TMM and RFD are BFF's Forever or Something Like That

Hey there everyone!

(I don't know why, but I start a lot of my emails and stuff with that phrase. It's casual and fun yet not too cozy. Ya know?)

I'm Tiffany's friend C.

(Right Tiff? You'd say we're friends, right? Can I call you Tiff? I've been meaning to ask you that. Or does that nickname bug the heck out of you? I'll let you call me a nickname. But you have to be nice about it. I'll even tell you what my family calls me. And no one else in bloggyland knows. Of course, you know a lot of things no one else in bloggyland knows. And you better keep your mouth shut cause I've paid you quite the pretty penny in bribe money and...I guess I better not piss (can I say piss?) you off huh?)

Some of you may know me as Tattooed Minivan Mom. Yep. That's me. Don't worry. This is a strictly G rated post (minus the piss). You can keep your eyes open.

(And before I forget, if you have a chance today, stop by my blog. My very next post will be my 100th and I'm giving anyone who wants to, a chance to ask me a question that I shall answer. It may be the truth, it may be a lie. I don't know. We shall see.)

I realize Tiffany usually keeps her posts short and sweet. And while I usually start off WANTING to keep it short and sweet, I can kind of be long winded sometimes. (A lot of the time.) The good intentions are there. Really. They are. Maybe it's cause I'm always having conversations with myself on the side?

I thought I'd tell you a little bit about how I got to know Tiffany since a lot of you don't know that we know each other "in real life". We live in the same city. The same part of the city too. So our kids go to school together.

She moved here last year I think?

We both volunteered for our kids' first grade classes. At our school we have hallways in between classrooms where us minions, I mean moms, do our slave work, I mean volunteer work. They call the hallways "work rooms".

Which technically they are, but I think they should actually be called, "The super secret tile gauntlet" where if you step on the white ones instead of the brown ones you'll fall to a firey hell. At least that's what the kids who walk up and down the hall to go to the bathroom must think cause they jump from brown tile to brown tile on their way there refusing to step on the white ones.


they could call it 'The peeping hallway". Cause the kids seem to jump up and down at each classrooms' windows so they can get a peek inside on their way to the bathroom.


they could call it "The 40 yard dash hallway" cause when the kids go two at a time to turn in the attendance folders to the office they are forever doing that "I'm not running, I'm walking, but really I am running/walking so I don't get in trouble when a teacher pokes their head in the hallway to see why there's so much noise"race to the office and back.

See, Tiffany, "a.k.a." Tiff, would've been done with her post by now. I still haven't even told you how we met yet.

Ok, short story long, we volunteered in the "work room" hallway in classrooms right next door to each other on the same days sometimes. And we were both chosen, clearly for our stellar volunteery skiz-illz, to create the new first grade stations for Rocket Language (The Tiff-ster got that one) and Rocket Math (me-sters.)

We had to go on a little field trip to the scary second grade hallway to see how their's was done so that we wouldn't screw up ours. So in a way we were kind of setup on a school volunteer playdate. We got to talking and the rest was history.

She told me about her blog, I read it, we drifted apart over the summer, then when second grade started I sent her a pathetic email that was like "Hey, remember me? Wanna be friends again?" and she was all "NO! Go away!"...ok, not really...she was all "YES! I remember you! I've missed you! I'm going through withdrawals from you, I need you in my life again!"....ok, not really...she just said she did remember me and we started talking blogs again, and I told her I wanted to start my own but I was a fraidy cat, and she said I should, and I cave to peer pressure easily, so I did.

Yes. That's right. You have Tiffany to blame for my existence in blog world. All complaints and/or restraining orders can and should be sent to her.

So Tiffany, Tiff, Tiff-ster, The Tiff-meister, I'm so glad we met and became friends, blog buddies, Bunco mates, my linky pimp and email sisters.

"Did you ever knooooooooow that your my heeeeeeerrrrrrooooo...."

*tears of joy*


*drops keyboard*

*picks keyboard back up because she forgot something*

Because I have an extremely juvenile sense of humor, I'm recommending you go read one of my favorite posts of Tiffany's here.


Aww, good story. I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat. Okay, so I didnt exactly cry, and I am sitting on my bed, not so much a seat. But I thought it was a good story. Plus I love when people can be humorous while telling a story, Gold star for you!
Anonymous said…
Adorable photos!

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Make it a great day!
Amy said…
That is way too funny. Great story.
Heather said…
I can only imagine how much fun the two of you have together.

Gotta love volunteering. We think we're doing it for the kids, but really, it's to check out the teachers, the school, the other punk kids who've been threatening ours...

Oh, I digress.

Tiff and C, sittin' in a tree...

woops, that's not for the g-rated blog. better stop while i'm ahead...
Susie said…
Too funny!! Great story:-)
Mama Dawg said…
You have a juvenile sense of humor?

Never caught on...huh.
Brandy said…
Yeah thanks Tiff. ~sarcasm~

Kidding! I wouldn't have Bachelor updates with TMM. And I would have kept wearing my tutu with my bustier but now I know that is a don't all thanks to TMM.
Jennifer P. said…
I love when I figure out the blog connections! I had no idea we had Tiffany to thank for some serious body art on the blog scene :). Glad she's got someone watching her back over there!---and I get a kick out of your edited sense of humor :)
Tiffany said…
Oh, girl. I am laughing so hard, I've got tears.. you are freakin' hysterical and a true asset to bloggyland...

See you Saturday night at bunco!

Love you!
That was seriously the funniest thing I've read this week. hehe! You rock. :)
Aunt Julie said…
It's OK for you to ramble and such, since you're a "guester," and all. Happy 100th!
Justine said…
Okay, now I know who to blame for me having to go through the torture of reading C's blog. Heeheehee! Thanks a whole lot, Tiff-meister!

Justine :o )
debi9kids said…
OMGosh! This was so funny and cute. Had me giggling out loud!
Must go check out your blog now :)
Lula! said…
I call her Tiff. 'Cause she's my friend "in real life."

Like you, TMM. I know your real name. Will take it to my grave.
Laura said…
You have me cracking up!
Live.Love.Eat said…
I cuss out, I mean, I THANK, Tiffany for introducing you to the blog world everyday!!!!!

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