I have spent the evening reading through your Optimism posts and am so incredibly touched.

The inspiration and depth has me in tears.

We can make such a difference in the world by sharing hope.

By dwelling in the possible.  

By believing in abundance.  

By knowing we are worthy of wonder.

Thank you for celebrating the good.  For seeking it out and savoring every bite.  

I adore each and every one of you.  

A winner will be posted on Wednesday.

Until then... keep optimistic.


debi9kids said…
OH! I wish I had seen this earlier :(
I just haven't had much time for reading lately:(

What a beautiful idea, getting people to write about Optimism. I will have to peek and see what they all wrote tomorrow while the babies are napping :)
Snarky Belle said…
Thank you for the opportunity. I enjoyed my week of thinking on optimism. I can't wait to read every single post that was written.

Also, I love this post. Beautiful.
TuTu's Bliss said…
I can't wait to read through them. Hugs, Jen
ch said…
Thank you for this opportunity to focus on optimism! All of the stories are so uplifting!
Thank you for stopping by my blog to take a look at my Optimism post.
Optimism is so simple, "be positive":)
Have a beautiful day!

Art Spectrum
Anonymous said…
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our optimism. So much of our society is focused on the negative, it is difficult to hear optimism and hope in others. I have really enjoyed this exercise!
Jen said…
these were some beautiful posts.
Amy said…
This was a wonderful idea. It sure got me thinking.
Schmerica said…
mornin, always love hearing about your bloggy ideas.
i love the optimism it! i need it these days more than ever in blogland with so many losses. thanks for helping us all to remember that there's chocolate in the crunchiness of life too. {does that make sense? i'm hungry...sorry}
Yay for all the optimism, hehe. This was a fun post to do! Can't wait to hear who wins!!

StampinMom :-)
Brandy said…
Thank goodness someone came up with something more eloquent than Winter can suck it!

Damn hormones.
Swirl Girl said…
sorry I didn't get in on this one.

My wine glass is usually half empty...I need a lesson in optimism.
Sarahviz said…
*mwah* Right back atcha girly.
Crystal Renee said…
I love the fact that your blog is about optimism. I always see the glass half full ;)
Live.Love.Eat said…
I hope I can get my act together to participate in your next one. I am sure this was very touching. I will have to read as many of the linkies as I can to get the good vibes going.
Susie said…
It was awesome to see all that optimism out there!!

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