40 hours. No Sleep. This Should Be Good.


What a crazy week it has been.

I left for NY on Friday, did some Fishful Thinking all day Saturday with some AWESOME moms, stayed up all night because with the time change and East Coast to West Coast, I would have slept maybe 3 hours.

3 hours.

That's just a tease.

I was so amped up on the FABULOUS women I met and the incredible information I had just been giving, I could.not.sleep.

Car came to get me at 5:30 AM EST.... which {with daylight savings} was 1:30 AM to me.

No, I decided it was better to just stay up.

Heck, I used to pull 30 hours in college all the time.



Got the JFK.

They had a Brighton shop.


I was in there for 2.5 seconds and spent $120.

But I did get a free umbrella.

And the hottest wallet ever.

Screaming baby on the flight home.

Not like cute baby crying.

Like "i-have-special-baby-future-seeing-power-and-this-plane-is-going-down" crying.

I don't know about y'all, but I had a secret flying trick when the boy was a baby.

Infant Tylenol.

Knock that kid out.

So, baby is screaming.

Guy next to me takes his shoes off.

Dear God.

Strong head winds turn a 5 hour flight into a 6 hour flight.


Once in San Diego, I had an hour drive back to my place.

Get home.


Finally, at 9:30 PM, I give up the ghost.

40 hours later.

I am so 30-something.

So, tomorrow I am going to give you the low down on Fishful Thinking and the 10 moms involved.

If you have any in interest in helping your child cope with frustration, be successful at goal-setting, and build resiliency, come back.... I was so totally impressed- and as someone who has worked with children for the past 15 years, that's saying a lot.

So, it's a date.

I'll see you tomorrow.


I'm up late..can't sleep...feeling (blue?) and your post makes me laugh...thanks a bunch and sleep tight.
Ritch in Love said…
Take it from my Infant Tylenol is magic....of course as a flight attendant I can't legally endorse that...hm....oh well! (I hear ya with the strong head wind...night.mare!) I'm just hoping you didn't have a center seat on a full flight.
Get a good rest, you need and deserve it.
Amy said…
Hope you got some rest! Time change and daylight savings, uh oh.
Sandy said…
Yikes! I now feel guilty for whining about the one hour of sleep I lost due to the time change. Can't wait to hear all the details about your trip:0)
Rhea said…
I really need tips on how to help a child deal with frustration. My younger son gets frustrated SO easily.

Glad you're back! Going that long without sleep would make me delirious. No matter how hellish that flight was for you...imagine that poor baby's mom. ugh
Beth said…
Get rest, them come back.
I'm very interested to hear what you talked about in NY. Sounds like some great information!
whew...what an end to your trip. i hope you got some lovely, refreshing sleep! can't wait to hear more about fishful thinking!
Tenakim said…
I like to live vicariously through your avdenures- yes, sad, an airport, to me, is an adventure!
S Club Mama said…
sounds pretty amazing...would this frustration management work on 1-year-olds?
Susie said…
I am a perfect effective person but, I don't think I could keep up with that.
Amy said…
And I just THOUGHT I was tired. Get some rest soon :)
Donnetta said…
Infant Tylenol did nothin' for baby chicklet. BUT...Children's Benadryl makes EVERYBODY happy!!

Can't wait to hear about Fishful Thinking!
Amy said…
What a fun trip you had. Will be back later to hear more. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Thursday.
Looking forward to hearing all about it! Way to pull through, I dont know if I could do that anymore! Kudos to you.
I'll be here for sure. I saw a picture on facebook of the 10 of you. Such a great opportunity! :)
Kim said…
Can't wait to read about Fishful Thinking.
TuTu's Bliss said…
I'm looking forward to hearing more! Hugs, jen
Alison said…
Rest up and I look forward to hearing more.
Swirl Girl said…
I could really use some help with my 9 year old pre-pubescent now...look forward to your insight.
CaraBee said…
Everyone I know swears by Benadryl, but it's Tylenol all the way for me and mine. Nothing knocks my girl out like the T. I don't think I could stay up for 20 hours these days, let alone 40.
Sounds like you had an interesting flight. Get some rest so we can hear all about Fishful Thinking. :)
Shannon said…
Hope you are getting some much-needed sleep!

I'll be here tomorrow :)
Jen said…
Wow, that was some adventure. I can't wait to here more about Fishful Thinking.
Unknown said…
Oh man!!!! Hope that rest did ya good! :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, hi, the first time I came here when it said this post was here it wasn't. I got punked.

You need a specialty C Mai Tai...only a $10 cover charge at Club C...let's go!
Argh, I hate being reminded of 30. Now I know not to stay up for 40 hours straight - thank you in advance. :) Hope you ended up getting some goooood sleep by now!
sassy stephanie said…
Oh heavens. If I'm ever up for 40 hours straight, it better be b/c I'm on a sex, drugs and rock n roll binge.
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to hear all about your trip and what you learned/discussed!

I've been to the Fishful Thinking site and need to head back to "take notes"...
Marrdy said…
There is nothing worse than a crying baby. The one time I flew from Chicago to Salt Lake my 18 month old son had an ear infection. I was lucky, he didn't cry. And oh my those shoeless feet. That would be the end of any kind of enjoyable flight!
AiringMyLaundry said…
Eeep, he took off his SHOE? I'd have coughed or gone, "EW!" really loud.

I'm kidding.

But still, that's really gross.
Live.Love.Eat said…
I definitely have an interest in helping my 5yo with his frustration. We're definitely at that age, I am seeing it all the time...
Kris said…
I'm looking forward to learning more about fishful thinking! I can relate to you in so many ways!
Anonymous said…
I can definitely relate! Often times I feel like I'm on Europe time and I can't get off! I usually end up writing and then by the time I am tired, the kids are getting up! It's a vicious cycle!

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