Boyhood Magic

Last night, my 10 year old son and his teammates experienced the magic of boyhood at its best.

They won our local "World Series" for their age group.

The best part?

Every single player got on base.

Every single player contributed.

And, when that 3rd strike crossed the plate securing their victory?


I am so grateful I got to be there to witness such joy and pride on the faces of 10 year old boys.

To my son, who had a season which included 2 over-the-fence-home-runs, and dozens of zinger ground balls and RBIs, a great season of pitching and playing first base like a confident young man- I am so proud of you. I am even more proud of the times you hustled back after a strike out, or got right back in the game when things didn't go as planned- those are the times that shape the man you starting to become.

To my husband who is the best coach I've ever seen, thanks for making those kids feel like kings and pushing them to reach their potential. Will is such a lucky boy to have you for a father.

Boyhood goes by in a flash, here's to hoping we get a few more moments of magic.


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