Some Answers.

Wow! You guys came up with some good ones! Today was the first day of school for The Boy and the first weekday back at home, so I am crazy busy.  Therefore, I am splitting it into two posts and will answer the second half tomorrow!

Angela: Do you make up reasons to go see your hot obgyn?

Tiffany: Sadly, we moved away from the HOT OB. Thanks for the memory....

Ann (the Nice one): How is your book club going? Also, After finishing Twilight series, do you feel a sense of mourning?

Tiffany: Book Club is going well. I couldn't attend it this summer, but am looking forward to September's meeting!  Yes, I feel a huge sense of mourning. That's why I cried. However, I wouldn't trade the ache for anything. It's magic when you can feel that way about people who aren't real. That is the magic of reading for me.

Insane Mama: If you, as a teenager, heard your parents having "adult time" would you knock on the door and hush them?

Tiffany: No. I'd be too busy vomiting.

Tina: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment besides the obvious kid and husband.

Tiffany: My career. I have grown a business and it's reputation to the point that we don't need to advertise, and have a waiting list.

Swirl Girl: If you could be reincarnated as an animal, what kind would you be and why?

Tiffany: Are you drinking wine again, SG? I guess a Hawk? Or maybe a dolphin.. I love the water. If Tatum Channing or Morris Chesnut have a dog that they cuddle with and kiss a lot, that wouldn't be so bad....

Karen: So what do you think of the hair style on the front og L'Oreal Feria, #41?

Tiffany: LOVE. IT.

Jennifer P.: I want to know if any of the celebs whose children you entertain have ever made a pass at you. Or been really rude?

Tiffany: Sadly, no. None of them have ever hit on me. sigh. And, I have to say, they are always very nice. Once in a while I will come across a snotty assistant, but that's about it.

Angie: What is the single most annoying thing to you that some bloggers do?

Tiffany: I have two pet peeves. First, pretending to be a celebrity and blogging as such. Second, leaving mean comments as "anonymous" makes me livid. Step up and put on your big girl panties. Geez.

Angela: I have one more serious one, after some thought...How do you balance home life, your work and keeping up the blogs? Do you get up early? Go to bed late? Because I don't seem to have enough time!

Tiffany: Well, I only have one child....and he goes to school. That alone give me like 50 more hours a day then you have available. Plus, I don't create amazing vegan dinners for my family while perfectly decorating TWO homes. Does that help? :) Seriously, I delegate and share. Heather and I share SITS, my husband and I share the housework. Both of us work from home and that makes life really easy.

Mummy: What do you enjoy doing most as a family?

Tiffany: Anything and everything. Especially if it ends in laughter. We are three peas in a pod.

Mrs. S: Why do you call your husband Candy Man? How did you meet Heather? What is your favorite outfit?

Tiffany: I call him Candy Man after the Christina Aguilera song. My husband is totally hot and charming... "He's the one stop shop makes my panties drop. He's the sweet talkin sugar coated Candy Man." So there you have it. Heather lived across the street from me for the year we were in Colorado. We were meant to be friends.  I love to wear anything that makes me look less fat. And, I LOVE comfy sweats.

Dawn: What is your favorite meal?

Tiffany: Salmon Sushi.  Or seared Ahi tuna.

Heather: Where did you get the idea for SITS? How long ago did you come up with it? Did you ever think it would attract so many people? Or did you think it would attract more?

Tiffany: Heather and I were on the phone talking about how to get more comments, and about some of the blogs we know should be seen by more people. The idea just evolved between the two of us. It is way bigger than we expected!

Come back for more tomorrow!!  


Amy said…
K. If you answer my ? tomorrow, can you add in another book recommendation, because I just sadly finished the fourth book. Loved them, but now what? :)
Live.Love.Eat said…
Awesome questions & answers!!!! Love the story behind the candy man name.
Jen said…
Interesting, very interesting.
Heather said…
These questions are goooood!! It makes me miss you more than I normally do. Which is alot. All the time. Especially with all the drama.
Caroline said…
You are one busy lady! Love the Q&A, its always fun to know more about the sistas in the blogosphere!
Swirl Girl said…
Of course you choose a regal (hawk)and intelligent (dolphin) animal.

I would be gifaffe. Because they are taller, and can see their all around, and don't have many natural enemies.

So , you are regal and intelligent and I am paranoid.
Am I the only one wondering exactly what it is you to to entertain celebrities children? I died when I read your comment about the theoretical hearing adult relations going on. :)
I love this. Now I know for sure that I have to steal it. But shocker of shockers, I actually have ideas for this week. Which never happens. So, maybe I'll steal it next week :-)

Oh, and I see that the question I asked answers the first question in your comments today...
Heather said…
Thanks for answering my question! Now I have another. What exactly do you DO for a living? I am so curious! I promise I'm not a stalker (and California is just too far from Ohio anyway).

Great idea for a post!
Shannon said…
"Candy Man" is one of my ringtones on my cell phone! I have it set up to where this song plays when its my husband calling me! LOL!
Summer said…
No no, YOUR blog is saucy! I love this one!

Let's talk about hot docs! I had the hottest family doctor and I finally had to stop going because I'd have issues to talk about but I would chicken out once in front of him. We wasted too many co-pays, so my husband suggested I get a woman doctor. ;-)
Alison said…
You are so much fun! I love the story behind "Candy Man."
Oh noes! I forgot to ask my question.

Seriously and honestly, are my kids not the most amazing little people you've ever met?

Allrighty.... for real. I'm a coach and every so often I want to take a parent out behind a shed and whoop them. I blanch when I hear them speak to their kids. What do you do when you hear parents being cruel to their own kids? When do you step in?
Ha! You crack me up...and I'm so jealous of your 50+ hours!

Those are some naughty Christina lyrics.

Oh, and, I think I might feel myself starting to bend a little to the Twilight peer pressure... ;) I just need to find time to read...something other than blogs!

Fun post!
Just Lisa said…
great questions and answers! I loved reading them!
Wep said…
Thanks for making me saucy! And I love the big girl panty phrase :)

Cecily R said…
Fabulous, fabulous answers, as expected.

And I'm with Wep on the big girl panties line. Perfection.
Anonymous said…
This is really fun! Great idea for a post. I love reading your answers and some of the question are hilarious.
KatBouska said…
These are so fun to read!!

And do you plan on having more kids?
Unknown said…
This is great. I can't wait for tomorrow's installment.
Ann Harrison said…
Just wanted you to know that this was so much fun.
(I'm truly smiling!)
~Ann (The nice one)

P.S. "Twilight" will be arriving via Amazon tomorrow. I'm on my way!
Tinabean said…
These are so much fun to read.
Thanks for opening up & sharing with us!
Unknown said…
Love the reasoning for 'Candy Man' LOL!
Did you hear about the new Twilight book? Stephenie is working on Edwards side of Twilight, I forgot the name but it's on her website.. sounds like a good one...
Debbie said…
Veddy veddy interesting my friend. That was fun to read!
S Club Mama said…
haha your response to my first question is still making me laugh. very sweet though. love this!
Lula! said…
Did I send a question? Can't remember...make one up for me.

here's one: How many times have you read Twilight?
(OK, so I know the answer--but you should share it with everyone else. If you'll admit, I will too.)
Being Honest said…
So fun to learn more about you!
Sydney said…
Great Q&A so far... can't wait to read more. thanks for featuring me on SITS last week. it was SOOO much fun!
Rhea said…
Love all the questions and answers!! It's near learning more about you. You've been kind of the silent one, what with pmac going on and all. It's great to hear more from you!
Jennifer P. said…
Read every one of these---and now I know you even better than before :)! Thanks for taking all the time to answer us!
Unknown said…
Well, thankyou for answering my question. :-) And I rather like it as taking the box with me when I visit my hairdresser next week.

Fuuny Q & A session. Tonight your blog has made me both cry and laugh!!

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