The Truth.

Remember when I wrote this anguished post about The Boy believing in Santa?

It's happened.

The Boy knows.

Knows the truth.

The truth about Santa.


We made it 9 years.


It went down like this at 4:34PM on 11.30.09.

The Boy:"I think I want another Star Wars Light Saber". {The $100 that actually light up}.

Me: "Um, from who? You already have 2, and you are asking for a dirt bike."

The Boy: "Santa."

Candy Man: "You need to ask your friends about Santa Claus." {Candy Man thought he should've known last year.}

The Boy: "Wait. You guys buy the stuff from Santa?"

Me: "What do you think."

The Boy: "No, you don't."

Candy Man: "Let's think about this for a minute. You really think a man travels around the world delivering presents?"

The Boy: "So Santa is not real. I kind of thought so."

Long Pause.

The Boy: "So, the Elves- they aren't real either."

Me {on the verge of tears}: "No."

The Boy: "Then why do adults try to trick us with the books, the movies, the stories?"

Me: "Well, its all about the spirit of Christmas and giving. It's fun to see kids get s excited."

Me: "Are you sad?" {Fearing we have traumatized him for life.}

The Boy: "Yes."


The Boy: "Now that I know it's your money that means I can't ask for a car."

Clearly, he is devastated. ;)


Theta Mom said…
Ooooh, something tells me he'll be just fine. ;)
Mom's Place said…
So bitter sweet! My oldest still least I think she does! How old is your son??

Had to laugh about the car! Silly boy!
Christina said…
Aww, he has a good heart! Once he knew your bank account was responsible for his Christmas happiness, he scaled back on the wishlist.

You are obviously raising a great kid.
Melanie said…
Ah, he'll be fine.

I was always told that Santa wasn't real, and I distinctly remember in 1st grade I and one other kid going up against the rest of the class in an argument about whether Santa existed or not. It was pretty intense.

It was fun while it lasted, no?
Scary Mommy said…
Awwwwwwwwwww!! That is the best possible response. So cute!
Lula! said…
Not reading, not reading...

Still want to be in denial. Libbey has no clue...she still believes.

I don't wanna know about The Boy. I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT TODAY. But I still love y'all.
injaynesworld said…
Okay... but let him believe in the tooth fairy for just a little longer. I think I was able to milk that till I got my braces off.

Glad he took is so well.
Maggi said…
Awwww, poor thing! lol I am so going to enjoy the years of Toot believing in Santa and will be sad when she stops. I don't remember how I found out the truth but I do remember not being all that upset about it.
Susie said…
9 years? I am surprised he made it this far.
Ash said…
Laughter through tears. My favorite :-)

I love how he understands that a car is now out of the question - priceless!!

Oldest is 7 - I see his belief wavering. So sad.

Santa lives! If only in sad mama hearts.
S Club Mama said…
My kids haven't even begun to believe in Santa. I'm talking him up this year for Tristan, though. It's good while it lasts, right?
Unknown said…
Ok so me telling you that my 16 yr old won't even tell the others that Santa is not real and if they ask he is like it is the SPIRIT of the season.. So everyone is Santa if they choose to be..
Unknown said…
Oh, man! I am going to have to write a post about my oldest daughter's Santa discovery. As far as the rest of my 6 1/2 year old (#4) has finally grown skeptical. She keeps blurting things out, but luckily, my 4 year old has been oblivious to her remarks.
KarieK said…
At least he didn't ask you the budget and THEN give you the list. HA HA Hang in there mom. LOL
Young Wife said…
Awww...this is sad. I remember being really sad and mad at my parents (they didn't do a good job of hiding some toys in their shopping cart) the year I found out, but it ended up being my favorite childhood Christmas. My mother gave me all of her tea sets from when she was a little girl. Hope that's encouraging!
Unknown said…
What a funny conversation! It all changes when you realize it is your parents' money and not Santa!
Rebecca said…
Now why did I never think of asking Santa for a car?
Swirl Girl said…
Oh My!!

The poor thing! Will there ever be a recovery?

And what about your son? LOLOL
I still remember when I first discovered Santa wasn't real.

I was in junior high.

As in the 7th grade.

Will and I should join the same support group: LBSC...Lifetime Believers in Santa Claus.

PS: Fabulous news about your advertiser on SITS. Just checked it out. Congrats, my friend! You did good.
Stephanie Faris said…
My boyfriend's daughter knows too. Apparently her mom told her Santa used to be alive but now he's dead. I'm assuming there was more to the story she told than that but that's how it comes out when she tells it.
Heather said…
Elijah figured it out before his 5th birthday. Isabel and Gabe still believe, although with Isabel I think it's a denial thing...she's a pretty smart kid and has probably figured out the impossible logistics of the whole thing.

Sad for you. It will be fine; clearly he has recovered.

Have you?
such a smart'll be ok, mama I promise!
Jenn said…
I love the honesty! I think he'll be able to get past this one.
Mine are only just getting into the Santa thing - but I remember my own revelation at age eight. It is kind of sad. Believing is fun. Knowing the truth is a let down.
Sunshine said…
((Aw)) I'm sad. The elves comment got me. Got me good. :( I am gonna lie to my kids all their lives. I'm gonna be a big fat LIAR.
Mimi said…
My youngest was 12 when he figured it out & I hated it!
Live.Love.Eat said…
A lotta sad, a lotta funny. Hopefully I can squeeze 3 more years out of my little guy.
Kathleen said…
My kids are in college and I still tell them "If you don't believe, You wont receive!!!" Heck I still believe...
Lorri S said…
LOL, I guess his Christmas list will be changing from now on.
I think my #1 knows but isn't ready to fess up yet.


She always hangs onto every word about the subject and then tries to "catch" me.
Jen said…
Oh that is kinda sad. Why do they have to grow up?
Devastated, yet keeping it all in perspective it seems! Too cute.
BLOGitse said…
Joined the gang today and what do I find here: Santa not real?!
Don't you know where he comes from? The same country as me, Finland!
So. No more lies, Santa lives now and tomorrow! LOL!
(Nice to meet you!)
Julie said…
They grow up so fast!
That is priceless how he figured it out.

But the real issue here is, are you getting him another lightsaber?
Unknown said…
That's funny and sad at the same time. My son is 10 and still believes in Santa. I'm waiting for him to come home from school to confront me on it any day now.
Love it ;). Stopping by from SITS. I have two boys ages 5 & 3 and I think I might be sad too when they stop believing.
My son is 8.5 and came to me yesterday about this. We had a talk. He was a bit sad. He was afraid that he would not get anymore presents.
Maria said…
Happens sooner or later! Enjoy your day!
Brandie said…
Visiting from SITS and now I am sad and I don't even know you!! That means I only have 2 more years. My son just turned 7 :(
I always told my three older kids that Santa wasn't real. When the baby came along I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. So he believes in Santa...
Stephanie said…
I held my breath while I read this post. I have a 10 year old girl who I think is just fakin it at this point and an 8 year old girl who still believes with her whole heart. I'm hoping we make it through one last Christmas with the man in the big red suit!
I think making it to 9 is pretty impressive. Very impressive some snot nosed kid on the playground didn't ruin it first.

Tell him to hold out for the car...hey, it could happen.
Vodka Mom said…
and in my house we say "If you don't believe, you don't receive."

We all pretend. EVEN though we all know. However, my 11 year old is TRYING to convince all of us that he IS real.
Sharon said…
Oh that is very sweet and tender. You're raising a good capitalist!

thanks for the great work with SITS - i love it!
Jessica Jones said…
I cant believe your hubby just threw santa under the bus like that! he must be related to my husband he is part scrooge! I was so excited that his cousin gave us a trampoline that i was going to give it ot the kids for christmas and mr. scrouge himself went and told him we got it...ugh
FranticMommy said…
aww...I fear that day too. I will be a wreck. I teared up just reading your experience!
Finding Normal said…
Oh no! I'm already dreading it, and my boy isn't even 5. Wasn't sure how long it lasts. I figured some little jerk will tell him next year in Kindergarten. :/
Well, it was fun while it lasted, right?

I dread the day my kids won't believe (okay, so one is four and the other is a baby and doesn't know his name let alone about Santa! but still...)
kel said…
too funny. My daughter is 7 and starting to question things... I am dreading the moment she stops believing!!
Audrey said…
the loss of innocence is always a sad thing. But think of it this way, at least he wasn't like 15 when he learned because no one would tell him. (That's kind of what happened to me. I think all along I always knew, however).
CM said…
Stopping by from SITS. I like your writing style, very easy to read and quite humorous!

Sorry about Santa! At least now he won't ask for that car :-)
Lena said…
I am actually surpised one of his friends didn't tell him the truth. I remember as a kid believing in santa until a schoolmate dashed my belief... it was kinda devastating at the time- but funny looking back.

I guess the positive part is hopefully his expectations of christmas gifts will be somewhat realistic.
thatgirlblogs said…
he didn't find out, you all told him! boo!

Ah well, I knew in kindergarten thanks to a girl on the school bus...
vickie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
vickie said…
I believe in Santa ;)
Marie said…
Still makes me sad but I think he'll be fine. <--this from a Mama who debated going down the Santa is Real road at all.
April Greer said… now what...does Santa still bring him gifts? My mom always told me that when I stopped believing in him he would stop bringing gifts.
kanishk said… least I think she does! How old is your son??

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