything, the world needs more SITS--uh, not copycats, mind you...but you know what I'm saying? You and Heather work so hard to make queens for the day in such a constructive, fabulous way. Anyway, I love me some rainbows and unicorns!
Live.Love.Eat said…
Ok, wow. 1st, I don't do Twitter. Never will. Not for this reason but I just don't. 2nd, you are so right that sometimes, women can be the worst. But since I have been blogging and a part of SITS I have never been more proud of women as a whole in my entire life!!!!!! I am sticking with that right there. That other BS, no thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Live.Love.Eat said…
P.S. I went to pee and had to come back. The women that do support snipping at one another and breaking each other down are the one with the severe insecurity issues. We have enough problems in this world, is it so bad to want to come to place of rainbows and unicorns for peace and quiet. I think NOT!
kel said…
I love this post. SO very true. Since I added my SITS button to my site I got a couple snarky emails... but who need's people like that anyway? well said.
I was directed over here because I just wrote a similar post. Glad to know others feel the same way as I do!
Anonymous said…
I've coined the term 'Blama' because of all the Blog Drama I'm seeing. We all have it and you're absolutely right in your post. What it is is jealousy rearing its ugly head
Swirl Girl said…
I was taught long ago that if you have nothing nice to say - say nothing at all.

all snark aside....(which is really hard for me as you know) SITS is awesome.
Anonymous said…
I agree...I agree...I agree!! I love SITS and I love that it is a place of encouragement....who needs to get knocked down all day long? What's wrong with a little rainbows and unicorns? I may not comment everyday but I have met some awesome woman through SITS...keep doing what you are doing...we love it just they way it is!
Anonymous said…

What she said!
Anjanette Young said…
I agree, sits is a wonderful safe place where I don't feel under potential attack.

Thanks to you and heather.

Heather said…
First, I like rainbows. Unicorns aren't real. SITS is real. The women who are a part of this great community are real, and I am proud to be a member.

Tiffany, there will always be jealous, hateful people around, just waiting to tear down any uplifting, positive thing they see. Right now, you and SITS are the target.

I say, screw 'em.

I have met so many fabulous women here, because of SITS. Women who have even become friends IRL. And I love you and Heather for that chance.

Great rant.
*singing* haaave i tooold you laaately that i looove yoooou?? Haaave i tooold you theres nooo one else abooove yooou!!

You are amazing. thanks for this not sure why i have forgotten to follow you but i am a tiffany follower now oh yes I AM!!

hope you know i stand behind ya girl!! sayin "ill show you REAL" (picture me with my "whats up" hands" ;)
btw that was me.....staci....
Jaina said…
I missed all that, but this was a FABULOUS post! You put it excellently.
SarahJarnagin said…
Good rant. What's so wrong with being happy - rainbows & unicorns. I see nothing wrong with it and prefer that over snarkiness and snobbiness!
Mrs Anne said…
excellent post.
well said.
my mouth did drop when i saw the "F" bomb dropped. :)


keep on keepin' on... you do good!
Unknown said…
Oh well said!

I am living in Singapore, where the "popular" bloggers are young, arrogant and swear like there is no tomorrow (probably that way for most of us. Sensationalism sells, unfortunately).

It is really quite hard for me to read through the swear words. So, one of the things I LOVE about SITS is its honesty and the great community. It helps ME to be a better blog commenter too, as I read the heartfelt comments left by other SITSas on other blogs, and see the thought that goes behind it. You guys ROCK :)
Mercedes said…
I am sorry that it all can't be like sits for people. That is sad to me. Oh and thank you for creating a wonderful environment to be involved in!
I "belong" to a lot of the other mommy blogger communities out there, but to be honest, probably 90% (at least) of my friends in blogland have come from SITS. I started blogging around Christmas and after looking through sites and trying unsuccessfully to connect with other women bloggers, I was ready to throw in the towel, too. But then I found SITS, a place where other ladies visit you just because they saw your name at roll call. They leave thoughtful comments - I've never gotten a rude comment from a SITSta. If the "real world" of blogging is being rude and competing, I'll just stick my head in the SITS sand.

By the way, I've never heard anyone say anything but good stuff about SITS.
Amanda said…
Well... I am sorry that you experienced people at thier worst. (Even thought they think they are at their best...isn't it ironic?)

What you have described reminds me alot of my faith in Jesus.

As a Christian, we are told to be in the world, but not OF the world...

there is so much to ponder in your words and so much introspection to do. I thank you for the thought process today... i think I needed it!

God bless-
Anonymous said…
I just found SITS and this post made the best impression! I like what you had to say and I agree!
Cristin said…
The F-bomb is my favorite...but I was MORE than happy to clean up my potty mouth in preparation for my big SITS day in the sun.

I feel a little sheltered too after reading this...I never liked the 'in crowd', have strived to keep my distance from them...

I've been a bad SITSTA lately... I've got to get reconnected with you all...

hebba said…
I think you really said it well here. I love the SITS site specifically because it features blogs in a creative, safe, environment. I, personally, have never read anything from a snarky blogger that makes me believe they are nearly as intelligent as they seem to think they are. Rather, I often think they need to put down the remote control, step away from the keyboard, lose the crackberry, and go experience life. Then, we may get some genuine blog entries about a life well the blogs featured on SITS!
Lori said…
one word...amen.
well, okay, that was three, but i know you're not counting!
rock on! i too find myself in a bubble and happy to be here!
Anonymous said…
Amen...I totally agree.

I love SITs... and I know I'm mostly MIA lately but when things settle down in my world....I'll be back. And I definitely wouldn't waste my time on those other sites tearing down someone else's blog. If others don't like my blog...they don't need to read it. I write it for and about my son...and in the process...I get to meet mostly wonderful people...everyday people just like me.

And no anonymous comments on my blog are allowed either. If you want to be a gotta be one with some cajones... :)
Pam said…
Whoa! I'm a little speechless. I only started blogging in Feb and found SITS right away (can't even remember how now). Anyway, I religiously roll call and visit the featured blogger everyday. Today it occured to me that I've never visited Tiffany or Heather's "other" blogs. So, this morning I did. And I saw this post. Being a relative newbie, I had no idea the bloggy world was such a cut throat place. Had I known I never would have gotten involved. I'm so happy that I wound up here first. The women I've "met" through SITS have been fabulous and I was actually surprised about the sense of community I feel here and that has grown up on my own little blog. I wasn't expecting that. But, I wasn't expecting snarkdom either. Time to grow up. I'm glad I'm in the Big Girl class. Thank you for that.
Lora said…
Cut-throat blogging is just stupid. That is all.

(ok, that's not all. I'm snarky at times, but I'm not short with words.)

I joined SITS a few months back and fell in love with the community. I've met so many amazing women--even a couple who live near me! I visit the featured blogger each day and I make it a point to visit at least a few other random blogs each day too. As said above me, some blogs I click with and some I don't. And that's absolutely fine...I'm sure my blog doesn't thrill everyone either :0) Differences are beautiful.
Unknown said…
I am sorry to hear you had that experience on twitter Tiffany. It always baffles me when people cannot just accept our differences, whatever they may be. Tearing someone down to build yourself up is always a sign of alack of confidence in my opinion. Don't worry about the haters.
Ronnica said…
I'm glad that you all created SITS because I really enjoy the community. In time, almost all my blog buddies have become SITS buddies (or vice versa). While I can handle a cuss word every now and then, I appreciate not seeing them when I click over from your site. Like you said, I don't have a problem with people using them, just don't be surprised when I decide that they're not worth the read. Keep doing what you do!
Michelle said…
I guess I'm one of the naive...i didnt know that was going on either. I'm so sheltered over here at SITS. Thanks for that!
LaQuintamomof3 said…
I have been away for so long! I miss you Tiff. I have gotten so involved with FaceBook and twitter and liofe away from blogging... It is so nice to come back!
Thanks for sharing, for being you!
The Rambler said…
Little late here Tiffany but I wanted to throw my two cents in.

Eff those lame-o's! (I know, not very SITSA ladylike...but a little won't hurt)

I like my "unicorns & rainbows"

You and Heather have provided me a place that I have been able to make blog friendships with people I would have NEVER met. I've grown in my writing because I've gained an infinite amount of confidence in myself not expected. I walk outside my door never feeling alone because no matter what I'm supported whether it be someone in my daily face to face life or here.

I am and will always be eternally grateful for sites like yours.

Keep on SITSAing! :)

Mucho Aloha!
Kari Jenkins said…
Okay, I am feeling really naive. There are people out there ripping on Mommy Blogs? What the f@#%? Like you said, some people never grew after high school.
Please don't be discouraged! Look at all of us who love your site and get such a thrill when people find us and we find them! I was absolutely squealing when I was a Saucy blog this week, my husband thought we had won the lotto. Poor man. Little did he know that is how I felt. Here's a curse word for you- Screw those bitter hags pounding on Rainbows and Unicorns! I'll proudly wear my Rainbow Bright Tee Shirt any day!
Jess said…
Thank you. I'm still a little new here in blog land and very glad that I found SITS very early in my journey!
Tonya said…
I just came to your blog from Kimba's link on A Soft Place to Land...and I have to say I'm sad I never knew about you before and am thrilled to have been introduced. I'm off to check y'all out!
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for your powerful post. I linked to you from Kimba, also. Good job!

punkinmama said…
Oh my gosh, thank you! I thought I was going crazy in perceiving what appeared to be cliquey behavior and wondering what I was doing wrong. Thanks for pointing out that it's not me, it's them. And I'm not in high school anymore, so I don't need to worry about it!

I found your post through Kimba's link and I'm so glad I did... now to check out your SITS site!
While I'm not a mommy blogger or part of SITS I see SITS comments daily as part of my internet travels. They're always sweet, supportive comments that bring a smile to my face. I love the community you've created!
Sorry I missed this awesome post before. I was twittering last year and around election time and afterwards I got burned out because of the very stuff you are talking about. I KNOW the internet is not all nice people--I'm not that naive, but I feel like as an adult I can choose to not participate in blogs, boards or sites that are mean spirited. Sarcasm is one thing when done right, but snobby, snarky meanness is just stupid. Okay, I'm done now.
Amber Filkins said…
Woo hoo! Go you!

I twitter, but thankfully, have never come across these hateful people that you are referring to.

I HAVE, however, come across WAY too many blogs, so-called "mega blogs" or whatever, that are VERY clique-ish and every single feature that they do is about someone in their clique. Or someone that is also a well known blogger. And sometimes, the stuff they've done is not even fabulous.

Cliques disgust me.

"Big time" bloggers that copy eachother seriously bug me.

I love SITS. I joined awhile ago, but only recently took the time to understand the process, and participate. I'm loving it. I've had nothing but a positive experience.

Thanks for not throwing in the towel!!
BlueCastle said…
Woohoo! Well put.

I don't see a lot of the "clique-ness" that you mention, but it's mainly because I'm too busy with my real life to pay much attention. :) Mean people stink. Anonymous sour pusses stink too. I love SITS. I think you've done a wonderful job with it. I think people who have time to sit around nit-picking all day are unhappy people with nothing more interesting to do with their time.
Kimberlee said…
I came to your site through "A Soft Place to Land" and had to comment. I don't blog anymore because I just can't work it in, but I have to say, your post was absolutely dead-on! And it not only relates to blogging, but every day life, too. Thanks for putting it out there!
Anonymous said…
Beautifully said! I love SITS. It is wonderful knowing I have a safe place to visit where everyone is nice to each other.
I have received nothing but amazing positive comments, and I try to do the same. I might not always have something amazing to say, but I do always have something positive to say. About every sitsta I have visited.
Thanks for the work you do, it is appreciated!!
Oh, and I am soooo glad that you don't allow profanity. :)
Gretchen said…
Way to stand up for what is right.
I didn't know about the cattiness, but I've come to realize that some girls never leave high school in this area.

Thank you for keeping SITS clean
Katy said…
Awesome, written well!!! Thank you for saying this.
Mariah said…
The craziness of Twitter has shocked me too! I have switched my twitter name about 4 times now. I honestly do NOT understand how high school some people really are. SITS is awesome.
Unknown said…
Thank you for this awesome post! I finally understood SITS last month and am still new to blogging but have met alot of wonderful ladies and love to visit the new blogs you gals feature everyday!!
Amen Sista! One of my friends got off the whole Twitter thing because she got totally attacked on her blog after joining that world & because of that very reason - I've never bothered to go over there & start in on that. I'm happy living in my "bloggy bubble" where it's all fluffy clouds & roses! Thanks for all your hard work & all you do for making my blogging world a happy one!
Cat said…
Okay, you are going to think i am a complete dork! I just made the connection that you are Tiffany from SITS. I am sooo new to this! Anyway, I totally agree with you here. Woman can be so mean and judgmental, and bitter and snappy. I don't ever want to be a part of that. i don't care if you aren't considered a "real" blogger if you aren't mean and say potty words.

I started my blog to bring a little happiness and cheer to my friends and sisters out there in the world. This time in history has enough trials and struggling going on that we don't need more everytime we turn on the computer. True joy can be found in simple things, everyday happenings. Just being a mom and a friend raises my spirits and hope to raise others to my level, never to push them down. Thanks for your thoughts. I love SITS and I can't wait to be a FB.
I am new to SITs, well not that new,... but I am still trying to work my way around the different SITs blogs. And twitter,.. well, ... I will never be able to be a succesful twitter,.. just the same with facebook. I don't do well with cliques,.. have three friends and that is it. Same for online, I speak my mind but I have learned that I need to think before I send my unshaped wisdom into the world. I am certain that my blog would never be a FB blog because I am liberal, and tell it as I see it. Though, I do have a couple of articles that focus on my work which I am very proud; they are about the poverty in my country and our neighbouring countries. As an activist, I am always up for promoting my work. I joined SITs because I am curious. I want to read blogs that are different than mine. And I got the feeling that SITs is not a 'typical www clique'. Thus far, I have not been proven wrong. Also, as I always mention in my articles, I am vain, very vain. Same goes for my blog. That cute button, looks fantastic on my space.
So, congrats on your initiative, I for one, am supporting you! Even though I am not a Mommy!
Mrs. M said…
SITS is great - I've been following and silently "lurking" for a while, but I am now actively participating and I love it! People can be so annoying in their quest to bring others down. Fortunately most of us are on your side and we love the fabulous support you are showing all us bloggers out there!
peapodsquadmom said…
now i'm even more glad i just joined the sitstahood tonight. i'm an editor for blissfully domestic and we have a similar no profanity stance. we're trying to be an uplifting and encouraging presence online. and yes, that brings haters. i'm thankful for places like this where i can be myself...the best version of myself. comfortably.
Anonymous said…
Thank you to both you and Heather for starting SITS. Sometimes I feel really "alone" out there in the bloggy world and I totally love the atmosphere of SITS...Where everyone is fabulous....Everyday!

P.S. Thank you for featuring me today on SITS. I'm super excited about it!

P.P.S. Have a super AWESOME weekend!

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