Baby's Got A New Pair of Shoes

So Candy Man took The Boy to get new shoes.  In the past, we've always picked out 3 or 4 pairs and let him make the final decision.  This way, we don't end up spending $50 on silver shoes with yellow stripes.

Yesterday, CM felt it was time to take that step towards manhood and he let The Boy choose from ALL the shoes in his size.  

He selected the pair you see (yes, after one day at school they are that dirty) and let me tell you, that boy was all kinds of excited. 

Today, as we are pulling out of the drive way, I feel something thump down on the center console... its The Boy's new shoe.  He has hoisted his foot up for me to get a good look.  

The following conversation ensues:

TB: "Mom, look what I am wearing."

Me: "Man those shoes are cool.  They kind of look like skater shoes."

TB: "Actually, Mom, they are teenager shoes."

Me: "Really?  What makes them teenager shoes?"

TB: "When I walk down the street, everyone looks at my feet and says, 'Whoa!'

Me: "Of course they do." (because you are the freakin' cutest kid on this planet!)

The way I love him... I have no words people.  No words.


Candid Carrie said…
I've got a seven year boy that loves shoes and a five year old that could really care less about them.

I am still not used to music popping out from people's blogs, pretty cool. The faster the song, the faster I seem to read, and then the faster I try to type. When are they going to ad spul chik pls grmma chk two.

Later Gater,
scargosun said…
Very nice! Excellent style choice for one so young. It shoudl be encouraged. :)
Debbie said…
First I just want you to know that "Ima chair dancin" right now to this song. Love it. And I love this story. Because I have the same type of conversations with my almost 8 yr old daughter about her Hollister shirts that my sister buys for her. (Yes those shirts that teenagers wear fit my 47 lb little peanut..which means they are WAY too small for those teenage girls!) Why do they want to grow up so fast! I want to freeze my babies.
Alison said…
Too cute (the shoes and the boy)! My daughter (5 y.o.) often says about things she likes to wear, "I look like a teenager in this" and I think, "What? That's not OK!" but all she means is she thinks she looks good.
Jennifer P. said…
See--new shoes make EVERYONE feel great :)!
Heather said…
I knew him when he had no front teeth. And my favorite Will story (actually all-time favorite kid story) is the day the grocery bag miraculously floated through the car window just in time for him to grab it and throw up in it.

Anonymous said…
Too cool for school, just like his mommy's beer goggles. DNA is a powerful force.
~Sheila~ said…
Great story. I let my husband buy 2 of my the kids Heelys and they cost $50 each. I didnt know that because he went alone. The kids were lucky that they got to keep them cause I'm a super cheapskate.
Anonymous said…
Tiffany - did you take and edit the picture? You are getting jiggy with it girl! Love the framing...

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