$100 Richer!

So, I decided to use a very scientific method to choose the winner.

I told the boy to choose a number between 1 and 167.

He chose 22.

That is Mrs. S!

Please stop by her blog and leave her a comment, she loves 'um as much as I do!

And, incase you haven't stopped by SITS lately, this weeks giveaway is AWESOME.  It's an address stamp!  Since I can't win (that would be a bit suspicious), I am going to get one ASAP.....how much easier (and stylish) will that make Christmas card season!  Go enter!


Rhea said…
Congrats to Mrs. S!

Those personalized stamps are AWESOME!

My mother-in-law gave me one last Christmas that said "This book belongs to Rhea" and was of similar design. If I don't win the SITS one, I'm definitely ordering one. Awesome site. Monogram Chick has GREAT stuff. I'm posting about the contest tomorrow (thru auto post).
That was such a fun giveaway. I'm loving all the monogrammed merchandise!
Jen said…
Yeah for Mrs S!!! She is awesome.
WheresMyAngels said…
Mrs S can..... I mean congrats Mrs S;)
emily freeman said…
Great giveaway, girl...and I like the way you roll with the whole "pick a number between" thing. That works just fine. Would have worked even better if it had been my number, but it's whatever.
Shannon said…
Congrats to Mrs. S!

I'm loving the idea to use the stamp for Christmas cards!
Just Lisa said…
Yea for Mrs S!

Here's something totally lame... when I first read that Mrs S was the winner, I got excited (because that's my name, too). I was thinking, Yay! I won! And then I thought, Wait. How does Tiffany know my last name? I better check the link....

Anonymous said…
Congrats, Mrs. S!!!!

That is a pretty cool stamp. I'm off making my rounds now!

Have a great weekend, Tiffany.
S Club Mama said…
Tiffany, I love you (and the boy)! Thank you so much! I'm very very excited!!!
I'm not home this weekend, but will you tell me if I need to email you my address or something, please? I'll try to check my email sometime. It's ra.schmid@hotmail.com
Thank you thank you thank you!
Heather said…
YAY, Mrs. S!! Lucky duck.
Lula! said…
Hoora for Mrs S. She can start her Christmas shopping early.

I love these stamps so much--I have one with just my name that I use in all my books. I need an address one in a bad way.
Tabitha Blue said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! This giveaway is soo exciting. I LOVE it, and will have to order some things, nonetheless. Like your stories. Glad you're feeling better ;-)
I'm a little new at this blogging thing, but I love it already. It can be hard sometimes to know what to write about.. and then sometimes, it getting the time to do so. Hopefully I'll get better and post something daily, but right now I'm at about every couple days... and sometimes longer on the weekends. Ugh.
Good getting to know you better by reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Sometimes the stuff we feel weirdest about writing is the best cause it's real and everyone can get to know just a little more about you!
Unknown said…
Oh, Poo. I wanted to win. Oh, well. Congrats to Mrs. S. The stamps are lovely.
KatBouska said…
Mrs. S. is so sweet. I'm glad she won!!
Ann Harrison said…
I'm happy for Mrs. S. But I just have to laugh... I was #23.

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