You Get Me.

You know how we always hear these cheesy, yet, fabulous lines in movies?

Lines that you know aren't real, but make you secretly hope your husband will look across a crowded room at you and say, "You. Complete. Me".

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Tonight, it happened to me.

It was a regular night, like any other.

Tucking in my 9 year old boy.

The boy who has started rolling his eyes and getting a certain "tone" in his voice.

A boy whose hugs and kisses come just a bit less frequently.

A boy whose childhood is flashing before my eyes.

That boy looked right at me from his pillow and said,

"Mom. You get me."

It literally took my breath away.

I looked at him and replied,

"I'm your mom. Getting you is kind of my thing."

My life had a movie moment tonight.

In the midst of the ordinary, my son made me feel extraordinary.


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