True Blood- I'm a Sucker for It.

Get it?

My clever play on words.

I'm a "sucker".

As in "blood Sucker".

I crack myself up.

My obsession started last season.

I could only dream of it during the summer, as we had no HBO at the summer place.

I came back home and watched 4 episodes in one day.




I am obsessed with True Blood.

And, completely and totally devoted to Eric.

For those of you not watching True Blood {and living incomplete lives}, Eric is the bad boy version of a vampire.

He's tall.

He's blonde.

He's immortal.

He's smokin' hot.

He's a "sheriff". {And you know how I like a man in "enforcement".}


So how about you?

What's on your mind these days?


Ali said…
This post is my feelings EXACTLY.

Seriously, I freaking LIVE for this show!

It's sort of ridiculous.

Just like Eric is sort of ridiculously perfect/sexy/amazing.

Oy, this show.

That is all.

Oh, and I love your play on words, suckaaaa!
SO many people have been telling me that I have to watch this show! I do not have HBO! :(

What season is it in? I will have to wait until I rent it on DVD :(
Sera said…
I don't have HBO, either! I may have to see if there are episodes on hulu or something...I love me some vampire cuties. :)
Suzanne said…
my husband loves this show! He read all 9 of the books this summer too! ha!
Anonymous said…
Amazingly enough, True Blood is on my mind too. ERIC more specifically.

He's the definition of hawt. End of story.

mommakin said…
I do not have HBO. Weep for me. Like Suzanne's hubs, though, I read the whole series this summer. One after the other - like M&M's. Nom nom nom.
S Club Mama said…
Sounds like a great show. No HBO here, though.

I'm waiting for Biggest Loser to start up again.
Amy said…
I do not get HBO. I have heard of this show though. I am glad you are enjoying it. Today I am just watching the rain come down. No swimming today...
Heather said…
Oh, honey, I was drooling all over my pillow on last Sunday's episode.

A naked Eric, whispering sweet nothings in my, I mean Sookie's, ear?

Just short of heaven, I tell ya.
Lula! said…
I saw him first. I claimed him first. I. Love. Him. So. Bad.

But I'll share him. With you. Ahem.
Jingle said…
My husband loves this show, so I'm forced to watch it. I don't actually like it much at all and I usually sit with my scrapbook magazines while it is on, but...I have to say...that Eric has caught my eye, too. He is certainly making it less of a nuisance to have the show on! LOL! Of course...he has some similarities to my husband which cracked HIM up to say the least! LOL!
sassy stephanie said…
I've never seen it. I'm a little afraid of taking on ANOTHER obsession.
BookLady said…
My husband watches it! (I find it funny that he does, considering the books were meant for a female audience!) I like the storyline, but the blood and gore is too much for me! I cover my eyes during those parts! So, I'm not obsessed, but I do know what's going on . . . wanna talk about obsession? Just ask me about football! (Steelers or Trojans!!!)
Stephanie Faris said…
The vampire thing just isn't me. I can appreciate that it's made careers for a lot of talented just doesn't interest me at all. I'm more into ghosts and paranormal investigation, that sort of thing. That's not a craze in fiction yet (although it is on TV) so I'm doing my best to force a new trend!
Unknown said…
LOVE True Blood LOVE Eric good grief he is HOTT

I am thinking I am going to have to read the sookie stackhouse series
AmericanTribal said…
I have yet to watch True Blood... I'm so lame lol.

Love the Fleur-de-lis on your blog (they are one of my favorite symbols).

Also love your play on words! :)

I have a poll in my blog if you want to give your input!
Lisa Anne said…
I just started watching it last night. I have netflix delivering the entire 1st season to me. Episodes 1 and 2 of season 1 were kinda boring. I hope it picks up.
Rachel said…
Right there with ya.

Though I am more of a Sam "lady" myself.

Oh that sweet puppy face!
Julie said…
What's on my mind is pretty much the same as what's on your mind. Can't get enough!
Swirl Girl said…
He's so much hotter than Bill...I like 'em dirty.
I gravitate toward the sexy bad boy, too (um, don't tell my husband, the straight laced business type).
I'm all over Eric
Did you see the bedroom scene last week.
What am I saying? Of course you saw that greek god body.
I pray they let his relationship with Sookie go according to the books. ;)
Ash said…
Nothing really, so I'm thinking I need to check this out (but, and secret here, that's the name of one of my sons - kind of ups the oog factor - darn it.)
tiarastantrums said…
he is very tall!!!!!!!! a bit broody!
Unknown said…
He's pretty good looking, for a vampire! Don't have HBO

Just stopping by from SITS to say Hi; hope you'll do the same.
April Greer said…
I'm with sassy stephanie in being a little hesitant to take on another obsession. I watch very little tv but what I do watch obsession. Maybe I'll try an episode and then buy the season so I can cure my fix! I have to watch Lost this way as well.
Lady Di said…
Oh, Eric how I love thee!!! Have you read the books? They are great and let me say the actor that plays Eric is everything and more that I imagined in my mind Eric to be. My husband has become a tad bit concerned about my Sunday obsession. He thinks it is funny and amazing how fast I can get all the kids to bed on Sunday nights as opposed to all those other days of the week.
Live.Love.Eat said…
Between you and Lula there is no way I cannot check this out. Going to google right now the status of the show like if it's on DVD and stuff since I don't have HBO.
leigh hewett said…
Vampires are cool! All the ladies want to go to prom with a surly vampire thanks to Twilight.

I have to check out True Blood.

What's on my mind these days? Well thank you for asking. I am working on a little project on my Bliggidy Blog called The Poetry Project.

My goal is to relocate the poet in me.

Stop by and say hello if you have a moment.

melissa said…
i LOVE true blood. it's my favorite show. better than heroes. and i totally agree about eric.
love. it!
Sevi said…
Oh Eric! I think I love him more than my husband sometimes. He is just absolutely breathtaking.
Maureen said…
I have never seen this show yet.... another one to add to my checklist I guess! I am just reading Eclipse. Yeah, I am so behind the times. ;)
Unknown said…
I haven't seen this show. Or read the vampire books. I know, I know. I always get into things about 5 years after they are popular : )

I will tell you what show I am obsessed with. The Real Housewives. OH MY GOSH. When it is Thursday at 10 pm I won't talk to my kid or my husband. It is just me and those CRAZY psychotic and HILARIOUS Real Housewives : )

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