Being Seven Is Heaven

So happy to be playing baseball, that you skip to home plate when it's your turn to bat.

So glad to see that you know the catcher, you exclaim  "hi" and ask him why he doesn't play basketball at recess anymore.

So thrilled to have hit the ball that you cheer for yourself while running to first base. (picture Kirk Gibson rounding the bases in the 1988 World Series)

So ecstatic that you got to first base, that you high five the opposing teams first baseman.

So comfortable in your own skin that you dance anywhere, anytime... the best of your moves being the "helicopter". 

So thoughtful that when you have a chance to spend your school pennies for good behavior, you choose to buy your mom a ruby ring.

So silly that you erupt in giggles at a moments notice at least five times each day (It's the sweetest sound there is.)

So sincere that you whisper, " Mom, I just love your meaty arms" when you give me a squeeze.

So true to who you are that I learn from you everyday.

So amazing that you take my breath away.

"I love you my sweet prince."  That doesn't even come close to saying it.



Heather said…
Pass the tissues, please. We miss our little gentleman of the neighborhood. Sara still asks about him all the time. "Mom, you know my friend Will? The one who lives in Florida?" California is still just a little too tricky to say.

*Big sigh* I miss you.
Anonymous said…
I love this ... I love that you are able to grasp and celebrate all of the daily miracles that happen - the moments that feed the soul! Thanks for sharing - he is a very special young man - and I personally love all of the baseball talk! It is similar in high school these friendships just might last a lifetime ~ Laurie

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