And the Winner Is....

So it took FORVER to print and cut all the comments from the past 2 weeks, but I did it and I have a winner!

Before I get to that, I'd like to say that it has been a wonderful 2 weeks bribing you to check out my blog and comment...I'm hoping it's now habit enough for you to do on your own.. if you left, I'd miss you. Terribly.  

I'm thinking maybe contests are my thing, so check back often... next one will involve naming a photo...

So, now that I have laid the guilt on thick, I'd like to send a BIG, $100 Congratulations to 

Go now and check out her blog, she is HYSTERICAL.  I recommend beginning with the post about the armless dwarf.  If that isn't enough to pique  your interest, I don't know what is.

The Secret is in the Sauce.  Seriously.


~Sheila~ said…
maybe next time I will get a chance to get through all of your posts. I have a feeling you haven't been able to get through most of others. Have you read all of mine?
I think the funniest one is the one called 'Old Blog...New Place' but that's just my opinion.

Nope..the school has a policy that kids with nits are allowed. I know...I don't believe it either. Precisely the reason I kept Miah out of school for two days. School is almost out and my nightmare will be over (seriously, I literally pounce on her head like a momma monkey grooming her young when I see her scratching any part of herself now).
Your's may be just beginning.
Anonymous said…
Congrats Kathy!!!!!
Heather said…
Oh, Kathy will be able to go to Target now!! Way to go, Kathy. And yes, the armless dwarf was probably the funniest post I've ever read. The secret is definitely in the sauce, sister.
Candid Carrie said…
Congratulations, Kathy! You totally own that little man.
Outnumbered2to1 said…
I'm a lurker who definitely has add you to my favorites. I loved your Tampax blog but couldn't come up with something witty to add. I just can't get over the whole, "Have a happy period" which was totally dreamed up by some man who desperate for his wife not to go through PMS. "Honey, take a shower and have a happy period." And the most inane slogan was born.
Alison said…
Congratulations, Kathy! I am intrigued by the idea of a post about an armless dwarf...sounds like a must-read.
Insane Mama said…
Forget Target! Take the 100 and runfor the hills, Do it now before it's to late!
KatBouska said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KatBouska said…
Oh my gosh I was totally gonna come back and be like I SO read your blog!!! Things have been busy, I have a hard time keeping up with everybody and pay attention to my family at the same time...after all I just checked you on Sunday (my catch up day) and then I got here and what!?! I won???? I won!!!! Wooo hooo!!! I won!! I'm SO going to Target! Sweet. What do I have to do to claim my prize? Fly down and make out with you? Make out with an armless man? What? You name it.

And thanks!! You made my day!!!
Tiffany said…
I thought a little guilt might get you here!

YEAH Kathy!

I emailed you yesterday, but I am thinking you didn't get it... I need your address.

Email me:

CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you and target have a wonderful rendez-vous full of hot, steamy, unbridled purchasing!

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