More About ME!

Kathy has tagged me.  Please read it this post and I promise not to do another for a month.
And, you will find out all kinds of interesting tidbits about me!  It's a win/win people.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
In 1998 I was graduating from USC (FIGHT ON!) and getting married!  We had just bought our first home and gotten our first dog, Riley.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
Peanut butter filled pretzels.
Red Seedless Grapes
Cheese.  Any kind.  I love the stuff.
Cool Ranch Dorritos
Salmon Sushi

Five Things on My To Do List Today:
Boot Class
Enter latest bank statement into Quickbooks
Clean downstairs desk off
Answering business emails
Call Heather about The Secret is in the Sauce

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Get a pool
Start a college scholarship program for at risk youth
Run for the US Senate
Buy and island and build a private resort
Pay people to read my blog

Five Jobs I have had
Gap (sales assoc. and manager)
Victoria Secret (manager)
Waitress (great job.  loved it)
Current business

Five of my bad habits
Sitting on my ass
Eating crap
Indulging in gossip
Picking fights
Blogging all day

Five Places I have lived: 
Agoura Hills, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Norman, OK
St. George, UT
Castle Rock, CO

Five People I want to get to know better: (yes this means you are tagged!)

Six random things:
1.  My favorite movie quote is, "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me."
(Steel Magnolias)
2.  I have a tattoo.  American Flag on my lower back.  No, I was not in the military, just a true patriot.
3.  I dislocated my knee during a swim race.  Pushed off the wall on a flip turn and it went right out to the side and stayed out.  For 20 minutes.  Until the hot paramedics pulled me out of the water on a stretcher.
4. I had my gall bladder removed.
5. My husband was an LAPD Detective (I know, the hotness just keeps on coming!)  before leaving to run the business with me.

That's it.  That's some crap about me.  Do you feel any different now that you know?


~Sheila~ said…
Well...maybe a little different. That 'picking fights' answer threw me for a little loop. What's that all about?
Heather said…
So, so very much to comment on here. Where to begin?

Since you left, noone will eat sushi with me.
I will be here to answer your call.
You forgot our beach bungalow on your billionaire list.
I share your bad habits except for fighting. Can't we all just get along??
I think I need that Steel Magnolia's quote on a t-shirt to wear every Friday night.
Yes, her husband is really hot.
Don't you love how this comment isn't about you, but all about me?

I'm so sorry for referencing so many "inside" jokes, fellow readers. Love me through it. I'm going to stop now. I need more coffee. And a hug.
That Steel Magnolias quote is my absolute favorite. I think I use it on a daily basis. Even at church. I've been tempted to pretend I was tagged for this one and do it anyway...
Candid Carrie said…
I think you could combine a couple of things on that list and perhaps achieve a goal.

If you wore an outfit from Victoria's Secret and flashed your American Flag tatoo you would be very successful running for U.S. Senate without spending a dime.

Can I help with the campaign slogan? My guess is that you could get the Karate guy to say at the end of the television comercial:

This ad has been endorsed by Master Bates.
Connie said…
I'm it! I'm It! I'm it! I've been tagged! Oh goodie ~ this could take me all day to answer ... so much to blab about! You know I am going to have to move all my scheduled posts back a day now ...
Tiffany said…
Shelia, I am usually easygoing, but I have this thing about injustice...I will fight you. It's gotten better since I had Will, but I am not cured. Especially in parking lots.

Heather, the bungalow will be on a different side of the island.

Kat, consider your self tagged. I am adding you to my list now. I'm a rebel like that.

Carrie- this is perfect. Your special genius is showing again.

Blarney- I will be checking your blog hourly, get to it!
Amy said…
I love reading these. It reminds me of those quizes you get in e mail every once in a while. Fun post. My favorite quote is a Brian Andreas one, that before we got it repainted it said above the door in our mudroom. "We don't have much time, so let's just talk about me." I miss it sometimes, maybe that's why I blog....
Kori said…
Stumbled across your blog and thought I should say HI. I am a fighter picker myself. Totally unitentional I swear;-P
scargosun said…
Even gladder to know you. :)
LMAO. "Pay people to read my blog." BWAHAHAHA.

Is it wrong that I want to cut you for tagging me? I'll get to it I PROMISE but, um, quick! Look other there. Distracted. Good. Me too!
Alison said…
I love getting to know people better through these memes.

Great quote, too.
Insane Mama said…
gotta love the hot paramedics :)
and I don't think I will eat cheese any more
Outnumbered2to1 said…
Thanks for the tag. I'll play along although you may regret your decision ;)
Ruby Rideout said…
I'm so glad you stopped by my blog.
I love yours!

This tag post has me roaring in laughter, yes I roar. j/k

OMG too funny, we would hit it off really well.

I'll beeee back. ;)
Anonymous said…
I don't see you as a pickin fights kinda gal! Maybe because you want to use your words?
Heather M
Missy said…
Time to confess...although you commented on my blog, I was lurking on your's first! Although I'm no "Master Bates" I might be a Master Lurker! You had me hooked after that post. And then I read about your pretty va-jay-jay and teh hot obgyn and was literally rolling on the floor!
Thanks for visiting me! Loved hearing more about you and all your quirky glory! I'll be back for my daily dose of Romero...
Soulflower said…
all stuff i knew, i love you still! :) Picking fights hahahahah!

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