Spring Break, Baby!

Remember those days of bikinis and baby oil?

A little "Sun in".

Scouring to Contempo for the latest "Spring Break" fashions.

Maybe head to Palm Springs or Vegas.

Drive "the Strip".

Ah yeah.

Well, the R Family is mixing it up a bit.

I mean, let's be honest, the last time my abdomen saw sunlight the year still started with "19".

So, we are taking our wild-spring-break-selves on an East Coast "live history tour".

We fly into Boston- check out the "freedom trail" then head off to see the Yankees play the Red Sox at Fenway Park. {the boys VERY excited}.

Then, we take the train to NYC.

Two days in the big apple.

Statue of Liberty, Central Park Carriage Ride, Times Square, Subways, and more.

{We will go ahead and skip the all-night clubs I frequented during the 1994 Spring Break I spent in NYC.... does "the Tunnel" still exist?}

Then, the train to Washington, DC.

Two days in our Nation's Capital for Mount Vernon, all the monuments, museums, etc.

As a huge history buff, this a trip I've always wanted to do as a family.


And, the best part?

No bathing suit required.



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