Hi all! My name is Rachael, from Little Bites of Heaven. Before I get into the post, I want to first say that I am incredibly honored to be able to guest post for, thank you Tiffany for trusting me with Ava. Initially, I set out to write a humorous post, but honestly...I am not really all that funny. I do try, sometimes. But my attempts are usually met with a crickets chirping type of silence. So...I figured I would spare you that pain and instead share with you something that has been on my mind.

Every so often, I get little reminders that my life is finite + fragile.

They can be internal or external, they can be personal or impersonal, they can be tiny nudges or full blown shoves; the impact tends to depend on what is required at that moment in time. I am always looking out to see what comes next, but as it so often goes, I am never ready for them. And yet their timing is, somehow, always perfect; hitting right where I need it, just when I need it.

And there really is no consistency or predictability to these reminders...they just are what they are.

They are reminders that are filled with love {or hate}. Reminders that come in tiny packages or giant hearts. Sometimes they are handcrafted by woman or man, sometimes by nature. They appear with random acts of kindness. Or clouded by random acts of violence. Some appear in words or float through song. Others need no words at all, just an image. They come with happiness + sadness. They come with tragedy + heartache. They come with hope.

And sometimes, the reminders encompass more than I ever imagined possible.

08.09.07 - Cameron James Ella (10)

08.09.07 - Cameron

Despite the fact that they aren't always positive, I like the reminders. Quite a bit, in fact. It is comforting to know that they will be there, helping to guide me along as I stumble through life; because there are times when I really, really need just that.

While I know that I always have the choice within my power to change, sometimes I need to be presented with the stark reality that there are no second chances in life to be forced to change. To be reminded that once an opportunity has passed, it is gone. Because really? This is it. Life is short. It can be sweet, it can be bitter, it can be both. But, this is it.

And sometimes, I need a reminder of that.

I think we all do, from time to time.


PS - I just found out from Lula!'s post that today is Tiffany's birthday, so don't miss out on wishing her a Happy Birthday in the post below!


Lula! said…
Oh, Rachael...this was such a good reminder. I needed this.
I think there is much truth in your post. Reminders come in a lot of forms. We are greatful for the warm fuzzy ones and saddened by the not so warm ones, but none the less all are reminders of lifes lessons.
Live.Love.Eat said…
What a beautiful post. It's so true and I couldn't have said it any better! And that 2nd picture is just amazing. Such a reminder of the fragility for sure!!!!!
Lucia said…
Fragile indeed. Thanks for the reminders and heart warming pics. So little!
Good reminder, Rachel.

Happy Birthday, Tiffany! My first time visit here..... look forward to browsing and getting to 'know' you!
Anonymous said…
Your babes are adorable!
debi9kids said…
Ok, so this is why I love you rachael!
Beautiful post!
Ashley said…
I love this post!! Cherishing each moment and then having that moment to look back on and see where we've been can be so uplifting. Take joy in the good things and look at how we've recovered from the bad. Reflection is a necessity. Good job, Rachael!
Tiffany said…
What a beautiful post. Great job!

Thank you SO much for guest posting, I feel so spoiled!
KatBouska said…
They are perfect!! And I am so with you on the remiders...I prefer NOT to be thumped in the head with them, but often that is the case. I'm a little on the slow side. Beautiful post!!

And happy birthday Tiffany!!
Donnetta said…
Beautiful and well stated. Because you are so correct and we only get one chance, one life, I'm going to finish this comment and shut down my computer for the night. And spend time with my family.

Great job, Rachel.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Tiff!!!!

Great post Rachael. You ladies rock for posting up a storm during Tiff's super busy time. Kudos!

Ash said…
Wonderful pictures, and reminder :-)
Vanessa said…
Beautiful pictures, thoughtful post. We all need reminders. Thanks, Rachael.

And to Tiffany - I'm new to your blog too, by way of Rachael's guest post - Happy Birthday!
Nicole said…
Just the right words when needed. Thanks, Rachael.
Alison said…
Thank you for the lovely post.

And happy birthday, Tiffany!
Little reminders like these make my heart melt.
Kathy B! said…
What a beautiful post. Thanks so much for reminding us...
Oh, very nice reminder! It is nice to have every now and then!

Jamie :-)
Anonymous said…
That was a rave, definately. And the birthday greeting, awhhhh, that's just so sweet.
lynette355 said…
stopping in from sits
happy belated birthday

congrats on being the FB with sits too!

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