CM took The Boy to the Laker Playoff Game at the Staples Center... The Boy just got chosen (with 5 other kids) to go down ON THE COURT and High 5 the LAKERS!!! OMG! This is so not a waste of time!

He may be on TV, if your watching the game.. you all know what he looks like!!!!


Heather said…
See, I miss all this with girls. I'm sure it was VERY exciting for him.
Alison said…
Oh, that's awesome! He'll never forget that.
Anonymous said…
He's living every grown man's dream. When I told Maisie she started screaming and yelling while Jaime tried to find the game on TV. Congrats to "The Boy".
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is freaking AMAZING!
Anonymous said…
Lucky freaking boy

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