New Twilight Movie Trailer!!!!

Well, maybe not that new, but good, so good.  This clip is NOT scary.
There is nothing vampirish about it. At all.  Its a LOVE story.  Just
watch the stinkin' clip.  


Anonymous said…
Mrs. Romero,
This trailer makes ME even want to see the movie, LOL.
Heather said…
I'm FREAKING OUT right now. OH, it's so so so good. Seriously, if any of you reading this haven't read the book, I must insist that you do. I have to go watch it again. It's going to be SO GOOD!!
John Deere Mom said…
I am not taking any chances watching this until you tell me it's not scary. Have I mentioned I am a big wuss?
I am so excited you tagged me. I will post the link to that particular survey (I refuse to say meme...oops, just did!) and also post a few more secret things about me because I know you are dying to know the deep, dark truth!
Lula! said…
SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO EXCITED about this. Edward! Bella! On screen! Ohmyhead. I'm gonna pass out. Seriously.

Ditto on Heather's comment. You gals that haven't yet must read the Twilight series. "Breaking Dawn" comes out August 2. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

I am not the least ashamed about my love for the Twilight series. Can you tell?
Debbie said…
Tiffany...I miss two days of checkin in my laptop friends and you have written four jillion posts....Ok, where do I start...that Master Thing made me laugh out loud...And if I had water in my mouth, it would have come flying out. I cannot believe your husband said it with a straight face because I couldn't stop laughing.

I loved your meme taggy thing...Great stuff...except the USC part...I'll over look it..I'm a Penn Stater...We need you to stop fielding a pro football team so the rest of us can compete. My sister in law went there and she and her hubby go to all the games all the time. I think she is 36 so she probably graduated earlier.

I still want to know what the Secret is in the Sauce is. Stay away from gossip and people who only hurts people.(That's my two cents) Glad you like to blog, because I love to read what you blog. And you don't need to pay anyone to read your blog. The good ones don't go unnoticed. Look how well you are doing in such a short period of time!

Goatees are hereditary last I checked ;)

I'm scared of Vampires and scared to watch that trailer.
emily freeman said…
Ok, what? Not "what in the world is that clip?" cuz I haven't watched it yet, I confess...but "What? How in the world have I not visited your blog daily?" How have I missed this? This wonderfulness that is your blog?

Think I'll be back?

Yea. I think so.
Emily said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mama Dawg said…

You stopped by my blog yesterday and asked about who this Jared character is that I mention on my blog.

Drop me an e-mail at and I'll let you in on the secret.

I'm probably the only one that does not *rave* about "Twilight." But that is not going to stop me from reading the fourth installment...or going to see this movie :-) Have you read the opening chapter of Twilight from Edward's point of view that is posted on Stephenie Meyer's website?
Unknown said…
I had to come back and FREAK OUT over the trailer again. Girls, it's not scary AT ALL. Trust me, I'm a woos too. It's so delicious. It's just all such a good love story. I'm freaking out.
Connie said…
I live under a rock ... now I have to go to the book store and see what all the fuss is about. Well, there goes any 'house work' I was gonna get done. Thanks! :)
Oh ~ you've been tagged!
Connie said…
I live under a rock ... now I have to go to the book store and see what all the fuss is about. Well, there goes any 'house work' I was gonna get done. Thanks! :)
Oh ~ you've been tagged!
Tiffany said…
Rachel- This is very exciting. I know you thought there was no way the movie could even come close to the book!

Heather, get your tush on out here and let's freak out together on 12.12.08

Angie: Put on your big girl panties and watch the clip. You'll thank me later.

Lula! I love that you are as excited as I am. Love it.
Paging Salt T Balls.

Debbie- I swear The Secret is in the Sauce will be revealed shortly... you are gonna love it.

Mama Dawg- I am emailing you now. When I saw the picture was Jared Leto, I thought something might be up.

Kat- I have read it like 5 times. Did you know she has finished that book, "Midnight Sun."?

Debbie- Yes, I was a posting freak for a day, I think I'm over it. I swear the clip is so not vampirish. Either is the book...I promise.

Heather, you are a true fan. I will be forever grateful for the introduction!!!!

Blarney, get out from under the rock, put down the Sangria and run to your local bookstore. Then come back here to obsess.
Lula! said…
OK, screw it...I'm coming to Cali to watch the movie with y'all. Because, yeah...I like to invite myself places and all. And I want to be all fangirl and teeny-bop and stand in line and ooooooh and ahhhhhh and scream and chant know, the whole bit.

I've watched this trailer about 8 times now. Zero shame in admitting that. To the scaredy cats--Twilight is NOT the least bit frightening. Edward and the rest of the Cullens are GOOD vamps. They eat animals--not people. PETA lovers, beware!
Alison said…
I really liked it. Y'all have convinced me to read the book-- because I MUST read a book before I see a movie. I hadn't read it before's not really my genre, but I've heard good things about the story so I'll give it a try.
Unknown said…
Just coming back to freak a little more...and watch the trailer (again)!

Debbie said…
Ok. I came back to watch it. And to check if you posted AGAIN. I just cannot get that far behind! It's not fun...and I like to comment on every post. Having said that, I watched the between my fingers of course, and it wasn't scary in the least. It looks very suspenseful (which I love) and not vampirish at all...I was picturing Count Dracula in Transylvania not a dark version of "90210"!
~Sheila~ said…
December?!? The movie is coming out in December?!?

That's just waaaay to long. I haven't even read the book and I want to see the movie. I like that stuff too. Buffy and Angel and Charmed (and if any of you guys are's ok..I know I'm a dork) we all have our vices.
Going to now to buy the book...
Tiffany said…
I have watched it like 40 times. The part where he says, "You shouldn't have said that." and then DAZZLES her with his smile... Oh My. Where is Candy Man....
Anonymous said…
OMG!!!! WOW!!! I have the goosebumps. I CAN"T WAIT!!! Can you scream type?
Heather M
Sunshine said…
Okay, I totally have noooooo idea what this is, but I love all of y'all's enthusiasm!
Jennifer P. said…
Woman! You're really making me want to read this book, and i just don't have the time to do it right now, because I will totally neglect my children, home, job, and church until I've read all three in the series. Must. resist. reading. vampire. books......

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