I'm back!

We had a great time exploring the Grand Canyon and living large in Vegas.

One of my favorite things to do is people watch.

Vegas just might be the all-time BEST place to do so.

My parents joined us, which allowed Candy Man and I to "go out" one of the nights we were there.

How sad is it that we decided to stay at our hotel and play Bingo?

Don't answer that.

Did you know that Bingo has gone hi-tech? Yep, you sign up and they give you this nifty machine which has all your "cards" downloaded and it let's you know when you've won.. {which I did, by the way, $50, thankyouverymuch.}

I know what you're thinking, "What fun is that?"

Surprisingly, really fun.

And, much less stressful.

I am always worried about being the ass that yells "BINGO!" when I've made a mistake.

The machine tracks all that for you.

While you drink free Coronas.

But, if you insist on rolling old school with the paper and the daubers, they still allow that. Not sure why- as the chance of an faux bingo is much more probable, but I respect your bingo decision.

So, enough about the Bingonater. {my name for it}

Let's talk about the people.

The blue hair.

The smoking. Good Lord. I've never seen so much smoke in one place.

The gold jewelry- a ring on each chubby finger.

The polyester pan suits.

The "bingo bag" full of daubers, Virgina Slims and lucky Virgin Mary statues.

Yep, we hung on the senior side of Vegas.

It was so nice to be the youngest, hottest chick in the room.


Anne said…
I love Vegas, because no matter what I do I can just look around and feel like the classiest woman in the joint. ;)
Amy said…
Yeah for being the hottie....
Valerie said…
I love Vegas. We always have so much fun. I haven't tried the Bingo machines yet so I'll give it a whirl next time.

Glad you had a great time!
Rachel Lopez said…
Welcome home! Being the hottest girl in the room and a winner? Lucky to boot :)
See you in the morning
Summer said…
Heading to Vegas in two weeks...We're always the oldest chicks on the dance floor!

Okay, now that you're back, let's plan the night out!
KatBouska said…
You and Summer are not planning any night out without me. It's no fair.

And Yay for Vegas...I've never been there, but you painted a lovely picture for me! High tech Bingo sounds like FUN!!!
theUngourmet said…
Did you see any beany babies? :0) The last time I played bingo, people had their beany babies on the tables for good luck!
Anonymous said…
Vegas is definately the best place to people watch. It seriously has a life of it's own. Glad you enjoyed your trip!
Snarky Belle said…
Everything about this post made me laugh...out loud even. :)
Stephanie said…
Vegas is SO fun! Glad you had a good time!! :)

And I LOVE Bingo!
I'm so glad that you had such a great vacation. I always love going to Vegas.......I have to admit though it was a lot funner when I used to gamble. :) I love all of the shows and the energy and people watching, too.

How was the grand canyon? Jeff wants to take the kids there on a vacation one of these days.

I just saw that Adrian is giving away a Macy's card via Fishful Thinking. I haven't seen anything like that on the site. Am I missing a portion?

Is it OK to announce your tag line winners on my blog tomorrow as a part of my post?
Heather said…
You are young and hot. Clearly.

When I come to work, I am one of the oldest nurses here (I am 35). Try being surrounded by a bunch of cute 20-something nurses all day.

Can I come to senior Bingo with you?
Donnetta said…
Vegas - oh those days of pre baby chicklet and I worked to have money to burn at the Blackjack table!!

And the hooker, I mean people, watching - YOWSERS!!

Glad you had a great trip AND won some money!!
Unknown said…
Hahaha! I love your last line. It feels great to be young(er) and Hot(ter) doesn't it?!
Jen said…
I love Vegas just for the people watching. It is pure entertainment.
Cecily R said…
Oh, Honey...me and my house decorating-less genes (heh) want so BADLY to hang out with you in the senior section someday!!!

As long and you can handle being beat by one of the churchies, that is.
You go with your fifty-dollar-winning-hot-chick self!
lov said…
i love to people watch too!!
John Deere Mom said…
I went to a casino for the first time this past summer. I felt so young and cute...that should tell you just how old and wheel-chair bound most everyone else was! And the smoking? OMG. Never will I go back.
Glad you had fun! Can't wait to see pics!
Unknown said…
Youngest and hottest chick. lol Yep, those blue hairs are a riot in Vegas. Their little faces look like road maps due to the crazy sun there. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.
CaraBee said…
A friend of mine regularly goes to bingo at the senior center. She is not a senior. She says it is hysterical and fun. She keeps trying to talk me into going. I just might.

Glad you had a good time in Vegas!
Aunt Julie said…
I know what you mean. When I go to the second service at church on Sunday I'm ALWAYS the youngest and the hotest hangin' there!
Just Lisa said…
The youngest and hottest chick in the room??? Where do I sign up?!

We are considering going to the Grand Canyon in September. I hope you post pictures!
MDtripmom said…
Sounds like a lot of fun! :)
Lula! said…
We will so roll up in the Vegas when we have blue hair and fanny packs stocked with daubers and Virginia Slims Menthol Ultra Lights.


But we will NOT wear polyester. Instead, we will wear velour track suits.
Ah yes the people watching in vegas will never let you down. I have never done the bingo tho so thanks for the tip I will do that next time for sure.
LOL. You totally make me want to go to Vegas just to people watch. I have not experienced the glitz myself. Welcome back from your trip!!
Rachel said…
welcome back! warm weather and free coronas. this mama needs a vacay.
Sarahviz said…
Welcome home! And it was VERY mean of you to call me whilst poolside in Vegas!
Robin said…
Glad you’re back and happy you had such a great time.
And...if you think Vegas has a lot of smoke, check out Honolulu on the 4th of July. WooHoo!....now that smoke. You can't see your family, friends, what have yous, right there beside you.

Hope your day has been beautiful.
Shannon said…
I have never been to Vegas. Maybe one of these days I'll make it out there...
I hope I get to go to Vegas one day. And I LOVE to play Bingo! I want to play the high tech way though!
Heather said…
You have got to quit making fun of my blue hair and rings. And smoking looks cool.
Bunny said…
I loved reading this, you are a riot!!
I loooove Bingo! Hubs and I used to go all the time before Monsoon came. Even once on Valentine's Day - so no judgement here. ;)
wenderful said…
Ewww, Vegas. I can smell the smoke from here.
Glad you had fun though. B12.
Live.Love.Eat said…
Gosh, I haven't been to Vegas in 14 years. So much has changed!!!!! Bingonater and free Coronas. Nice!!!

Welcome back.
April Greer said…
YOU PLAYED BINGO IN VEGAS?? U know you can do that at Pechanga, right? Sorry you asked us not to go there...I guess if I was the hottest in the room I probably would have stayed put too, I need the attention!!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE to play Bingo! I keep wondering if Pechanga has it?

My grandma is a pro...at bingo...and I go play with her when we visit. She sets me all up, tells me whats what and then I don't look like a bingo virgin.

Never win though :(
Megan said…
LOL Hilarious! Sounds like quite the experience!

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