Blogging for Dollars?

My friend, Melissa, recently wrote this post, expressing her frustration with the small circle of bloggers who seem to be getting all the perks.

I read it and left a lengthy comment, then realized I had even more to say.

So, here it goes.

I have been feeling some stress and increasing negativity in bloggyland lately.

Unrest among the masses regarding PR, "A List" (whatever that is) Mommy Bloggers, the lack of money in blogging, etc.

I've personally considered withdrawing completely and have spoken to a few other bloggers who are also feeling somewhat "disenchanted" with blogging as of late.

It seems to have lost its luster.

Here is how I see it:

You begin blogging for fun.

For connections.

For camaraderie.

You get a few followers and comments.

You want more.

You begin to see others talking about the free stroller or set of books.

You want that too.

Then you hear that some are getting to travel, meet with PR firms, speak at conferences.

That sounds fun.

You wonder, why not me?

As a blogger who has a blog that generates some income, will be speaking at a conference (so what if it's my own conference, still counts, right?) and is paid to work with a PR Firm, I want to give you the low down.

The way I see it.

Take it or leave it.

1. Contrary to popular belief, unless you are Dooce or Pioneer Woman, there is no real money in blogging. Some of you are incredibly talented writers. You work on your blogs daily. Hours of time crafting posts, coming up with blog fodder, agonizing over what to post next or why your pageviews are dropping. Stop. It doesn't matter. Even if you made $100/month, would it be equal to minimum wage when you added up the time spent? In the scheme of your life, do pageviews really matter?

Here is some perspective, Chic Chick Media (made up fo 4 blogs, 1 being SITS) gets over ONE MILLION combined pageviews each month and sells ads for $75/month. Split between 4 blogs.

2. Most PR firms and brands have not figured out the true value of "mommy bloggers" and they never will as long as someone is willing to do it for free. The PR firm that does Fishful Thinking got my involvement for two reasons: A. Fishful Thinking is a great program, not a product. It's something I am thrilled to be part of and has personally improved my parenting and enhanced my life. B. They compensate me for my time, offered real training and truly wanted input from the moms involved.

I receive "pitches" all the time. I choose not to participate, as unless they are offering monetary compensation for MY hard work and prime "bloggy real estate", I'm not interested in making them money. My choice. I have no problem with review blogs, but I rarely read them.

3. Most PR firms and brands do not look beyond pageviews. Until they start matching bloggers to brands, we will continue to see the same women representing the brands. How many times have you seen an ad on a particular blog and wondered, "What the hell were they thinking?". There is one blog in particular that has me scratching my head every time I see a new ad.

4. Women are often each others worst enemies. We will find any reason to be outraged at one another. Jealousy is alive and well in bloggyland. We won't share our secrets or tell the truth when it comes to our contacts, stats, income, etc.

5. So even after the above, you still want to be a Queen Blogger- (whatever that means) Here is my 2 cents. If the popular girls at your high school went to another high school, would they still be popular? Probably not. We make them "A List" by giving them pageviews. For a great blogger, I am thrilled to do this. Happy to give her my "business" in clicks. She has earned it. For a blogger who baits traffic by causing drama and linking it up- not so much. Want to stop giving drama queens traffic? Stop linking to their drama-ridden posts. Spend your time getting your blog out there. Educating yourself on how SEO works. Network, promote yourself- that's what they did.

So here is my final piece of advice.

Blog if it brings you pleasure.

Enhances your life.

Makes you smile.

It IS a choice.

Unless it's making you over $40,000 a year, it's not worth 40 hours a week.

If you come by here one day, and this blog is gone, don't worry about me.

I'm fine.

Just ready to move on.

No, I am not planning to take my blog down anytime soon, but if it was all gone tomorrow, I'd shrug my shoulders and move on.

Happy with the friends I made, the laughs I shared and the lives I peeked into.


Karie said…
Great post. Very informative. Thanks.
Scary Mommy said…
Thank you, my darling, I think I needed to read that. It's way, WAY too easy to get caught up in the bullshit.

Will you think it odd if I squeal when I meet you?
Kati said…
Very well said. I too, was momentarily caught up in the lime light of blogging.. and my real self started getting lost. I love doing reviews/giveaways.. but it has become a full time job I just dont have "full time" for! I have made the decision that my blog is for me.. and me only. I accept only pitches that I feel worth while.. and will benefit both myself and the company!
Ash said…

Big hug and sloppy wet kisses. Cause I know you like 'em.
Christina Lee said…
This was a great read and SO TRUE!!!!
Stephanie said…
Wow...I must be wayyy outta the loop. I had no idea there was so much drama in bloggy land. I happen to agree with you however, if you want to be all about the reviews and whatever else, go do the research and put yourself out there. But it does seem like a lot of work. I do prefer the blogs though that are really just more about them, and their lives. Not so much the stuff :)
Snarky Belle said…
LOVIN' YOU!!!!! (as always :)
Snarky Belle said…
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Snarky Belle said…
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Heather said…
I know what you mean.

I don't agonize over my blog posts. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes sad, mostly they involve photos of my kids (my main audience is friends and family). I LOVE that I have made some real-life friends through my blog. I am NOT looking to make an extra dollar.

Would I object if someone gave me a bunch of money because they loved my blog so much? Heck no.

Is it gonna happen? Um, most likely never.

We may not be the "popular" girls, but we are the girls who stand by each other, being friends and loving each other through it all.
Kimberly said…
I enjoy blogging as an outlet, something that's just for me that I don't have to share with anybody else in the house. It's my time to opinionate, be a voice. Write if I feel like it. Mostly to write, see peoples reactions or how it made them feel, only because I want my writing to become better, If it's not having impact, I rework it, etc. But, I think blogging should be for your own pleasure not the worlds! =)
Stephanie Faris said…
I'm new to Blogger, so I'm still trying to figure it out. I spent 3 years as a top blogger on MySpace and there's NO money over there. You can't even put ads on your page. MySpace makes all the money.

I'm here to write. To share my writing with others. To read other bloggers. I'll read blogs that are giveaways to a certain extent but if that's all they do, I quickly unfollow them. I can appreciate what they're doing but I'm here for a different reason, I guess. It's great people can make money blogging but it sounds like a whole lot of work for very little payoff. I've done a lot of mystery shopping and, to be truthful, it sounds like there's more payoff in THAT for a SAHM than blogging. My inbox is constantly filled with mystery shopping offers I can't even take. Just Google mystery shopping and see what's out there. Just a tip!
Anonymous said…
Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the big bloggers have been at it for years, way before blogging took off and became popular! They were the pioneers.

I'm not saying it's fair or that they are the best writers, but that's the way it is. If a "new" blogger dreams of the same perks, she'll have to put in her time and fight against hundreds of thousands of other mommy bloggers to stand out. The odds are slim.

You're right Tiffany. We should blog because we love it, or wrap it all up and go home. There's no real income to be made from a modest mommy blog!
Heather said…
We are all finding this out the hard way. I think that unless you're willing to "shock blog" to get numbers, there's just not going to be much of any income generated.

As for my personal blog, I love to write. I just love it. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the numbers come and go and you have to be okay with that.

And no drama. I hate drama.
CaraBee said…
The irony is, when bloggers I read start doing a lot of reviews, I STOP READING THEM. I just don't care. Maybe some people like reading them, but not me. Which is why I very, very rarely do them on my blog. After Blogher there was a lot of drama with swag and such and it was all so much crap. It was all of the nasty posts about it that turned me off the most. So I've been feeling a little uninspired bloggily lately, but giving it up? No way. I would miss all of you too much!
melissa said…
you just said more of how i feel. i was going to post on jello about how i want, so badly, to take my blog down. because i'm sick of all the crap. blogging has "lost its luster" to me! and really, i'm about the writing and the friendships. yes, of course i would like to make money, but i realize that is going to have to come some other writing a book!!
i have to stop stressing over the stuff that i never cared about before.
excellent post honey!!!
i can't wait to meet you!!!
Ronda's Rants said…
Amen...I blog for me...I am happy to be in others' shadow!
CaraBee said…
I just had to come back after reading Melissa's post and respond to one tiny element of your comment over there. Almost every speaker that I talked to at Blogher had their travel, hotel and often other goodies, like clothes, paid for by sponsors. Which I have NO problem with, just sayin'.
Loukia said…
Excellent post! And very well said. I have been blogging for almost 3 years. (Well, 3 years in Feb.) It seems like all of a sudden, though, blogging has really taken off - and that's good, I love stumbling upon a new great blog to read. Blogging is great if you love to write. And if you love to read and make connections with others. It has nothing to do with money. I mean, maybe for some, but not for me! Would I love to get paid to blog? Of course! But that's never going to happen. No one contacts me for reviews usually, and even though I would LOVE to get sponsored to go to BlogHer '10, I'm not counting on it. I just do my thing 'cause I love it. That's all.
Alison said…
Amen! I used to get envious of bloggers who get the swag, but then I realized I'm not pursuing that. The writing and the relationships are where it's at for me, so that's what I'm going to focus on.
S Club Mama said…
Well said, my friend. I'd be sad if you left...but as long as you email, that'd be ok, too.

I certainly don't mind the reviews and the chance to win something (usually for my boys), but I'll be honest, I skip over the reviews a lot of times. I don't have time to read all of that, let alone ever do it myself.

I like using my blog for it's original purpose: meeting others (especially other moms), updating my friends on my life, and raving (or ranting) about my husband or my kids. It's therapy for me. I don't take the time to plot out my thoughts usually unless it's for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. :) But I always appreciate the comments I get from you and my very few other readers. They're genuine and I feel like I've made some genuine friends.
tiarastantrums said…
wow, I really miss out on everything, I swear! I always hear the after effects of the drama, but totally never really know what is going on! I started a blog b/c I enjoyed reading so many other fantastic blogs! I could care less if anyone likes what I read, I write posts for me . . . if you like me, read me, if not, click away. I just started to do giveaways (because I enter so many) and I do enjoy them, but do I think I am going to make $$ off of my blog - I'm laughing my arse off right now - not a fat chance on a sunny day!
Amy said…
I love to blog and meet people. I have only had one giveaway. I am just having fun. This is a hobby and a place to share my thoughts not get money...
Victoria said…
Great Post! Extremely informative. Thank you.
Thanks for this post. I've really struggled and soul searched over the "what am I blogging for?" and "am I selling out to review products?" I voluntarily took down my BlogHer ads. The revenue has gone done over the last 8 months although my traffic has greatly increased. It's not worth the aggravation.

The why am I blogging? I have to admit that my passion has died somewhat and I've been blogging much less. I used to spend countless HOURS on it last winter, and I wonder why? I'll continue to blog if only to maintain some of the beautiful friendships I've developed over the last year.
It's funny, you hit the nail on the head with the "popular girls" thing. It's hard not to want to be the best, especially when you're type-A personality like me. I find myself sitting in front of G.Analytics sometimes agonizing over what the hell it all means.

But, in the end, what DOES it all mean? I didn't sell out to be a popular girl in school and won't do it now. I still do what I love on my blog and have never received a dang thing but bloggy love and some new friends along the way.

This is enough for me. I spend about 2 hours a week on my blog. Done.
Mandy said…
I'm so glad I read this today. I bet it is easy to get caught up in the drama. And you're so right about women - I work with 10 women in my office. TEN WOMEN and ONE MAN and most days I wish it were ten men and one woman. Just too many hormones sometimes, ;-) You're so right. I just want to blog about whatever, whenever. At this point, I don't wish to advertise. I just want to write because for whatever reason, even if no one is listening or commenting, I just feel better after I write, generally. Thanks for the reality check! I'll be back not because I think commenting here will make me popular but because I like it here. It feels cozy. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I don't like strictly review blogs. JMO so I don't want anybody having a fit. I blog for me and I share about lots of things. I do think social media is soon to be the only advertising that makes sense. I like blogging, but if I wanted money, I would go back to entering sweepstakes.
Connie said…
I'm thought a lot about why I blog. My main reason is to make friends...since I can't seem to do that in Utah where i'm rather isolated.

On the internet, I can chat with friends from the comfort of my living room while my children play.

If I make $5 from it...then BONUS!

I'm going to SITScation...because I think I'm a good blogger and I want to meet other good bloggers. And it's VEGAS baby!
Fitness Family said…
Very well said. I've spent my time doing SEO stuff that's why most of my traffic comes from search engines and not from social networks. Also stopped doing reviews because it's just overwhelming. I want to blog for fun and if I can earn income from doing fun stuff then great but I don't want to force myself to do reviews and attend every online party there is because I have a family I should be spending my time with.
Jen Sue Wild said…
Great post.
I think blogging is a fun way to mee pepole and get a glimps into the way others live. I have met many friend trhu blogging and keep up with my frinds and familys life that live far away.

I have noticed the trend of everyone becomeing a blogg full of adds. That really turns me off from reading them.

I have been askd to put adds on my blog but I refuse. I dont want to fall into the trap of othes that I av een that once had really personal ad cute blogs that now write another way becaue they are getting paid a few bucks to advertise.

BTW I do love reading your blog it always makes me laugh.. Or think..
Thans for keeping it real..
Lisa Anne said…
All I know is I post for myself and no one else. If people like what I write more power to them. I don't visit blogs with giveaways or product reviews to often. I'm just not interested in that. I want to read about peoples life stories not about some product. If I want to know about a product I want to buy I'll go to a store and test it out myself. I don't know it annoys me sites who have nothing but giveaways and product reviews. That's just my personal preference. I was told by a commentor to give away one of my Quirky bags I make that it would drive traffic. Don't get me wrong I love my followers and all, but I want my followers to be dedicated and like my blog not just click follow me to win a prize. That's like having fake friends.

Just my opinion to each his own, do what makes you happy. I'm just not into all that.
Word. I blog and participate in social media because I like sharing and getting craft ideas and recipes, but the over commercialization of it all can be a bit of a turn off.
strokeofliving said…
Blogging is cathartic and people have too much time on their hands. I know I do. I haven't worked in a year. One day I will work again. Until then...

Geez people is it that serious?
Great post! I think I blog because I want to remember - I have two blogs, one where I remember but try to keep up with anonymity which is something I struggle with all the time and the other one that I keep private and no one ever reads. :)

Would love to know which blog keeps you scratching your head?

Jen said…
I liked this post. I blog for me, don't get me wrong, I like the attention but I want people to give me attention and adore me for me and my writing. I am not interested in the money or the products. I just like to write and create posts. I have finally found a hobby and I am not going to give it up anytime soon.
Brandy said…
Blogging, like everything else in life, will not be fufilling if you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Period.
Mimi said…
Wasn't a "popular girl" in high school & have no desire to be one now. I like just being quirky little me. If someone wants to send a boatload of money my way, that'd be great, but I'm not holding my breath.
Anonymous said…
I don't think I could have said it any better had you written it for me. ;)

I like my follwers and feel like they like me because we converse. I don't give a shit about products. None of them are worth much anyway.
Pageviews will come and go. The numbers game will always be a rollercoaster.
My blog is NOT my life but ABOUT my life. Therefore, I have finally learned not to spend so much time worrying about it.
I will probably never, ever, ever place a single AD on my blog.
And I have finally learned how to promote myself within myself. If it works great. If it doesn't, oh well.
But I can't wait to learn more at the conference. I still enjoy blogging and conversing with others out there. I have also had to re-prioritize my blog reader. I needed to think about what I was truely enjoying and what I was just following to fit in.
Great post!
Summer said…
Tiffany, I loved this post. And I am definitely one of the many feeling disenchanted by blog land...

I have to continually remind myself of why I started it, and what is and is not important.

Thanks for sharing this....
Carrie said…
Once again...said perfectly. I have posted in a couple months. Why? Well, I love reading blogs, but find I just don't have much to post about. Then I started comparing my 4 comments to other bloggers 75, 90, or more, etc and got down. I would even get angry. Why aren't my friends commenting? Why can't at least my family read my blog and make a comment?
I would find myself comparing and trying to "be" like other bloggers. I started making excuses. I work full time and have other things I need to do, etc. Then I realized, that if doesn't bring me joy, it's silly to do it. So, I am on hiatus and until I know I can blog and not worry about traffic or comments, it's staying that way. Right now, I am just a blog reader.
Thanks for the post and for making me feel a little better about stepping back.
Anonymous said…
So you know I had to come right home and read what you were talking about.

I went and read the post you linked, and the other that she linked.

At first I'm thinking, why does it bother her so much. Then I remembered that it's her blog and she can complain if she wants to. Whatev.

But on the subject of disenchantment, I think it's the same thing when you meet your mate. You have to give it a good couple of years to get to know the "real" them, not just the them they want you to see. In this case the them is blogging.

It all seems nice and sweet and wonderful in the beginning and then you get to know that nothing is 100% THAT nice, sweet or wonderful.

So, like you said, do it if it makes you happy and if it doesn't then don't. But don't expect that you'll get money or fame from it. I'm thinkin you have a better chance of winning the lottery. WHICH I'm still waiting for by the way. Damn Mega millions jipped my ass. AGAIN!
Christy said…
well said...although I make less than that as a teacher and spend far more than that amount of time doing it. =)
Susie said…
Very thought-provoking!
Who would have thought going into blogging that it could be so complex?

I totally loved this post. Loved it.

But I have to tell you. If you just disappeared one day to move on, I'd really, really miss you. Wait. I have your phone number. And your email address. So I could still stalk you, right?
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah said it aaaaaall, tee hee...good for you!!

Jamie :)
Just Lisa said…
A to the MEN! I love my little blog, and my little band of followers. I don't make a dime, and I'm totally cool with that.

Oh, and I would stomp all over Dooce in a blog off. That's right, I said it. I ain't scared!
Swirl Girl said…
I stay out of the fray in bloggyworld as I do in real life swirlgirlworld.

Well said.
natalee said…
love love your point of view...
Unknown said…
So true, my friend. I love blogging, and I also love getting to try things that I never would have tried otherwise. It is a lot of work some times, but I do remember that I am the one in control here. :) Page views are nice, ad money is nice, but the relationships I've built are the best payment.
Elizabeth said…
Thank you. Great post.
Mrs. M said…
Great post. I blog just for fun, but have allowed myself to get carried away once or twice by the sense of "competition" of it all, but have realized that I only want to enjoy it for the FUN of it. I could shut it down too and go on quite happily. Mostly I blog (post pictures) of my kids and I get to see them in the flesh everyday anyways.....
Lora said…
Well, I am most definitely not a mommy blogger :)

but this is precisely why I have not signed up for adspace on my blog, at least not for the moment

I just blog for me. the fact that others seem to actually be interested enough in what I have to say to follow me and comment is truly humbling...but it really is just gravy :0)

And drama? Please. I don't do drama in real life, I don't want to deal with it here either!

Thanks for this :0)
Gabrielle said…
AMEN!! Great post, I love it! Thanks for your integrity and dedication!
MariLee Parrish said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
MariLee Parrish said…

Stopping in from SITS! Thanks for posting this! I'm not one of those woman who get jealous and love to create drama. never have been. don't have time for it! :-) And to those woman I quote the country song:
"God is is good...and people are crazy!"

LOL!! :-)
So, so true. I write my blog for what it does for me....and I am glad it touches other's lives in the process. I do not read my stats because, like you, that is not why I started nor why I keep blogging. Well put!
Sarahviz said…

How many times have you and I already talked about this subject? GREAT POST, m'dear.
Vodka Mom said…
Tiffany - that was a brilliant post.

I applaud you.
Live.Love.Eat said…
I love your mind and when you speak it. Like this. Wonderful.

I am actually thankful that I love to cook and my posts come from there and that's it. Out of that, I have made some beautiful friends who actually make my days and make me feel like a complete woman. Sometimes I am in a funk in the morning and tell myself to visit a few gals to see what they're up to. After, I always feel better. I just never go where the negativity is.
I can make money from blogging???

I kid, I kid.

In all seriousness, I blog for fun, for friends, and for family. The connections and comments are nice and fun and give me warm fuzzies. I'll leave it at that for me.

Very, very well written post.

(BTW, I just came back from a 3-week hiatus, and it was kind of nice.)
Elizabeth said…
I don't know how these people make money. It doesn't bother me.. I do it for myself. It does seem like way too much work though, at times. THe best advice I read about blogging, do it for yourself, post what you like, post funny pictures if you like. Chris Hoke
Tamara Dawn said…
Popped in to say hi, it's been awhile! Summertime is finally over and I have a little peace..not much but a little!

My blog did kind of take off out of control when I was fortunate enough to be named a Blog of Note by Blogger. For awhile I found myself trying to tap dance for all my new followers and give them a good reason to stick around. Then I stopped freaking out and realized that the blog they saw when they hit that follow button is the same blog they are seeing now. If they like me, SUPER! If they don't that's ok. I do love hosting giveaways for my readers so I participate a couple of times per month in a review or two. I did just get my first "real" ad today. It was quite exciting, I must admit.

Even though my blog is hopping I still do what I want how I want to and I try my best to steer clear of drama and BS. I am here to express myself and create friendships and I am blessed to have accomplished both!

Great post! Hope you are doing fantastic!
Anonymous said…
You never fail to amaze me. Well said my friend!

I completely agree with all that you said! I have gotten some free tickets to the circus and Disney on Ice and wrote reviews for them. A certain online company sends me emails ALL THE time to do more work for them, posting crads to give away and in return they would giv eme the same cards free but have to pay for shipping! No thanks.

I started my blog out of curiosity and to get my mind away from grief of a loss and then I came across SITS. It has been the best part of my blogging experience thus far.
Disney said…
I love this post, so real! I've not had my blog very long, but I'm already seeing some of this stuff you're talking about! It's so important for women not to compromise themselves (and their family time!) for the sake of blog popularity.
Rachel said…
Wow. So much what I needed to hear.

Every once and a while I read a post that stays with me for ever. This is one of those.

Thank you.

Also, please don't go. Bloggy land needs your wisdom and honesty.
Unknown said…
This post was PURE brilliance! I loved every word. Every. Single. Word! It was fantastic : ) Very great way to put things in perspective.

I get a little annoyed myself when people just review things. I don't read the posts. I don't enter the giveaways. I click away and stop going to visit as much : )

Thank you for writing this!!
Sera said…
There are so many little nuggets of wisdom in this, and so many good reminders for myself. Thank you! I do reviews and giveaways on my blog, but I try to keep it to a minimum because that's not why I started blogging in the first place. I will only review or do giveaways for things that I've personally tried and found useful, and that I think my readers would also appreciate or benefit from in some way. But, I want the focus to be on my writing. And, I've just recently done more thinking about the idea of advertising on the blog. I think that as long as it doesn't become one huge classified section, some ads are okay. In my mind, even if it's $10/month or something that's fun money that I can do whatever I want with. I think the thing is, you've got to pair with companies that are in line with your lifestyle, who you are, and what you represent. So much to think about...
Jennifer P. said…
I blog because I love to write...and yet my blog has always been advertisment free. I blog because I love to write, and if I'm not blogging as faithfully, it's because I'm doing writing jobs that actually pay me. Whether or not I am read...I'd probably keep on blogging! :)

Just three words for ya Tiffany: Please Don't Go.

Your wisdom is wonderful in this post. Thanks for sharing it. I'm with you. Blogging should be positive.
Tonya Staab said…
Mwah, mwah, mwah.

Very well said Tiffany. Thank you.

I blog because I love it. If I get a little something extra it's just the icing on the cake, but NOT the reason for my blogging.
Just stop by to say Hi. Love your blog.
Randi Troxell said…
love your blog... found it while blog hopping around and i just HAD to comment...

i blog b/c i love to. b/c its my little home here on the web... i don't blog for money, nor things (if i do a review it's b/c my hard earned money was spent on the product and i thought it was worth mentioning)... i blog just b/c its flat out fun...

wonderful post...
Connie said…
Can't we all just get along? I've moved back into my hometown and the clicks are still here. Glad to not be a part of them.
Mariah said…
I took my analytics down, I admit, I got caught up in numbers. Not any more, I just write what I write. If someone wants to send me something I won't say no, but I probably won't review it either.
That was really informative especially since I'm a new blogger. I did not know there were so many unhappy bloggers!

I didn't and don't expect to make tons of money blogging. I actually started blogging so that I can eventually make them into a book for my daughter. I just want to leave a little piece of me with her when I am gone some day. And if my blogging helps others, then it makes me feel good!

For what it is worth, I like your blog and I like the SITS blog. I think you have done a great job on both counts.

Chat with you later! Have a great day!
Kathy B! said…
Just stopiing by from Moxie and was floored by the awesomeness (let's pretend that's a word:) of this post.

That was great!!!! My husband was talking when I was reading this, and I had to tell him to shut up! He understood :) LOL I found your blog on SITS.
Can I repost your #5 on my blog? With credit due where credit is deserved of course! That's exactly what I feel every day!
Harmony said…
Way to word it, this reminds me of a few years ago when there was this company who paid per post (maybe that's what it was called) so ridiculous. The whole thing ended up imploding and the company had to change their name.

Blogging should be about sharing oneself with others and connecting.
Unknown said…
I love this post. I blog for the fun of it. To give my son some reading laughs when he grows older, as an outlet of my thoughts... In singapore there are also some A List bloggers (some really good, some to me pretty juvenile), and i guess it is the same wherever you are.

But you are doing such a great job. I hope you don't get too disheartened by things around, and you don't give up!

I for one am very encouraged by this post. :) Thanks!
Unknown said…
Thank you. The blog world needs to hear that. I appreciate this post more then any I've read over the last year I have been blogging. Thanks for the practical advice.
heidi said…
Sing it Sister!

Loved it. Every last word of it. Amen and Hallelujah.
LinLori said…
Wow. Thank you for that. That was a wonderful post. I'm actually going to start following you now. (In case you're wondering, I came here from Her Cup Overfloweth :) )

I've been working on my blog, getting it set up so it's more user friendly. Because I *do* want feedback. And if someone comes along who wants me to check something out and wants to give me some perks in between? Okay. I like compensation.

But I could never see myself making my blog all about the benjamins. It's an outlet, it's a release, a showcase, and it's for me. Trying to turn it into a "job" that is clearly more fraught with frustration and bullshit than originally anticipated would only add tons of stress that I really don't need.

I love the sense of camaraderie and finding people so I know that I'm not alone on days when I'm feeling just a tad bit off the wall.
AiringMyLaundry said…
Fantastic post.

I make no money off my blog. I write because I love the people I come across. I don't feel all alone in my thoughts. I honestly thought I was the only one who hated Crocs. But I wrote an entry about it and found out that there are dozens more who agree with me. It was exciting, really...

I'm stopping by from Moxie Media. I'm trying to check out all the blogs :)
Lula! said…
As are you...

Also well said...and high time somebody said it.
Unknown said…
Awesome post. Personally I blog just to get the word out about things. I have 2 blogs my personal/business blog that talks about how my business is helping me overcome the biggest struggles in my life and then a blog that goes along with my social network where I just like to get the word out about special members and what we are doing in the commuinty.

That was just so freaking well-said. Thank you.
Unknown said…
Thank you!!
I love blogging and that will never change. But at the end of the day, I never started blogging to make money.
mommytoalot said…
FANATASTIC!! Very well written. So true..i began blogging with no followers for a few years I believe. Once I got comments I wanted more...but seriously..not in it for any cash...I am NOT that good a writer..i use my blog now instead of my hand written journal.
Except when I wrote in my journal..i didn't get to read other's..and so that is what blogging is like to me...a peek into other people's lives..other moms..and it's pretty cool.
Unknown said…
I guess i don't make it out in the blog world much...I had no idea there was 'drama' going on

I have been approached by 3 companies and they were VERY honest with me...this is what they said

We want to use your blog for it's PR IF you will link to us you can pick something from so n so site for this amount of money, there is no need to blog about our site just a link will suffice...I was LOL cuz they were honest...

anyways i thought this post was awesome, i so wish i was joining you ladies in Vegas!
JudyH329 said…
I am so glad I read your blog. I just started blogging about a month ago and as I read realized that I was beginning to exhibit some of these traits/desires, when in fact I started to just vent and organize my thoughts, putting down on paper words that eventually end in a story. A relaxing time at the beginning. Thanks for reminding me why I began the blogging. Judy
Unknown said…
That was the awesomest thing I have read in a VERY long time. :) Thank you!!
Mercedes said…
Wow I am niave. I didn't realize that people really made a decent living out of blogs. I just use mine to endlessy brag about my kiddo cause if people get tired of it well they don't have to read it. lol.
I love my blog and all the great people that read it. I'm not in it to make money, just enjoying having an excuse to write something every day.

I think you're absolutely right. Women can be each other's worst enemies. I still don't quite know why we do it to each other, but it happens. And as soon as I start seeing that happening somewhere in the blogoverse, I disappear. I have better things to do and better blogs to read.
alpinekleins said…
I just feel so good after reading this post - no more guilt or regret associated with MY time spent in the blogging world. Forever ad free - that's me :)

Great post. I feel the same way. Thought about going to Blogher10 but everyone came back and talked about all the swag madness and I rethought. So we'll see.
Anonymous said…
What a great discussion. My husband and I were discussing "give-aways" and advertising. For my blog, give-aways detract from my mission. If I were a craft or coupon blog or product education blog, I could see that. But I'm not.

If someone called and said, I want to advertise on your blog and the product was something that I already loved that promoted the mission of my blog, I'd say, "Sure." Otherwise, I'd say, "No thank you." I've had the opportunity to do that once, though.

I blog because I've wanted to have a column for years about what being the mother of 5 sons has taught me. I figure other moms need a little encouragment along the way like I did and do.

I've got more out of blogging that I ever imagined, in terms of reading blogs that uplift and encourage.

It allows me to write about what I think for my children when maybe they won't want to hear it now, but they will later.

Thanks for your candid post. Maybe you need to review your mission statement, re-establish a new mission.
Unknown said…
Great post... thanks for telling it like it is.. : ) Hope y'all have a great time... Meeting up with the "hookers" : )
Charlene said…
Well said. It really confirms what I've always felt (and why I don't do advertising on my blog.) I started blogging because I love writing and it's been a FABULOUS outlet. As it turns out, I'm helping some people along the way and meeting some cool people too. But that's just icing on the cake really. Carpe diem!
Anonymous said…
You know what? This was great to read for someone who knows basically nothing about blogging who has just started. I already decided that I would do this for me. Well for my kids. For them to read when I wasn't able to tell them all of the great memories I have of them. Thanks for keepin' it real...

Anonymous said…
Love this post. Glad I found you, sound like you've got it goin' on.
Charlene said…
This is very inspirational. Saw you on SITS, thanks for the great blogs:)
Mimi and Tilly said…
I have written journals for years, and started blogging as it was a way of writing and journaling that included sharing what I'd written. I love clicking on other people's widgets and finding beautiful, inspiring blogs. I've found the over-commercialisation of some people's blogs off-putting. It's the creativity and honesty of people's writing and sharing that really appeals to me. Great post.
Trish said…
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I was feeling a weee bit in secure lately and coming to Vegas to hope and learn some good advice. You just gave it, but I'm still coming!!! C U Soon!!!
Anonymous said…
Well said! I read this at the right time and I thank Kitty over at Fahrenheit 350 for sending me this link.

Now, I'm off to educate myself on how SEO works. Thanks!

H-Mama said…
This is my first time to your blog. {Nice to meetcha!} This post is well-spoken. I'm fairly new to blogging so I'm still learning to balance it with everything. Don't want to miss out on livin' life due to tryin' to {constantly} journal it, you know? ;)
Rebecca said…
I've been a SITS Reader for a while now, yet embarrassingly this is one of my first visits to your blog.

Because of this post - I am a follower now.

Looking forward to reading more!

Thanks for SITS!!!
I've been wondering since I started blogging in June, what's the point? I'm glad you've affirmed my assertion that there is no point. I think the blog is helping my writing and possibly I can turn that into something profitable in the future. Writing is like pooping, you have to do it every day.
thatgirlblogs said…
agreed. I use to do bloglines and dropped them when I realized it wasn't their space for rent!
injaynesworld said…
I'm fairly new to blogging, but not to writing. I was a successful TV-Movie writer for nearly two decades, made all kinds of money, but honestly, my blogging has given me more pleasure than my TV work ever did. It's enabled me to actually enjoy writing again and I've met so many wonderful writers and bloggers. I've read many posts on blogging and this one of yours really nails it. I'm thrilled when I get new followers and thrilled with the comments they leave, but only because it is giving me an audience to do what I love and get feedback on it. I know of nowhere a writer can have this kind of intimacy with an audience except maybe on the stage. I enjoy your blog because, although you bill yourself as a mommyblogger, you write about other things as well, and your writing is clear, precise and most of all -- spell-checked! I will start to follow you if I can just find the follow button now. Thanks for a great read. - Jayne,
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