The Secret is in the Sauce  is ready and waiting to make your acquaintance.  There is a big, fat contest, so get on over there now!  (Be sure to leave a comment once you are there, as that is your entry into the contest!)


Lula! said…
See? Everyone headed over to SITS without even throwing any love to you here. I, being a true fan and a BFF, will gladly leave a comment on The Romero Diaries.


There you go.
Anonymous said…
Hey - I'll leave you a comment, then go visiting all the other sites! Take a peek at mine, why don't you?
Tiffany said…
Tammy and Lula! Thanks for leaving a comment and not just skipping out to the pretty, popular girl.. how can I compete with leopard print?

Lula- BFF all the way. That is how we roll.

Tammy- I am on my way!
Lex the mom said…
I have read here a few times, but I can't remember commenting. I know I've read funny & fun stuff, so I don't have an excuse as to why. Bet your bootie I will sooner than later.

Now I am off to read the top 5 thingy below here. Thank you for all of this & SITS! Fab idea!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your new adventure. I'm excited to see everyone's best all in one place!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your win!!It looks like the perfect bag for the pool or toting around crafts. Guess I better go take a look at all those contests!
Heather's mom
Anonymous said…
Love your blog! So excited about SITS! What a great idea!
Candid Carrie said…
Yes, I am sorry that I red your post and then got the hell out of here to check it out.

You had me at The.
Coach Krista said…
I feel honored to have been one of your first followers and to think you are on your second blog. You and Heather are awesome. Congrats and now I am for sure going to have to keep up my blog if you are going to make me famous! LOL. I will be back more often I am on a 20 day stretch with out a day off it has been crazy but it is all good. I look forward to our vacation with kimberley and gang.
Debbie said…
Hey Tiffany! I am all enrolled in the SITS contest...and if I haven't told you this hour, I will. The whole thing is genius!
Pauline said…
i went to visit and can't seem to figure out how to leave a comment to enter the contest! Am i the only one working on no sleep and like, one brain cell? help!
Anonymous said…
Hi! I'm totally lovin' SITS - such a great idea. Thanks for stopping by SuperMom Central! I pulled some strings with the owner of Tote and Tee (who happens to be like the sweetest WAHM I've ever met) and she said she will extend the discount til Thursday night! Yippee! Those lunchboxes are so ultra-hip - I want one for each of my kiddos and maybe even one for myself!

Connie said…
Big THANK YOU! for this opportunity! You ROCK SITS sister!

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