Pay it Forward Contest

Somebody get my fishnet stockings and feather boa, I am off to Vegas!

Well, not really, but I should be, cause I am one lucky son of a gun.

First, I entered this fun contest over at Kori's blog.  You need to go read this blog, Kori and her family are going though a lot right now, and her grace and openness are amazing and inspiring.
Please go check her out, you won't be sorry.

To have some fun, she asked who who your first "crush" was on, and my entry was drawn!  The prize is a surprise, but the rules state I need to pay it forward, so we are having a little contest.  I'll get to that....

THEN, I won something that I LOVE.  Yep.  I won the necklace form Angie.  OH. MY.STARS.

Now, I also need to tell you that Mrs. S, whom I ADORE, entered the necklace contest, but commented that if she won, she was going to give it to me.  WOW.  

So, for my "pay it forward contest".....

Prize:  An Epson Picture Mate Portable Photo Printer.  This thing rocks.  You can take it anywhere, insert your card from your camera and wah lah, it prints great photos.  Perfect for B-day parties, school carnivals, or just fun at home!  I LOVE mine.

1.  You must go comment on Mrs. S, Angie and Kori, telling them that they are pretty, smart, generous and funny.  And, anything else that will make them feel special.

2.  Post about this contest on your blog linking back here.

3.  Comment on this post when you've done both.

That's it.  I will select winner on Sunday.


S Club Mama said…
You are so cute! Thank you for including me! Can you move to Nebraska? :)
Ok and I'm going to blog about this post and this printer because that'd be sweet, but then maybe one of my other friends could win it!

You're the best.
Heather said…
Holy Schmokes!!! So I can be in Vegas in 8 hours. See you there?
Schmerica said…
Such a cute necklace...congrats you winner you! I can just see your mind reeling when you were thinking of your way to pay it forward. You thrive on this type of stuff and i love it!
Just Lisa said…
Yea! I wanna play! My post is up and I've told the girls how awesome they are (great blogs!). I just might to have a contest myself!
Lula! said…
I TOLD you that necklace was yours. Remember?

And I am going to be in Vegas on October pack your bags, baby! We'll do that town up right.
What a great contest. Sign me up. I've left my comments and posted my post.

PS: Your second link to Kori isn't working properly.
Dee said…
Hi Tiffany, I have done as asked, but can't get into Kori's blog for some reason???
Amy said…
Congratulations on all your luck. Go buy a lottery ticket!
Kori said…
Oh wow. What a great pay it forward. Oh how I want that printer. But I'll give someone else a try since my camera broke and now I don't have one to print awesome pictures from the printer.

Thanks for the love by the way. I really hope you like your gifts.
Kori said…
Oh and see I told you were on a streak. I just knew you were gonna win that necklace.
Girl I'm gone do it right now! I would LOVE LOVE to have that! thanks for stopping by yesterday, Much Love to you!
Jen said…
Congrats on your win. You really deserve it. This contest that you are doing makes you all the more deserving. I wish everyone the best of luck.
Ok Tiffany did everything so please enter me! I couldn't get on Kori site tried several times it want let me on! Please don't hold that against me. Much Love
Alison said…
Oh congratulations--you totally deserve to win, you are so generous! And look at you paying it forward right away. I should be more like you!
And here I thought all these new readers just came to the same conclusion when they visited my blog. Pretty, check. Smart. Check. Generous. check. Funny. check. Yep, they are intiuitive. ha ha.

A few of the women just said you sent them though. We should make them do a re try. j/k

This is such a great idea, and the printer, oh wow do I covet it. So, I'm heading off to Mrs. S and Kori's place to tell them how great they are, and then I'm going to post about it. I'm torn though because I want this to be THE post for the day and I don't have one open until Saturday. What do you think? Add it to todays post or highlight it Saturday?

Just so you know.....I think you're funny, smart, generous with a capital G and SO pretty. :)
Mama Dawg said…
When I click on Kori's blog, it doesn't come up.
I decided on today. I'll be up in about 10 minutes.
Mama Dawg said…
Congrats on being a winner! And Thanks for passing it on.

I commented on the first two but I can't get to the third blog.

I talked about the contest and placed the link below my header.

Great contest.
S Club Mama said…
Thanks so much for doing this, Tiffany. It's so fun having new visitors. And I love Angie anyway so I get to visit her more! And I "met" Kori, what a terrific site.

You are one of a kind!
cricketphx said…
I have done as you asked - left comments for all three and posted on my blog! I am so happy for you that you won that necklace - it is gorgeous!!!
tiarastantrums said…
You are pretty, smart, generous and funny. And, anything else that will make me the winner!!!!!!!!!!

I've posted and linked!
Being Honest said…
You're right! Mrs. S, Angie and Kori are pretty, smart, generous and funny! But you're forgetting that YOU are all of those things too!
I totally did as you asked AND linked your contest! This is too much fun!
Ann Harrison said…
Congratulations on the necklace Tiffany!
I've visited some new friends, commented, posted and linked.
Now, if I'm the lucky winner, I would like to have the prize go to Kori.
Thanks for this wonderful idea Tiffany! And TERRIFIC prize!
Candid Carrie said…
Thanks for lending me your fishnet stockings and your boa, I did send them back to you via USPS and included a pair of Green Bay Packer tassles with a matching garter set!

Have fun with that ... hey maybe take pictures and use them as your Christmas card ;)
Angie said…
Hi Tiffany, Congrats on winning the necklace! Sure would be nice if I could win something.
Oh hey, I'm participating in your give away so I've met all the requirements, you beautiful, smart, funny, generous lady, you!

Laura said…
I am excited enter. Hopefully win (yeah right).

I did all you asked even though I already knew Angie was all those things (a friend of hers).

You are beautiful, smart, funny, generous lady, too.

I am so glad I found your blog. I am really enjoying it!
Jennie said…
hey, congrats on winning the necklace, too cute, and I have done as you have commanded Captain, have a great day and remember to pick me, HA HA....
MediMonsters said…
I entered!! Left all the love comments and posted about the contest on my blog linking back here!! Come visit me some time.
LdybugSammi said…
done, done, and done!! Love your blog!
Honey Mommy said…
I did it!
I think you are all gorgeous, smart and generous... especially if I win the printer!
Rachel said…
I visited your blog several times as I enjoy it; I am new to this blogging thing and part of it is because of you and these other beautiful ladies on the www. I love your posts.
I love the pay it forward....Karma!!
Jo-Jo said…
Hey there! This is the first time I have visited your page...I found it via Ann's page. She was are all pretty, smart, generous and funny! I want to host my own give away...I am new to this blogging thing so I haven't decided what to do yet but your giveaway is inspiring!
What a FUN thing that you are doing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of pay it forward! Good things are always contagious!! I think I have followed all of your instructions! I LOVE your blog! By the way, how do you get all of the cute stuff on it? I am still pretty new at it, but am trying to learn! Have a great night!! Jerri in KY
Tinabean said…
This is a fun contest.
I just wanted to say that all 3 of those ladies ARE
Pretty, Smart, Generous & Funny BUT SO are you my dear friend.
Thanks for giving us all a chance at an amazing prize.
By the way I have completed all that you asked of us.
Thanks Again.
Rhea said…
What a neat way to give away something. I don't want to be entered, I have the coolest printer ever, but I'll still go visit their sites, don't worry!
Becky W said…
This is great! Loved doing this! Thanks for hosting!
Cracker Scraps said…
WOW! I'm a scrapbooking freak and travel several times a year to crop with my scrappin' buddies from all over the country! I have been wanting a portable printer foreva! Girl, this printer won't go unused if I win it! I'll also PIF if I do win it! Crossing everything I can think to cross, man is it hard to get around the house!

So, here's some Sista lovin' for ya and a great big ole hug too!
Solei said…
2 contests won!!!
Girl, you should REALLY consider going to vegas.
and thanx for spreading the love. I've fulfilled all the requirements!
Scrappinfor3 said…
You, too, are funny, smart, generous & funny. I enjoyed learning about each person you linked to as well. My prayers are with them all in their challenges. I linked you on my blog.
Brittany said…
Hey, just came across your blog from Angie's. Congrats on winning!
Rachel Ann said…
Thanks for the contest! I've blogged about it at

happy friday!
thotlady said…
You seem to be very lucky these days. Send some of that luck my way. Or better yet over to Kori and her family.

Thanks for sending me over to these three ladies.

Great give-a-way. I have posted about it on my blog.

Have a great weekend.
Nikki said…
I did it! yay me! and yay for the concept of paying it forward in this way! I loved "meeting" these new ladies this morning!
Thank you so much for your generosity, I am excited about keeping up with this blog!
Casey said…
met all requirements! this was so much fun! now hopefully i have the same luck as you! ;)
Done, done and done...oh and done on my blog too. I hope I got the link done - I'm a bit of a dufus when it somes to that part of it..but hopefully it worked.
Thanks for sharing these great ladies....
Melissa said…
Ok, I'm entered-I visited & left comments on all 3 blogs and put up a link on my own. I hope I am as lucky as you!

This is my first week as a blogger and on SITS and it's been so much fun, I don't know why I waited so long!
Aubrey said…
That is such a great necklace. Oh, and you are great too!!
S Club Mama said…
33 comments Tiffany! Holy moly. You sure know how to show a girl love.
TJDKG said…
way to go that is awesome.
I cant believe how great people are.
And Kori really is an amazing person if i do say so myself. she kind of inspired me!
jauna at juno dot com
or missionsecretsister at gmail dot com
Kori said…
Geez I got like 40 comments. I don't know how you are going to pick the winner. But I went and wished all the contestants the best of luck.

Have you got my goodies yet?
AngiDe said…
Hi, I think this giveaway is fabulous! I really enjoyed visiting your friend Kori's site.
I have posted about your giveaway on my personal blog. It's private, but I PROMISE it's on there!

White Hot Magik said…
Awesome prize, dropped by via thotlady. I love the look of your Blog!
Unknown said…
Love that necklace. If I hadn't been living such a hectic lifestyle the last couple of weeks, I would have so been in for it!!!

Anyway, better late than never, I finally completed all the tasks you set. Have left bloggy love to each of them and posted on my blog about your awesome giveaway.
Jamy said…
Hey SITSta! Hope I followed all the rules for the contest. How fun?! I should do giveaways on my blog. BTW, I love the name of your blog. So witty!
Emily said…
SO lucky to win the necklace. I am so jealous.
I wasn't able to see any of Angie's blogs - they just didn't show up on her page for me - but I did comment on the others and on my blog. I'd love this printer!
Sarah said…
Oh I'd love to win!!! :) here is my link at my blog: I also posted at Mrs. S and Kori's blog but couldn't see anything at Angie's or I would have.

SeekingHim at gmail dot com
Weeksie50 said…
I just recently joined the SITS blogring..It looks fun and exciting.. I commented on the 3 blogs and put your link on my last blog..

Congrats on your wins!

Amy said…
That necklace is beautiful! I bet it is going to look lovely on you:)

That printer looks so cool. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.
Anonymous said…
I read Kori's Blog all the time're right....she is are Angie and Mrs. S!!!

And you have awesome contests....I'll tell you that!

I'm in... ;)....I think! :)
Emily said…
I love the idea of paying it forward and it so SO nice to see it in action in the blogging world. Please let me know if I can help in any part. Thanks for the great blog reads, loved them all!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Take good care,
Jacki McHale said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacki McHale said…
Oh I am sure all the scrapbookers have begged and pleaded with you for this. And yes I am one of them. Pllleeeeassse!

Pick me, pick me, pick me! Oh I scrapbook, I take pictures like the mom-a-ratzi that I am.

I also did as I was told, I went to Mrs. S, Angie, and Kori's told them everything you said. I did my post on it too.

I also LOVE the PIF idea. And since I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I am thinking a PIF handmade gift is in order if I win...

Thanks for being so generous!

SITS sister!

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