Honey, I Just Want to Connect Women.

I wasn't going to respond to the article in the NYT about Bloggy Boot Camp.

But, I'm not really one to sit by quietly. Below is the comment I left on a post about the article.

So I am finally going to pipe in here.

I am Tiffany, the barefoot sorority leader who runs Bloggy Boot Camp.

First of all, I did not serve any cocktails in sippy cups. If they were there, it wasn't part of the conference.

Matt, we will not be adding a bunch of stops to Bloggy Boot Camp for 2010- since my site {SITS} nor the boot camp site was linked in the article, its not very easy to find. And, honestly, I'm not sure how many out there are interested in hearing about how many hits you can get on a tutu tutorial.

If this is all Jennifer got out of a day that produced comments like:

"Thank you for reminding me I should be authentic in my blogging."

"I was nervous to come, but felt so welcomed and everyone was so kind."

"The information was so valuable, thank you!"

Then she was alone in her feeling that the conference and the women who attended were nothing more than silly ladies, driving minivans and having girl time.

I could go on and on.

But I won't.

I am a huge fan of women. Period.

I run a site dedicated exclusively to featuring them.

I run a conference whose entire goal- from assigning seats so women feel included, to personally trying to meet each attendee, to offering speaking opportunities to women who have never done it before- is to make women feel included, empowered and connected.

When Jennifer, who was on the waiting list for a ticket, proposed the idea of writing for the NYT, I agreed BECAUSE SHE HAS A BLOG-with pictures and stories of her beautiful family all over it.

I also understand that an article for NYT is not going to be all rainbows and unicorns. But I thought she would be more balanced, and less trite.

I was wrong.

I am not in this for publicity or money. I am in this because I love connecting with women. I love the camaraderie this community we have carved out offers each of us.

As for having "the enthusiasm of camp director"- I am grateful for that everyday. It allows me a wonderful lifestyle in which my husband and I both stay home with our son and spend the summers with fantastic children.

Now, excuse me while I go find my shoes.....


She missed the boat entirely! And she's a mom?? And makes a living writing? (obviously)

So why so cynical of the other MOMS who WRITE and want to make money for their families??

I am hoping to attend a BBC, btw!

Unknown said…
glad u responded. Some people need to recognize the power in numbers - and the Women Who Blog are coming on strong! I'm very proud to be one of them!
I didn't see the article, nor do I want to, but I read another post last week re: a negative article about Mommy Bloggers.
Excuse me, but I do believe it is 2010, not the 1920's! Do these people know Oprah and her little project called a 'talk show?' That's just off the top of my head, as far as women in power.
I'm so grateful to SITS - it gives me a huge boost every time I comment. I haven't been to a boot camp - waiting for SF - and am planning on any more I can attend.
Again, so glad you responded. It may well fall on deaf ears, but, rest assured, someone will read it.
Well put, Tiffany! My thoughts exactly :-)

CynthiaK said…
Great response, Tiffany. I read the article after a few friends of mine (who are not bloggers) passed it along with some ridiculous comment. It's interesting how people who aren't involved in the women-blogging community often "don't get it."

I missed the event (essentially because I'm Canadian and couldn't afford to get there) but would have loved to attend. I enjoyed following along with you all via tweets and posts.

I'm glad it was a success. Regardless of what fluff the NYT article shares (the headline actually made me angry!), those in the SITS community can feel good knowing the reality.

Congratulations on a successful event.
Vodka Logic said…
Thank you for the response. As someone who did not attend and having read the nyt article and a few snippets on blogs, I don't think I had a balanced view of the bootcamp.

I look forward to a Boston bootcamp.
Cheryl said…
Tiffany - Keep doing what you're doing. You've done a lot for women and have empowered/inspired many of them. Mom101 nailed why the article was offensive to women who are trying to help support their families, who raise awareness for many important social issues and childhood illnesses. And yes, who blog about their lives so that other women know they're not alone out there doing the toughest job on the planet.
debi9kids said…
I am glad you responded and in a way that was dignified as well.
I am so glad I chose Boot Camp as my first conference. I don't think there is anywhere else I would've felt so welcome and connected and at the same time, being taught SO many valuable things to help me continue blogging in a way that keeps my blog quality true to me.

Thank you Tiffany for being just the way you are.... one of the most welcoming and honest women I know.
Jayme said…
She just doesn't get it, and that's sad because the women I met and the connections I made at Bloggy Boot Camp are amazing. *I* walked away feeling empowered, and PROUD to be a woman, mom, blogger. If I took nothing else away but confidence, Tiffany, then you would have done a wonderful job. But as it is, I took away oh so much more. Thank you, for putting Bloggy Boot Camp together, and I'll see you in Philly!
Fabulously stated! If nothing else, that article has helped to highlight even more that this community of women who blog are supportive. And that was already pretty apparent!

I don't have words for her.

Well maybe self loathing?
Opus #6 said…
Tiffany, I saw the link to this post retweeted by The Professional Family Manager.

I thought the bootcamp sounds fun. A nice thing to do for woman who can't make it to the annual Blog Her meeting.

This NYT gal sounds like she thought of a few really funny zingers, and she let them rip at your expense. She wrote the story, imo, to put you down, thereby propping up her own self-worth. It is a cheap ploy that people use who do not feel good about themselves.

What kind of a person attacks MOMS?! Mom is like apple pie. Mom is the cornerstone of the American Family. Our very culture. If moms can hone their skills or experience by networking online, who is anybody to sit back and point fingers. Cheap naysayers with an inferiority complex.
Ok, I feel absolutely TERRIBLE right now because I am one of the guilty parties in the sippy cup mafia. I feel so awful that we maybe were a big part in us not being taken seriously. We probably should've put more thought into that one...it just seemed fun at the time.

Cowering away in shame.

Again, I am SO sorry about this Tiffany!
Anonymous said…
The NY Times article was a sensationalized, poorly-presented, misrepresentation of the conference.

The fact that the article was featured in the "style" section adds to the fact that the NY Times was looking to see one angle...and the author twisted that from the conference which she needed to put forth this one particular point of view.

All the NY Times succeeded in doing is alienating a growing, influential group of intelligent business women...not a smart thing to do when newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur in favor of, hmmm, well, blogs.

This author--as well as the NY Times staff--is probably more concerned with keeping her job by giving the paper what it thinks sells rather than accurate reporting. With ever-shrinking readership and revenues, I understand that desperation. But we live in a free, capitalist society, and she is free to make the decisions on how she wishes to report. If this is indeed what she came away with from this conference, then that is a very sad thing.

What has happened here isn't anything different than what has been happening to women for decades; moms are put-down, trivialized, held to impossible standards, and treated as having silly, expensive interests. It's disappointing that the author felt the need to contribute to this.

Personally, I felt your ability to create, organize, and hold such a professional, relevant, informative conference while encouraging social networking (and not "girly bonding," for crying out loud)was impressive and inspiring. This was a respectful, PROFESSIONAL (I can't say that enough) conference. I am sorry that you received such a poor review for what was a helpful, practical, and fabulous conference.

And I will be attending another conference, not because I am a groupie or have a lot of money to spend on my "hobby," but because Bloggy Boot Camp is an excellent investment in my education and my business. I cannot express my gratitude enough that you are offering so much to bloggers at what is truly a reasonable price. Thank you!
Lula! said…
And Heather.

And Sits.
And Bloggy Boot Camp.

And Mommy bloggers.

I also love hot, barefoot camp directors. Just so you know.
Sarah said…
Written like a true ladyist.

Appreciated by another ladyist.

The NYT column was unfair and, as you so aptly noted, trite.
I did NOT see the article but I have to say that my blog wasn't half as interesting until I found SITS and I've loved every second of it! It's the NYT -- they LIVE off making others feel terrible. It's just what they do. Journalists are like that sometimes (not all). WE LOVE you and LOVE SITS!
Connie said…
My Mom always told me "your not going to please everyone all the time but to never speak out or try something new out of that fear is a far worse crime." So, if some don't get it I'm okay with it. I'll even be the first to welcome them back if they do figure it out and realize what they've been missing but kindly remember while you don't get it be respectful to all that do get it.
Mimi said…
Bullshit sells papers. Don't let the idiots get you down.
Queenie Jeannie said…
Like I said on Jessica's blog...

Sour grapes makes for some sour wine.

Of course you wouldn't want to read this about yourself anywhere, much less in the NYT. It's unfair and it sucks. But opinions are like @--holes; everyone has one but you should be careful who you share yours with. Just sayin.

I'm proud of being a "Mommy Blogger", if that is how you want to categorize me. If that is going to make yourself feel better - go for it. Personally, I go by the Queen of Happiness....

...unless you dare to piss me off...
KatBouska said…
@mommyologist: I don't think sipping on a mimosa during a social blog conference in the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon was poor taste in judgment OR newsworthy. You paid money to learn more, to meet incredible women, and to have a great time. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Tiffany, this response was first class and just another reason why I support all that you do with SITS.
Codi Spodnik said…
Tiffany - I'm a mommy and a brand new blogger. I won't defend this article but I did read it because a friend of mine posted it on Facebook.

I was glad she did because otherwise I wouldn't have heard about you, read your blog or followed you on Twitter.
I am very excited to discover this whole mommy blogger world. It is so encouraging as I start on my own journey.

I'm such a newbie that I don't actually know how to add the code to put the little SITS box, but as soon as I figure that out, I'll be joining you.

So, perhaps it will make you feel better to know that at least one intelligent mommy out here was able to see through the style of the article into the heart of what you are doing. Perhaps that can redeem some of the fluff. I look forward to getting to know all of you and learning/sharing everything I can.
Scary Mommy said…

That's all I've got right now.
Heather said…
You know, we SITStas are miiiiiighty good at leaving comment *love* and I bet we could bombard the NYT website with some comment *rage* too.... How dare they malign you, SITS or the conference? Grrrrrrrr.

My husband forwarded the link to me while I was out collecting my kid from a birthday party. I got all excited "WOW SITS is in the NYT?" and tweeted all "yay woohoo" without actually *reading* the article first (being, as I was, on my iPod without a decent wifi connection). I mean, how could anyone possibly write anything *negative* about the topic?! When I got home and caught up on the twittersphere, I realized that someone did. Now my hackles are up!

Keep on doing exactly what you're doing, Tiffany - more mommy bloggers out there support and love you than you could ever realize!! <3
Okay...I just read the NYT article twice after reading this and then Jessica's post. I don't like the title at all, but otherwise, I didn't think the article was that bad. Seems like a few little jokes here and there, but I don't think they were intended to bash mom bloggers or the "minivan crowd". I bet the author probably has a minivan too. :) I have no idea who the author is. I've never even seen her blog. But my impression from the article was that the conference offered a lot of great tips and insights from people like you, Tiffany, who have built such successful blogs. And the fact that you were barefoot just shows that it was a relaxed, fun atmosphere and you felt like you were among friends. That's the awesome thing about blogging - you've never met these people, yet through our blogs, pictures, and stories, we feel like we know each other because we share these motherhood experiences. I was glad to see that the author included quotes like that.

And even though she sighted that some criticize promoting brands on mommy blogs, she also said that it also can be viewed as EMPOWERing moms because we are helping to shape brands and products by providing feedback, ideas, etc...to these companies.

And we get FREE stuff!!! Who doesn't love FREE stuff???

I think the whole blog conference idea is awesome, and to me, this article didn't take away from that. If anything, it probably intrigued a lot of readers to know that there are such strong mom blogger communities like SITS and that it's even possible for mommy bloggers (like Jill )to get noticed by "empires" like Nick Jr. and land an awesome job!

So seriously, I wouldn't even worry about this article in the least. You rock, Tiffany! I hope I get a chance to meet up with ya at a conference one of these days. Sounds like you ladies had a blast. :)
Amanda said…
I get the vibe from the article that she feels intimidated by Moms, with or without journalism degrees, taking over her "turf". I cannot stand the title of her article and I resent her for suggesting that we ignore our children to connect with other people. I think you're doing a great job Tiffany and should not take what this woman said to heart. Obviously she's got some kind of stick up her butt.
Shell said…
The article totally missed the point of bootcamp. It's like it was written by someone who wasn't even there or was there for maybe 10 minutes.

You did a fabulous job with it!
injaynesworld said…
No cocktails in sippy cups? Well, damn. I signed up for San Francisco all excited about those.
Jen said…

Please don't ever put your shoes on. You don't need them and are fabulous without them.

The NY article TOTALLY missed the boat.
Tiffany said…
Thanks guys- I am confident that what I am doing is a good thing so I have no intention of stopping!

I just thought there was SO much more that could have been shown about women, about networking, about connecting, even about working with brands.

Mary {Mommyologist} do not feel badly at all about BEING YOUR FUN, AWESOME SELF at the conference- the reporter chose to mention the sippy cups to trivialize our experience- I needed to address it- but hey, I am the chick without shoes on, so what do I know? :)

One day the traditional media will realize that we are a force to be reckoned with and print articles that highlight the amazing things we are doing.
CaraBee said…
The very most important thing is that every single woman walked away from Boot Camp enthusiastic and energized, as I think is very clear by the responses that you've gotten. We loved you and everything else about that weekend.

You are doing one hell of a job, lady! One article in what I consider to be a generally backassward newspaper isn't going to change that, nor will it change the opinion of the thousands of women who love and admire you. Keep on doing what you're doing.
S Club Mama said…
I read the NYT article and was really appalled. I would love to attend a boot camp or blogging conference hosted by you and heather. I would love to meet my friends in real life, to learn how to better my blog to reach other moms. I think that the social aspect is a given, we're women and that's what we do. I think it was awful and I'm so sorry that she was so awful to you. I think the the boot camp looked amazing!
Mom101 said…
I was really pleased you left this comment on my blog today. It's only fair that the people referenced in the article get to chime in too.

Now that I'm hearing more of all sides, it's all coming together. And it's kind of saddening. All around.

Be strong. You're doing good.
Cynthia said…
T, you know I think you are a ROCK STAR...that's about all I can say:)
Ash said…
Her article smacked of Too Cool for School. Never a good look on anyone.

I adore you. And your bare feet.

And seriously, assigned seating, how stinkin' thoughtful are you?!

Big raspberries to NYT.
Megan said…
I love your response to the article.

What I got out of Boot Camp was the connection with you and all the other attendees. Though with my lack of kids, I'm not a "mommy blogger" I went to the conference to meet women I'd admired and women I'd never heard of, with whom I'd become fast friends.

Thanks to your tireless efforts and innate kindness, I got all I wanted and more out of BootCamp - and I just wanted to let you know.
Unknown said…
I m so glad you piped in and spoke your piece. The fact is, she really did miss the point completely. Bloggy Boot Camp was even more fabulous than I could have imagined.

I noticed right off that some people quoted in the article were linked and some weren't. Something was really "off" with that article. The nice thing about this is that WE know our value, none of this has changed what WE know to be true--that we have built strong friendships and networks through SITS and our own blogs, and that we really are making a difference out there.
Anonymous said…
that article reall;y left a bad taste in my mouth especially having attended SITScation. I know there is much, much more to what you have to offer the blogging community as we grow than what this woman presented. i'm sorry this happened but perhaps good will come of it to you and everyone else in the "mommy blogging" community. you'd think folks would know by now you don't mess with the mommies!
i wrote my take on this all and i gave you and Bloggy Boot Camp lots of love! hope that i can finagle the $ to come to San Francisco because i love hugging you and hanging out with you. You are good people, Tiffany!
Anonymous said…
that article reall;y left a bad taste in my mouth especially having attended SITScation. I know there is much, much more to what you have to offer the blogging community as we grow than what this woman presented. i'm sorry this happened but perhaps good will come of it to you and everyone else in the "mommy blogging" community. you'd think folks would know by now you don't mess with the mommies!
i wrote my take on this all and i gave you and Bloggy Boot Camp lots of love! hope that i can finagle the $ to come to San Francisco because i love hugging you and hanging out with you. You are good people, Tiffany!
Anonymous said…
forgot to share the link.
love you, Tiffany!
geekbabe said…
I am a newcomer to blogging I got into "that blog thing" because I spent some time actually getting to know some women who blog.

What I found was a an ever growing quilt, a network patchwork made up of women of all ages, from all ethnic & cultural backgrounds, all connecting, sharing, helping each other. The vibrancy & beauty within this community astonishes & amazes me daily.

The author of the article in the NYT clearly is looking to further some personal agenda or vendetta because her piece bears no relation to a community of women I've grown to love enough that I've decided to join them!
Lisa Petrarca said…
My take on it...she was reaching. I'm sure she was worried that if her article didn't have some type of "juice" she wouldn't have an article.

I'm sure she felt that if she put, "It was so fun, the ladies were great & informative, I learned so much about blogging along with meeting some virtual friends...etc, NYT would not print her article.

So in the big scheme of things Tiffany, just take it with a grain of salt...she obviously had to SELF PROMOTE her article.

Sounds to me like it was a huge success! CONGRATS!
Sharlene said…
I am trying not to let this bother me as much as it is but it does. You are fantastic. I love your enthusiasm. You have a gift of making everyone feel special when they talk to you. Embrace that. Screw the NY Times. They are just worried about the fact that they are gonna lose their jobs to people like us.
Enthusiasm is one of life's most precious commodities. Please, don't let her knock one ounce of it out of you!
Eliz Obih-Frank said…
I hear you ... I must add that the mommy-blogger line is getting tired; especially as I never read about daddy-bloggers! I am a mom and a blogger but enough already. It is beginning to sound trite. I concur.
SJ said…
All I got is I love SITS and the connection blogging gives me with other moms and women, who've been there and know what I'm going through.

And what's wrong with not wearing shoes?
Sarahviz said…
By the looks of the article title, she apparently listened to the SEO presentation, huh?

You had a hunch about this. And you were right.

She chose to go one direction. One that would cause exactly this type of reaction.

And I don't get why she linked to some and not others.
livinginbetween said…
I read the article. I've never met you or been to bloggy boot camp, but I really don't feel less of you because of the NY Times.

So what if you were barefoot? :)
Elizabeth D. said…
Tiffany, I know I haven't met you and Heather, and I haven't been able to afford to go to Bloggy Boot Camp, but I feel like this writer clearly missed the boat. She comes across as totally condescending and holier-than-thou.

Her article screams of how green with envy she is that her blog is in that majority of blogs who never make money. I'm appalled that she, too, is one of those bloggers that she looks down her nose at. This article made me so mad, in part, because all of you are like my sisters, you and Heather especially. Don't give this woman or this garbage article another thought. You are doing wonderful things to help encourage bloggers and women everywhere.
Don't be discouraged. I am a very new blogger and I read that article with out reading what you wrote first, thinking that she was your featured blogger.
Reading that did not make me feel turned off from blogging or think any less of you or what you are doing.
I wanted to go to Blogger Bootcamp before, and quite honestly, that article made me want to go even more!
Hang in there!
Charlene said…
The least they could have done is linked back to you. Common courtesy and all...
The title alone is offensive to every mommy blogger out there!! I have a feeling she will regret that post after your 5,000 followers get done with her. :-)
Nona said…
Not knowing anything about your site or your group, I was so grateful that the NY Times ran the piece. Despite the not-that-great coverage, it sent me looking for your site and I signed up.

I really understand that she didn't portray you or your group in all that bright of a light, but, I'm so happy to have found your community.

Sometime good things comes out of not-go-great articles in the New York Times. Case in point, I am reading a good number of comments like the one from Nona...women who sought out SITS to sign up.

May this be the start of a beautiful trend. :)
I've read the article a couple of times and the tone is definitely inflammatory and snarky and I can't imagine how you must feel having spent the weekend with that girl. It took something that's really good and made it ugly.

Writing this much is giving me the confidence to get back into career mode after my kid goes back to school. I'm not sure how that fits in with the picture of selfish child neglect this woman painted.
Anonymous said…
Very good response! While I have not attented a Bloggy Boot Camp, I have been a part of SITS for a couple of months now. Trying to get a small from home business out there, or to bring in a little extra money for the family is not easy. Networking is important to being successful. Don't worry about one hypocritical woman, and instead remember the THOUSANDS of women who are a part of this great network!
Musings from Me said…
Tiffany -- You know how I feel about the Baltimore Bloggy Boot Camp. It was amazing. Period.

The article was not balanced at all. The graphic is hideous. I did not notice it at first...I thought it was an ad. Could the face of the mom and baby be any more grim and miserable? The graphic is not representative of the mom bloggers who I know.

I am upset that Tara at FeelsLikeHomeBlog and Justice Fergie of Blogalicious/Mamalaw were not mentioned by name. Any reporter worth her salt would know that you should make the effort to add the name of the person when referencing them. The reporter should have interviewed both women for the article as both added valuable information to the conference. The article was supposed to be about the conference, right? SITS should have been linked as well.

Did the reporter seek out people to interview? Did she have a list of who she would interview before the conference? Or did people approach her? I could tell by the article that she was focusing on the bloggers rather than the speakers an information exchange at the conference. I wonder if bloggers approached the reporter so that they could be interviewed by a reporter and be linked in the NYT. Sad, very sad.
Elizabeth Patch said…
ALL publicity is good publicity!
Being featured in the NYT means that SITS is now on the radar as a force to be reckoned with!
IF you ignore the lame jokes, which I honestly didn't notice as I skimmed the article, what comes across is the power and the size of the "mommy" blogging community, the serious topics discussed,and the friendships that evolve here.
and hey, who doesn't love Mimosas in a sippy cup?
Stacy Uncorked said…
Now more than ever I'm bummed I missed boot camp for surgery! :) Nicely done on the rebuttal, Tiffany - like Elizabeth said, all publicity is good publicity. ;) Now I'm looking forward to the Philly boot camp even more! ;)
Andria said…
I'm so glad you responded. I think it's funny how when people make it big, they forget that they're really just like everyone else, they just got lucky, or got there first. I hope that Jennifer is feeling a little twinge of remorse and hypocrisy, since she seems to be bashing the very things that she does...

Anyway, I really appreciate all the help that not only SITS has give me, but all of the women I have met through SITS, who have helped me when I had no idea what I was doing. I feel like what I'm doing is important, and what others are doing are just as important to them and the people that follow them.

Andye @ Reading Teen
Shannon said…
ROCK ON, sister.

Or I should say... SITSta ;)

Keep doing what you love. THAT'S why we love you. Your passion for empowering women is inspiring.

Christine said…
Happy Monday ladies!!

SIGH- I need more coffee. My brain can't take all of this right now. All I can say is shame on them. Tiffany, you are AMAZING, inspiring and empowering. ((((HUGS)))))
Cheryl Lage said…
Girl (said like a true sorority sister ;), and I do feel like your sista ), don't you take a bit of this negatively. NOT ONE BIT. I do believe it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

Nuff said. You rock, and I'll bet your toes were looking pretty. Don't let the man (or sadly, in this case, woman) get you down.
In all fairness....the article actually made me want to go to bootcamp ;) The title is so offensive, yet it is funny how she seemed to slip her blog into the article...Maybe that's what she tells her kids! :)
Jennifer said…
I'm pretty sure she let the "career" side of herself overule the "mommy" side of herself.
Great response Tiffany! I am so thankful for the relationships that blogging has brought to me. I hope I can go to a Bloggy Boot camp one day :) I'll even go barefoot!
Anonymous said…
What does you being barefoot have to do with anything? I'm appalled.
Shayna said…
Stopping in from SITS... It really wasn't a horrible article - the title was ridiculous, but that's not the author's fault - and even if it was, no one should overlook the giant compliment of recognition as a force to be reckoned with!

AmericanTribal said…
I was so grossed out by how the conference was portrayed in the NYT.. What you and Heather are doing is WONDERFUL and I honestly couldn't believe that this article was written by a *woman.* It sounded like some chauvanistic pig with his briefs in a twist.
Your comment to them, however, was awesome!
Jayde said…
I thought some of the comments were way off base, like her commenting about you being barefoot most of the day, the tutu tutorial, and the opening where she seems to say that mothers should be teaching kids to read and hiding vegetables and not blogging. I di dhowever see the attempt at informative content and it is possible that her editors had more to do with the finished article than she. I would say for sure, the NYT attempted to bash mommy bloggers, but I'll hold off judgement on the writer until I can hear her side of it.
swilek said…
At first I was like, YAY you guys have an article in the NY Times...next it will be Oprah. But then I read the article. Wow...I admire you mothers out there. I think it is the hardest job in the world ( this is coming from a non parent!) I don't know how you all do it. If creating a blogging community to help each other cope with life as a mommy then more power to you. I know your website is more than "mommy bloggers" . If it wasn't for SITS, I wouldn't have met some wonderful bloggers, wonderful writers,strong, inspirational women, some men bloggers, help with my blog and other internet stuff and most important for me an online community that cares and has inspired me to write. I found a passion and love it! So more power to you. If we look on the positive side, it is PR and next stop the Oprah show!
Survivormama said…
Hey SITSta...You know you rock! What she thinks shouldn't matter as long as you are happy with the job you do and how you ran the bootcamp...sounds to me like everyone who attended had a blast and formed some great relationships as well as felt empowered by the whole thing..so all in all A job well done!
Random Thoughts said…
Great response!!!! I couldn't believe it when I read that artticle! Such a mocking tone! Anway...on a side note I wanted to say Congrats for being noticed (even if not by name or link) SITS was definitely recognized! And that says something..kind of like being mocked on SNL! lol Anyway, SITS is wonderful and I look forward to it every day. Keep it up! And I will certainly be at the philly bloggy bootcamp! And hey...I'm sorority girl and there is nothing wrong with running things like that!
Great response!!!! I couldn't believe it when I read that artticle! Such a mocking tone! Anway...on a side note I wanted to say Congrats for being noticed (even if not by name or link) SITS was definitely recognized! And that says something..kind of like being mocked on SNL! lol Anyway, SITS is wonderful and I look forward to it every day. Keep it up! And I will certainly be at the philly bloggy bootcamp! And hey...I'm sorority girl and there is nothing wrong with running things like that!
erica said…
I have a lot of mixed feelings about the NYT article.

From a writer perspective, I wish she would have been more honest and open about her intent.

From a blogger perspective, I think she missed the mark.

I commented on Kat's post about this, but I think you were the one who was walking about how we were pioneering this new age of media... that us mom-bloggers were creating something so new and so powerful, we don't even know what it is yet...

we will be heard.

This gave me chills. I was inspired, in awe... and yet, none of that was covered.

I happen to be working on a Mommy Blogging story for a local magazine I freelance for... Can't wait to get a few things off of my chest.
Brandi said…
Well...Can I just say that I was pissed that she titled the article as she did?

I loved BB and can't wait for Philly time to get here. I learned alot and I know almost everyone there has said the same.

Really really wrong to go out and make mom bloggers look bad, especially when she herself is a mom blogger.
Tiff, you are hecka fantastic.

I read the article, first page only, before I heard of the outrage, and thought "wow, that chick just doesn't get it..." while also thinking, Tiffany is amazing, look at all she does!
Tracy P. said…
Tiffany, this is classic you. Taking the high road. This is what makes you so successful. Congratulations on reaching your goal--not of becoming famous, but of having the beautiful impact of enriching women's lives. You do, every day, and have maintained an amazing standard in the midst of it.
Jenny said…
Blogging is about creating a community of kind and like minded hearts. Shake off the bad and remember...you are doing a world of good for so many people! There is always a rotten apple in every barrel...I guess that's why you always need a pinch of salt in a baked good. You keep being the sugar...the salt will pickle the naysayers eventually!
Jennifer said…
sorry NYTimes decided to take such a close-minded approach to the amazing work you and Heather have done. I've just realized lately that people like to put everyone else in a box and when they can't classify others it makes them scared. We are a powerful bunch and you just give us encouragement to keep going!

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