My Fab Five

Lula! made a comment on Carrie's recent post that got me thinking...

So do you remember the Friends episode where they all write their list of celebs that they would be allowed to have "relations" with if the opportunity ever arose? (Okay, so maybe you wouldn't get all physical, but just go to dinner...and maybe dessert.)

Again, my usual disclaimer. In no way does this post diminish my love for all the hunky hotness that is Candy Man.

Well, I want to know your 5. It will speak volumes about you.

Here are mine. In no particular order.

1. Vince Vaughn (The humor and height is hot.)
2. Morris Chestnut (Where do I start?)
3. Edward Cullen (I know he isn't real, and, he could potentially kill me. Don't care.)
4. Channing Tatum (Step Up. I was enthralled. And, it wasn't the story line.)
5. Michael Buble. (That voice? Anytime, anywhere.)


Lula! said…
I'm totally stealing all of yours. 'Cept Vince Vaughn. He's never done it for me.

Morris Chestnut? Aw, heck yeah. And he'd be singing while we were together. So would Michael Buble. Channing wooed me in Step Up (the scene with the kid sister--freakin' adorable!).

And Edward? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah, baby. Would love to be bit by him, and that's no foolin'.

I think by now the readers of Lulaville know for certain that Jason Statham is fair game in my marriage. I adore my husband. He is my gift from God, my answer to prayer and my best friend. BUT...if Jason were to ever round the corner of my house, all bets are off. That's just the way we roll. Jason is my boyfriend. End of story.

The other 2 (yes, I just have 3) are James Marsters ("Spike" from Buffy--you know I dig vampires) and Josh Holloway, better known as "Sawyer" on Lost. Josh is southern, has dimples, and is pretty much the sexiest thing going these days. Yum.
p.s. I'm gonna get arrested for this, but those Jonas Brothers are pretty swell, too. Just sayin'.
Tiffany said…
Lula! If you are going "there" with the Jonas Brothers, then I am going "there" and adding Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian).

Anonymous said…
Hmmm..there is so much to choose from...

1) Benecio Del Torro (Sexy...and that voice...yummy)
2) Andy Garcia (we have a Cuban connection)
3) Josh Holloway (that body!)
4) Josh Brolin (reminds me of my hubby)
5) That guy from Sex and the City who dates Samantha (Super-sexy)
Tiffany said…

Benecio almost made my list.. yes the voice. Oh My.
Great talking to you today. You are so my people.
Soulflower said…
hahaha, I wonder what this list says about me

1. Jay Z (The swagger is amazing)
2. Mr. Big (Anyone who can insert the word "fu**ing" in the middle of a sentence and not make it sound vulgar is an artist)
3. Jerry Seinfeld (He's helarious and SO meticulous)
4. Morris Chestnut (Sweet Jevus)
4. Hayden Christensen (OMG...darth vader come to life, come on)
Soulflower said…
Cathy, Andy is definitely a hot one. He almost made my list! You've got great taste going there!
Anonymous said…
1. Patrick Dempsey (hot and vulnerable)
2. Christian Bale (mysterious and very hot)
3. Rob Dyrdek (from Rob and Big. so funny i could watch him for days)
4. chris martin from cold play (aside from the names he gave his children he sends shivers down my spine when i hear that sweet, melodic voice)
5. both (or either) wilson brothers. funny and hot
Tiffany said…
Soulflower- I love your picks, I could have guessed most of them. Mr. Big,is soooo hot, when he calls her "kid"...FORGET ABOUT IT.

Rachel- Rob..really? Humor must REALLY turn you on.
I totally agree with you on the others.. (except the Wilson brother with the messed up nose and suicidal tendencies...)
Natalie said…
Mine keep changing..... today it's:

1) Scott Elrod (absolutely takes my breath away-I want to drown in his blue eyes)
2) Matthew McCanaughey (spelling? Anyway, I keep trying to get over him but it doesn't happen)
3) Shemar Moore (hot, hot, hot! He can profile me anytime he wants)
4) Jeffrey Dean Morgan (like a teddy bear I just want to cuddle for hours)
5) Hmmmmm.....maybe Skeet Ulrich, maybe Ian Somerhalder, maybe Alex O'Loughlin with his cute accent....lots of possibilites. :)
Lula! said…
Mrs. Romero--that IS right. Prince Caspian...good one. It's all about being young at heart.

Ditto on Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big. He is a man's Denzel and George. Very sexy. Oh, and Jason Lewis aka Smith Jerrod. I'm depressed that it's currently 6:45 on the east coast, I've had 2 hours of sleep combined with a high temp and a firey throat. Yuck. There ain't gonna be no Sex and the City for me tonight. Or in the country.
John Deere Mom said…
I want to play!
1. Wentworth Miller. Supposedly he is gay, but I DO NOT care.
2. Mike Rowe. Have you seen him w/out his shirt?
3. Jason Taylor. Tall, dark, handsome, and that VOICE.
4. LL Cool J. I have lusted for him since high school and he only gets better with age.
5. Patrick Dempsey. McDreamy indeed.
Heather said…
I agree with Angie...Wentworth is YUMMY. I hadn't heard he was gay and now I'm sad. Really, really sad.

Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's baby daddy)
Steven Strait (SO pretty in the Covenant)

I need more coffee and then I'll be back.
Outnumbered2to1 said…
Oh yeah, Mrs. Romero, except I only recognize Vince Vaughn. I'm sorry. Okay here are mine and yeah, I would totally throw Mathew Mc. on there if he wasn't so anti-deoderant.
1.George Clooney (I know total cliche)
2. Matt Damon (LOVE him)
3. Mark Wahlberg
I suppose its just three for me
Nissa said…
1. Dave Navarro
2. Johnny Depp (what can I say, I like guys with Tats!)
3. Patrick Dempsey(always loved him- don't watch Grey's Anatomy, though. Wierd)
4. Trent Reznor (he's just awesome, I think)
5. John Cusack (Another crush carried over from the 80's)

honorable mentions: Edward Norton, Matt Damon (sorry, there are just too many hotties out there)

I wandered over from Sunshine and Lemonade. I figure, if Kat likes it, I probably will, too!
Candid Carrie said…
Jack Black -- less than three Jack Black, no one else even wanted him yet, so he will be so grateful to me for picking him in this Rated R game of Red Rover

Owen Wilson -- I know I could totally fix and release him

Brett Favre -- I don't care if I would have to leave Wisconsin. I would ride that ship to Mississip (I wanted that to rhyme). Also, no one else picked him so, again ... all mine.

Ryan Seacrest -- If you can get past his tiny head and ultra-fragile frame ... the guy is funny with perfect comedic timing and uber filthy rich.

Candy Man -- I've seen the pictures.

Vince Vaughn -- I'll sleep with Jen's Sloppy Seconds any day. Tall, dark, funny and just the right amount of chest hair, mmmm.

I agree with Outnumbered on Matthew McC. If I want to cuddle, I need a freshly scented pit.

And if Outnumbered ever wanted to pitch her hubby into this ring, I'd be all over that, too.

Random Order, too.
Anonymous said…
When I see Patrick Dempsey I'm still reminded of that dork on Can't Buy Me Love. I can't get past it. Who can't want Edward!? My all time fav from childhood is Keanu Reeves. Will Smith also has me. Beyond that it's any of those guys when the jeans are slightly down on their hips they have that V muscle that points you in the right direction!
Heather M
Candid Carrie said…
Anonymous is right ... you can't help but follow an appropriately pointed arrow!
Tiffany said…
You guys crack me up!!!

Lula- no sex in the country? I am sorry you don't feel well!

Angie- I am so with you on Jason Taylor. D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s

Heather- I CANNOT believe I left Steven Strait off my list. It's already laminated and in my purse...Ugh!

Outnumbered: Matthew Mc is so hot in the movies, but then he is all weird, smelly and naked in real life. George is not cliche, he is classic.

Nissa- Welcome! Johnny Depp is a good one, the tats and the crazy talent. Now you've got me thinking about Orlando Bloom....

Carrie-Ryan Seacrest! Are so funny, I am about to pee my pants. You could totally save Owen...he needs you. Brett Favre...HOT.

Heather M- Keanu Reeves..his forearms are the best in the business, I bet he has those babies insured. And, yes, just write V muscle, that will keep your options open,
1. No thanks on the Patrick Dempsey...but give me McSteamy any day. Eric Dane is hot.
2. Another doc...Goran Visjnic from ER. Yum.
3. Hugh Jackman. He's mine. All mine.
4. Gerard Butler. Wonder what he wears under his kilt...
5. Clive Owen - he has the great rough around the edges aura to him. exactly does this speak volumes about me?! :-)
Candid Carrie said…
It indicates you've got good taste, Kat. Nothing to be concerned about here.
Tiffany said…
And, Kat, it tells me you like the rugged too.
Anonymous said…
Okay....let's see here's mine:

1. Justin Timberlake (cutie face and amazing dance moves - saw him 3 times last year and left wanting more)

2. Denzel Washington (enough said)

3. Michael Vartan (Never Been Kissed, Alias - he is so sexy)

4. Michael Jordan (have had this crush since high school)

5. Jon Bon Jovi (another long time crush of mine) that is what it says. And that I have a thing for biceps. And other muscles ;-)
Lula! said…
Wait. Wentworth Miller is gay? Say it ain't so!! Angie, where'd you get this mournful info?

Kat, I totally agree with you on Clive Owen. HAWT! I like rugged men--hence my obsession with Jason Statham. No pretty boys for me, please. (Josh Holloway is pretty, indeed, but a badass--that works for me.)

And Heather--the reason we are BFFs is 'cause I adore Steven Strait and The Covenant. It's the one movie that when I mention it, people either say, "Never heard of it" OR "That's witchcraft, i.e. satanic." WHATEVS, people. Whatevs.

Tiffany, look at what you started--all these wives macking on other men. I love it! I love you! Ha.
Tiffany said…
Lulu?! Why don't me you and Heather all live on the same street? I could watch Covenant all day long.

I am seriously thinking the 3 of us (and other freak) need to meet up for 12.12.08. I want to see Twilight with some real fans.

Go read "The Host". Its slow to start, but SO worth it.
Missy said…
Why am I always so late to comment? You girls are quick on the draw!
Only one...wait for it...
Robert Downey Jr. And I haven't even seen Iron Man yet! What can I say, I'm a "people fixer" and his overly-rehabbed little butt is prime real estate! And those eyes...shivers!
John Deere Mom said…
Lula. I feel your pain. I want to have Wentworth's babies...but if the rumors are true, it would take place in a test tube. Here's a link to some alleged gay happenings with our man.
Heather said…
Oh, I forgot about Justin Timberlake!! And Angie, I can't bring myself to look at the proof regarding Wentworth. I think I could be the woman to turn him around.
Insane Mama said…
Morris Chestnut (for sure)
Kenny chesney (don't laugh, and I don't even like country music)
Harrison Ford (again, don't laugh)
George Clooney (??? I think)
Matt Damon ( He is hott)

These are all so random and don't make any sense
Summerplace said…
Let's see..I'm not as young as you guys but I'm not dead yet!!
Patrick scrubs of course.
Harrison Ford for his smile...whatever..
My former dentist's assistant, Giovanni....Heather, you know this is true.. because there is nothing quite like a tall Italian guy whispering in your ear while you are laying next to a dentist's chair, people!
Kenny Chesney could "sing" to me anytime.
Do I have to have 5..I'm all out of breath!
Pauline said…
I am so posting about this on my blog with a link back to you. it is too much fun just to bury in the pile o comments you have here.
my top pick would be antonio banderas, with an accent. yes, i am latina and LOVe him-but only in the movies...not in real life.
anyway-if you got that far, you won the diaper bag on my contest!
I am going to be sending the Hoohobbers people your information, so please get back to me with details so they know who you are!
Jennifer P. said…
Do not hold my picks against me. I'm kind of into older guys with great mouths.

1.Alan Rickman (yes--Snape, but I loved him in Sense and Sensibility)
2.Kiefer Sutherland
3.Kenneth Branaugh
4.Anderson Cooper
5.My eye doctor, Dr.Tremayne, who could kick McDreamy's butt any day :)!
Tiffany said…
Anderson Cooper! Jennifer I am laughing so hard right now.. cause I totally agree!
Lula! said…
Oh YEAH. Jennifer P picked Kenneth Branaugh. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I'm certain Kenneth is Shakespeare made over. He is super delicious. And where has he been the past few years? He needs to come back into my life.

And Keifer Sutherland...yep, David the Vampire. Again with the bloodsuckers...'cause, you know, it's my thing.
Ruby Rideout said…
oh my....i love this post. i might have to steal the idea and post it on my blog in the near future! Perhaps you wouldnt mind? :)

nowadays, no one really fazes me. something must be wrong with me.

a few years ago, i would have picked clive owen and vince vaughn to eat dessert with....or on! ;)

Cute cute post!!
Amy said…
I'm late to the game but I still want to play.
1. Samantha's neighbor from the Sex and the City movie. -wait til you see. Yum.
2. Kid Rock
3. Johnny Depp
4. Dave Navarro (I seem to have a bad boy trend going here)
5. Jack Johnson- he's not bad, I just love to hear him sing.
Lex the mom said…
I don't often get moved by something like this, but lately there's this one actor that has me all in the vapors. So, in the spirit of fun and hotness, I will go ahead & name 5 I could do - er, dessert with.

1. Javie Bardem - this crush came before No Country for Old Men. I first saw him in The Dancer Upstairs & wah, wah, me! He's a lovely piece of Spanish extremidade (portuguese for butt). No creepy hitman with the 70's bowlcut, just the real sexy dude with the bedroom eyes.

2. Jensen Ackles - wowza!

3. I, too, have a thing for Clive Owen - I think it's his eyes.

4. Goran Visnjic - it's the Euro in him.

5. Paul Walker - oh, doo-dah day!

Quickie post. Yay!
Lex the mom said…
Javier Bardem...scuse me. In my hasty post & excitement, I left out the "r".
Lex the mom said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger said…
ok, this is SO weird! I was just planning out this exact post on my blog! I'll post it tonight. and we have one overlap. big surprise :)
When I read "Channing Tatum" Stockard Channing immediately came to mind and I was like, "Oh, okay, whatever floats your boat. She was kinda hot as Rizzo." Then I realized I was mistaken.

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