Too Sad To Post

Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic of a title, but last night, my boys lost to Oregon.


It was painful to watch my beloved Trojans get hammered by a 5'6 running back.

It was excruciating to stand by as gorgeous and talented Mark Sanchez through interceptions.

Yes, I love college football. Love. Like I'd marry it and have it's babies kind of love. And, some (okay many of you) have no idea what I am talking about, but for those that do, you know how sad it is to watch your teams dreams of a National Title go up in smoke.

Well, at least we still have a shot at the Rose Bowl.

When was the last time you screamed at your tv?


Unknown said…
I am not a college football type of gal but you would certainly be in good company if you lived here in Georgia. There was a proposal to postpone the UGA/Bama game because of our gas crisis and it was simply blasphemy in the eyes of fans.
Heather said…
I want to share in your heartache. I really do. But I have no idea what you're talking about because I'm so sports challenged.
S Club Mama said…
As much as I love your passion for the game of football, your sights are on the wrong team. You know what I'm talking about. Although we will in no way shape or form win the National Championships this year, Bo Pelini will turn around the Husker's program & we'll...get better. ha!

But I can't scream at the tv. Moose would cry.
I am not a devotee of college football. BUT...the loss made headlines here. Because it makes way for Georgia to climb up that ladder :-)
Heather @ Home said…
SOOO LOVE college football! I am, however, a Georgia fan. We have a tough game coming up tomorrow. I hope to be there, but it will take a miracle. Sorry for your loss, but it does mean Georgia has a better chance of moving up in the rankings. GO DAWGS! BTW, love your blog!
Anonymous said…
We watched USC lose while having a burger and beers in a bar on the strip. We screamed at the TV - but screams of hooray. OK - not we, my Irishman did! And the bartender won $20 from his friend on the game...sorry!

Scarlet O'Kara said…
I am usually screaming at my TV every Saturday, Sunday, & Monday while watching football games.

I feel for you because your beloved team lost, but I have to admit that it pleases me too...'cause now the Gators get to advance!

Go Gators!
Schmerica said…
Yes, last time I screamed at the TV over sports was last night when USC lost. It was a scream of joy of course...GO BRUINS!!!

Ok, I realize UCLA is sucking hard right now but it's still nice to see our rival with an increasingly large ego go down.
Swirl Girl said…
I cried at TV last night too.
I even said to Hubby as I was gettin' some kleenex - "haven't had a good tv cry in a loooonnnngg time."

Dr. Pratt was killed off ER last night. I balled like a baby.
jori-o said…
Yeah. I'm one that can't relate. And I don't remember screaming at the TV recently...but I'm sorry your team lost. You should go find Toni and take it out on her.
suzspeaks said…
I can relate!! WE LOVE college football.... BOOMER SOONER!!!

sorry for your loss!
Wep said…
Tomorrow is a big day in our house. Well, it would be if Husband was home. Tomorrow his team plays their first REAL opponent. They are currently 4-0. But tomorrow they play Illinois. I'm scared. Luckily my inlaws get to see him if they lose. I won't see him till the next day.

Sorry about your team, but..

KatBouska said…
I saw the title of your post on my sidebar and I came rushing over to pet your hair and hush you to sleep.

And then I actually read the post.

KatBouska said…
I saw the title of your post on my sidebar and I came rushing over to pet your hair and hush you to sleep.

And then I actually read the post.

Jen said…
I should not admit this but I screamed at my TV a few times during the results show of American Idol. I know, I know, what do I think that I am 13 or something...

Sorry I don't get football and it took me a minute to figure out what in the world was going on.
Lula! said…
I've already assured you of my virtual, cross-country hugs. We've already discussed your pain, and I've felt it with you.

You know I'm so sorry. You know I love my Bulldogs, but you also know I was happy our teams were at the top together...I mean, fun for us, right?

You know all this...because you know I love you. And I get you. And I'm still sorry.

p.s. Our kids are blessed, huh? Imagine the football fun we'll have with our grandkids one day! Woooooooooo!
Jennie said…
the last time I yelled at my T.V., was when I was watching "Bridezillas", have you ever seen this SHOW? OMG, it is horrible, but addictive, you look at it and want to turn away, but because you a glutten for punishment you have to watch these horrible people act horrible to each other... I give everyone permission to beat the holy hell outta me if I ever act like that....
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry they lost but it's good for my beloved Oklahoma Sooners. And I'm sure I'll be screaming at the tv this weekend while they're playing!
Ann Harrison said…
Don't get mad at me. I like you. I really do. (I'm the nice one, remember?)
I have family that attended OSU. Heck, I LIVE in Oregon. There, I've said it.
It was intense. And my nephew who is all about U of O was not happy.
Um... how about that debate huh?
Tinabean said…
OH I so love you right now!!!
I don't have any girlfriends that love football like I do.
My weekends in the fall are all football.
Fridays I still hit my good old alma mater for the high school games.
Saturdays are all University of Utah (Utes) games.
And Sunday Go Niners!!!
The only team my husband & I have in common is the High School (We both went there, he played there).
I am always the one yelling at the T.V.
He just laughs at me.
Unknown said…
Well, I can usually be found screaming at the TV most Sundays, during the NASCAR season. meesha (one of my furbabies, does not like it, she goes and hides behind Daddy).

The last time that I really screamed at the TV, and I was totally hoarse by the end of the game, was in the Rugby World Cup. The English ref totally sucked and NZ ended up being beaten by a smidgeon, which knocked the All Blacks out of the cup. I was depressed for days ...
Rhea said…
Oh, you drama queen, you! lol My husband gets passionate about college ball too, so I understand. Kind of. :o) I'm sorry.
Debbie said…
I missed this post and commented about the loss on another one...USC losing helped my Nittany Lions alot....and I too LOVE college football. This is my favorite time of year.

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