Friday's Fab Five

I know you want more of Crazy Shannon and I promise, it's coming.  But for today, it's time for Friday's Fab Five (right I am humming "Do a little dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight),
as this is always so much fun for me!  I love finding out about you.

                       Top Five TV Show (All Time and in no particular order)

1.  Seinfeld

2.  Sex and the City

3.  Friends

4.  Beverly Hills 90210

5.  Facts of Life


Lula! said…
OK, go read my e-mail to you NOW!

And then read my list:

1. Lost (duh!)

2. Designing Women

3. Moonlighting

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

5. A Sci-Fi tie between Star Trek: The Next Generation and my new love, Battlestar Galactica.

Honorable mention going to: Sex and the City, Little House on the Prairie and Friends.
Finding Normal said…
1. Dawson's Creek

2. Little House on the Prairie

3. Grey's Anatomy

4. 90210

5. Sopranos
Unknown said…
Hmmmm .. in no particular order

1.. ER
2.. 24
3.. Friends
4.. Children of the Dog Star
5.. SG1/Atlantis/Star Trek/Battle Star Galactia/Farscape
6.. Dr Who

Yeah.. I know that it's more than 5, but it's really hard to choose!!!
Anonymous said…
What a Fun Fab Five! Here's my list...

1 - Everybody Loves Raymond (I make my hubby watch this so he knows it's normal to not shave my legs)

2 - Amazing Race

3 - Friends

4 - The Cosby Show (The Huxtables officially made parenting cool)

5 - Rick Steves and his enchanting romps through Europe (Just so you know, I plan on using this on as many Fab Fives as possible)
leezee52 said…
1)L&O:Criminal Intent
with goren & eames
2)L&O:Special Victims Unit

I could go on forever!
CaraBee said…
It is tough to narrow down to just 5, but here goes:

1-Sex and the City
2-Battlestar Gallactica (new, not old)
3-CSI (Original & NY, NOT Miami)
4-Family Ties
5-Cosby Show

I really could go on and on. I might watch a tad too much TV.
KimmyJ said…
Old ones:
1. Sonny & Cher
2. Carol Burnett
3. The Love Boat
4. Andy Griffith
5. I Love Lucy

New Ones:
1. Brothers and Sisters
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Survivor
4. Top Chef
5. Project Runway
Scary Mommy said…
Sex & The City
Freaks & Geeks
The Comeback
My So Called Life
Jill said…
4.The Office
5.Gilmore Girls
Jill said…
4.The Office
5.Gilmore Girls
Unknown said…
The Pretender
The Dead Zone
Heather said…
The Sopranos
Fantasy Island - Da Plane, Da Plane!!
Debz said…
in no partiular order:



threes company


and if reality tv counts -
big brother
if not -
gilmore girls
Kathi said…
1. Little House On the Prairie
2. Andy Griffith
3. Antiques Road Show (This might seem boring to some, but it is fascinating, and often funny.
4. The Cosby Show
5. Home Inprovement

Happy Friday, Kathi
Anonymous said…
Desperate Housewives



The Office

Dawson's Creek

(...Rob & Big)
Kaza said…
Hi Mrs. R! I'm new to the SITS site, and am now exploring all of the great blogs. Thanks so much for starting the SITS site! I can't wait to hear the next installment of the Crazy Shannon story, but for now, reading everyone's lists is fun. I'm terrible at this, but let's see what comes to mind:

1. Thirtysomething (yeah, it was whiny and annoying, but helped me see some of what was ahead in life when I watched it in my 20s)
2. Lost
3. Sex & the City
4. ER
5. I can't choose! Too many! The first three I thought of just now were: Friends, Felicity, and Gilmore Girls.

(I told you I'm terrible at this. I get anxious about forgetting something really good and then break the rules, sneaking in extras!)
katylinvw said…
Law & Order (especially the SVU variety)

Army Wives


Full House

Perfect Strangers
Apple Joos said…
1. South Park
2. Futurama
3. Robot Chicken
5. Project Runway
Amy said…

Sex and the City

Boston Legal


Insane Mama said…
Prison Break
Criminal Minds
Rhea said…
2. House
3. Seinfeld
4. Sex & The City
5. Charmed
Missy said…
1. Arrested Development HANDS DOWN!
2. Dawson's Creek
3. Project Runway
4. The Office
5. Love Boat
Lula! said…
Look at all these people throwing LOST some love. Y'all are women after my own heart. Kat, where are you? Chime in here. But I wonder...iss anyone else as obsessed as we are? (Heather, I include you in this one, too.)

So Mrs. R...we gotta get Heather in on SATC and then you gotta ride our LOST train. And then we can all sit and eat Bluebell and live happily ever after.
Candid Carrie said…
Here we go, in order:

1. Seinfeld

1. Everybody Loves Raymond

1. Rescue Me

1. Mad About You

1. Friends

1. Saturday Night Live
Party of 5 said…
Okay I agree with 2, 3 and 4 so I need two more. Easy



oh and as a bonus....

House and Bones. :-)
Cecily R said…
I can't give you a list because I am a TV junkie and can't choose. That said, you deserve a big old high five for adding The Facts of Life to yours!
Cecily R said…
...And now the theme song will be stuck in my head for the next three days...

When the world never seems,

to be livin' up to your dreams...
Alison said…
I left out all the reality shows so it would be easier!

1. Seinfeld

2. The Sopranos

3. Friends


5. ER (back when Clooney was on it)

Can you tell that when I was in college I was at home watching on Thursday nights?
Debbie said…
The Office
The Amazing Race
Dawson's Creek
Party of Five
ER (the old days, not now)
Anonymous said…
Saturday Night Live
Ugly Betty (Still a young show but its GOOD)
Anonymous said…
Oh crap! I forgot Buffy!!!

Ok, I would like to replace Buffy with 24....since their seasons haven't been consistantly good!
Anonymous said…
In no particular order either:

1. 90210- so reminds me of high school
2. Felicity
3. Sex and the City
4. I love Lucy (have loved this my whole life)
5. Party of Five
John Deere Mom said…
*Mad About You (I was obsessed with all things Helen Hunt. I recorded e.v.e.r.y. episode. I have a Mad About You tote bag and signed Helen Hunt coffee mugs. My husband was never so glad to see a show go off the air. I cried.)
*Will & Grace
*Every game show ever made
*X Files
S Club Mama said…
1. Saved by the Bell (all of them, even the made-for-tv movies, college years, and new class)
2. 90210 (can't wait for the new one to come out this fall)
3. Facts of Life (I'm always singing that theme song)
4. Friends (I really want a reunion with a Ross/Rachel wedding)
5. Super Nanny
S Club Mama said…
I officially switch out Super Nanny (although I love Jo dearly) for a tie between Little House on the Prairie (although I adore the books more) and Law & Order (any of them, although my husband hates all of them).
Anonymous said…
1. Battlestar Galactica (the new one - not the old one) The BEST show on television!
2. I'm a Sex in the City girl too!
3. Lost
4. Survivor
5. Grey's Anatomy
Swirl Girl said…
Mary Tyler Moore Show
Hill Street Blues
Sunshine said…
This is the first 5 I thought of first...k? Cuz I've been a dedicated TV watcher all my life (can you say, "latchkey kid")!

2. My Name Is Earl
3. Ghost Hunters
4. Gilmore Girls
5. CHiP's (I used to have Ponch and John dreams as a kid...((sigh)))
Sunshine said…
This is the first 5 I thought of first...k? Cuz I've been a dedicated TV watcher all my life (can you say, "latchkey kid")!

2. My Name Is Earl
3. Ghost Hunters
4. Gilmore Girls
5. CHiP's (I used to have Ponch and John dreams as a kid...((sigh)))
Staci said…
yeeeeeesssssssss a fellow 90210 fan, did you hear about the remake?? im sooo down to watchin it, i just hope they have some cameos!!!especially if luke is involved!!!
Jennifer P. said…
I have to agree with everyone's 90210 lovin'. I was bff's with a girl from a very strict religious family, so I would record the show and then we would leave campus and go to my house for lunch the next day and watch it. Good times, good times...

1. The People's Court
2. Judge Judy
3. Lawrence Welk re-runs
(am i ready for the retirement home yet? There are always TONS of commercials for diabetes testing supplies and Hoveround power scooters during all of these shows....)
4. So You Think You Can Dance
5. Scrubs---soon to be replaced by the Office.
Kitty said…
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Northern Exposure
3. Roseanne
4. Twin Peaks
5. Sex in the City
Angie's Spot said…
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Sex & The City
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. The Cosby Show
5. The Amazing Race
I'm a few days late but here they are in no particular order.

1. Friends
2. Gilmore Girls
3. CSI
4. Ghost Whisperer
5. Nip/Tuck
Mama Dawg said…
I agree with 2, 3 and 4 but not the others.

Mine are:

1. Lost
2. Survivor
3. Heroes
4. Friends
5. Gilmore Girls
I've just found your blog, so that's my excuse for post a comment more than 7 months late. :)

1. The West Wing
2. The West Wing really needs 2 entries.
3. Gilmore Girls
4. The Practice
5. Criminal Minds

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