Friday Fab Five

Today... Five Things You Never Want To Live Without... and don't tell me your husband and kids.  I mean like secret things....interesting things...shocking things..... 

Okay, so these aren't any of the "things" just described, but, they are mine.

1. Viva Paper Towels.  

2. HGTV (House Hunters in particular)

3. Barry Manilow

4.  "Tighten Up"  (aka: Liquid Virgin...)



AFRo said…
1. Internet. Specifically email and blogging. I'm addicted to it like crack.

2. 2 cups of coffee and two *shhhhh* cigarettes every morning before I must leave for work.

3. CD player and a burner on the computer. I'm a music FREAK, but can't afford an iPod.

4. Cell phone. I talk to at least 20 people while I traveled today. It's wonderful being about to get in that touch so that once I'm in the office, with kids, hubby, etc, I have time to think about being with them and not who I need to call.

5. More blogger buddies. I know they're out there and I'm meeting new ones every. single. day.
Candid Carrie said…
1. Este Lauder

2. Prescription Deodorant

3. Caffeine

4. M&Ms

5. Quality sex
I love househunters, too. Barry Manilow? Interesting.

1. internet
2. books
3. quiet time
4. flat iron
5. underware
Anonymous said…
1. Coffee (shocking)
2. la mer
3. sunglasses
4. red wine (I'm sounding a bit like Ms. Hatfield... if Ms. Hatfield had lots of tattoos, maybe)
5. internet service (I wonder how long before there is a support group for this addiction)
Heather said…
When I was little, my mom helped me mail a letter to Barry asking for his hand in marriage. Such innocence in not knowing that I could never have Barry.

1. Coffee. I drink it all day. It's a problem.
2. My iMac. Seriously LOVE anything Apple.
3. Hair products. I use, like, four every day.
4. T.V. It's on all day poisoning my children's minds.
5. Books. I love love love to read.
KimmyJ said…
1. Books
2. Coffee
3. Mary Kay Products (no I'm not in the Pink Cult, but I love their products)
4. Bubble baths
5. Great food

This is fun!
KimmyJ said…
What the fudge is Tighten Up? Sound like something I need to know about (4 babies later). Do tell, sugar muffin?
polkadot said…
reality tv
diet pepsi
Finding Normal said…
1. Chocolate
2. Diet Pepsi
3. Internet
4. Cartoons for the 3 year old
5. Books
Lula! said…
1. Coke. The real kind. No diet junk will ever pass my lips. (Sorry, Debbie--but I still love you.)

2. Nympho Niagra(you went there with the Tighten Up, so...)

3. Peanut M&Ms

4. a book, a beach, a bottle of Landshark. Every year, please.

5. Nars "Orgasam" lipgloss.

And now you have my packing list for the beach.
p.s. The things that bind us together are precious to me...vampires, Manilow, Barrymore and our beloved VIVA. We are such BFFs.
p.p.s. Can I add your phone sex operator voice to this list? Yes, I just outed you. In a good way!
Kori said…
First off let me just say that I am laughing so hard with tears in my eyes just for the simple fact that you listed Tighten Up cream. God Bless you for this! Ok so now for my Top 5.

1. Flat Iron

2.Cell Phone Simply because it's also my MP3 player and I love my Music.

3. GUM! I quit smoking shortly after Richard was diagnosed last year. So Gum is a must have.

4. My square fuzzy pillow. It goes everywhere with me because I can't stand for my knees to touch when I'm sleeping or layng on my side. Yes I am an undiagnosed OCD person.

5. Charmin Toilet Paper the Blue one not the red. When Richard is in the hospital or we are gone on vacation I ahve to take my own TP cause my girlie parts don't agree with nothing else. TMI I know!
Jill said…
1. The internet. I couldn't get through the work day without it.

2. Chocolate. Any kind will do. Mostly brownies.

3. My cell phone. I'm terrified to drive without it in my reach

4. my CHI flat iron

5. Coffee. Mostly starbucks
Danielle said…
[clearing throat] Did you just put Barry Manilow and something called Liquid Virgin in the same list??

What in the world is Tighten Up? I live in a hole, apparently. What on earth are you talking about??
Rhea said…
1. Internet & bloggin
2. smutty books
3. Starbucks Chai tea
4. Soduko on my cell phone
5. my imagination hehe

What the heckaroni is Tighten Up? Google, here I come...
Mama Dawg said…
Oh, my, how eclectic.

1. books (all kinds)
2. DVD's w/DVD player and TV included
3. Gatorade
4. My "friend"
5. My camera
katylinvw said…
1. Chipotle Burritos! (i confess, i have consumed 2 in one sitting at times - you've got to make the 2 hour drive worth it!)
2. Internet
3. Cell phone
4. hairspray (both the beauty product and the musical)
5. strawberry mango margaritas
Jan Ross said…
OK, I also had to Google "Tighten Up" cream. I am SO NAIVE.

1. Books. Have to read. Have to.
2. Chocolate Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper. And I may be the only person on the planet who likes this.
3. Blogging. Been doing it for almost two years now and LOVE IT.
4. First Thursday. Dinner out with my friends the first thursday of every month.
5. The beach. Heading there in about three weeks.
Insane Mama said…
Mine is simple
1.The ocean... Need my daily swim in that salt
2. Hugs from my dad
3. Tighten up... LOVE THAT STUFF!
4.Flowers, dorky I know, but my man picks me flowers every morning to wake up to.
5. Chapstick The original kind
Anonymous said…
1.Flat iron or a large barreled curling iron. Without those items, my hair is wild and friend.

2. Bras. Ever seen those saggy breasted naked African women? Who wants to look like that?

3. Clinique SuperFit foundation in (01) Shell. I'm whiter than a mo-fo hanging with his mo-jos...sorry, I just flashed back to 1997 study hall lingo. Seriously, I need foundation to even out my red cheeks.

4. Thick books, a comfy couch, and a ratty old blanket.

5. McDonald's. He's saved my butt 1,000's of "I don't feel like cooking" days.
Apple Joos said…
1. hummus

2. comfy pajamas

3. mint flavored lip gloss

4. baths

5. Jones carbonated soda candy.
Apple Joos said…
5.2. *cough* hand held shower heads.

*runs away blushing*
Anonymous said…
Gotta be honest with ya - the Barry Manilow confession is definitely "interesting", "shocking" and yes, something you should probably keep a "secret"! But who am I to judge...

1 - internet (big shocker there)
2 - Victoria's Secret bras (thre babies later, they keep the twins from draggin' on the floor)
3 - Rick Steeves and his delightful travels through Europe (fessin' up to a little crush here)
4 - Target (is it wrong to get turned on by an aisle full of cool notebooks and darling thank you cards?)
5 - brownie batter (If I could I would mainline that stuff)
Anonymous said…
1. My computer
2. Ice Cream
3. My Camera
4. Pretty Paper to create with
5. I Tunes
Alison said…
1. The Internet. "Addictive" is right.
2. Chocolate.
3. My favorite jeans.
4. Happy pills.
5. Books!
Amy said…
Easy one....
3.i pod
Jennifer P. said…
1. blogging and email---glad we're all admitting it!

2. Ritter Sport dark chocolate/Marzipan candy bars (it's a German thing).

3. Glenn Beck

4. my step aerobics class

5. fresh orange juice (I don't drink coffee--but this would be my substitute).

5b.As long as we're all going *there*, I'll admit I do enjoy my occassional Blake Lewis wants to be more than just my boyfriend dream ;).....
LaQuintamomof3 said…
OK Mrs. R I have known you for years! Don't know the first thing about tighten up-- wikipedia, here I come!

1. Coffee (only the "good stuff", I could mainline Americanos all day)
2. Target- in addition to shopping, I do love to browse, the dollar isle gets me giddy.
3. Wine
4. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches
5. Blogging- new addiction, but I just LOVE it!Happy Friday the 13th!
DC said…
I'm afraid to ask for more info on #4. ;)
Connie said…
Red Wine
White Wine
Irish Wiskey

What?! like you were expecting anything else from me ... hahahahah!
swilek said…
i read a blog comment on hokey pokey's blog and was wondering if you really run a summer are busy!!!
swilek said…
i put you on my bloglines and couldn't figure out why there wasn't any new ones showing but i figured it out...i had you at the wrong address!!!
I think somewhere in here I should say God, husband and children. But you should know that already so I'm just skipping the obvious and going straight to:
1. Starbucks Iced Chai Latte - I've even learned to make my own and buy the concentrate by the case, no lie
2. Fake nails - vanity, thy name is woman
3. light - ok this needs explanation - my husband is VERY conservative. he turns off lights. I turn on lights. I buy Sunpipes. He can't turn them off. I am happy.
4. sewing machines - multiple because one sews straight, one embroiders, one serges, one is very old and cherished, yada, yada
5. Fast internet connection :)
Unknown said…
'Tighten Up'??? (off to Google) Oh. Can't believe I got to this age and never heard about it before. Does it really work?? :-)

1. WW Giant Fudge Bars

2. My Internet connection

3. Bras

4. My MP3 player
Anonymous said…
What in the world is "Tighten UP" and liquid virgin, and Nympho Niagra?
I can't even think of things I can't live without because my mind is racing trying to figure this out...
Missy said…
These lists tell so much about people! (also learn about great T Up)
1. Starbucks coffee
2. My ONE pair of jeans that fit perfectly.
3. Eyelash curler (even more important than mascara)
4. Grass (the kind in your yard, non-smokeable)
5. Digital camera
Anonymous said…
1. My Ipod and Nike+
2. Coffee - can't live without it!
3. My Bible
4. My Canon Rebel
5. My Seven For All Mankind Jeans- they are super comfy!
-Bridget said…
1. spanx
2. coach purses and shoes
3. diet coke
4. hair dryer
5. magic cream (Yes, it is for black men to have nice shiny bald heads. That's not where I use it. Go south of the border.)

Now, if I was on a deserted island and could only take five things, would I have the same list? Ummmm...probably. Gonna need a really long extension cord for the hair dryer though.
Debbie said…
Diet Coke with lemon
the internet
flip flops
my Nordstrom jeans that fit oh so perfectly and are oh so comfy

What the heck is that stuff you mentioned that is scaring me so much I won't type it?
And, my husband is hoping I will say Tighten Up.
Anonymous said…
1. Shoes (many many pairs!)
2. Sunglasses (seriously photophobic)
3. Purses (yes, multiple)
4. Jackets (am always cold, and they make the outfit)
5. My favorite watch. Without it I'm forever running late!
Giiiiiiiiiiiiirl! Spill it! What in Heaven's name is Tighten Up and where do I get it?
~Sheila~ said…
1. Milkshakes. I don't care what flavor

2. My DVR (tivo). I have to be able to record shows I can't watch at the original air time.

3. A nice comfortable bed with super comfy pillows and blankets. I loves me some naps.

4. Cereal. Although I'm lactose intolerant..whatever, everyone just has to suffer cause I'm gonna chomp some cereal.

5. Some solitude. I cherish the times when Angel takes the kids fishing or just to the beach with him. I get to stay at home and just lounge for a bit.
my2boyz said…
1) Coffee
2) Internet
3) Yoga
4) Candy any kind
5) my Lucky Jeans
6) AWSOME sex
WheresMyAngels said…
""Tighten Up" (aka: Liquid Virgin...)"

KatBouska said…
Under eye concealer.

tanning lotion.

my computer/internet access.

a bajillion blogger friends.

ps you're totally hot!! Together we're headed straight for super stardom.
KatBouska said…
Oooh that was only four.

My last one.....quiet time!!
Swirl Girl said…
I could live without tons of things except:

coffee, my Bare Minerals makeup, my acrylic nails, cheese of all types but the creamier the better, my meds (no, I really couldn't live without them), Tv and DVR (i am addicted) grass ( and no, I mean the ingestible kind, not the lawn kind) good wine, long showers....I could go on forever...
KatBouska said…
ps Have you seen your shout out here:

EmBee said…
A fellow 'House Hunters' addict... Makes me love you even more! My favorite part is at the very end of the show when you see what changes they've made to their new digs (ie. paint, what their furniture looks like in the new space.) I just can't wait 'til the end!

Barry Manilow? Okay, I'll leave that one alone.

Liquid Virgin? I don't know what this is and frankly, I'm really afraid to ask.

I know I'm skipping around, but Viva Paper Towels would imply housework and I'm not sure I can relate any favorite item with housework... I mean, that's like saying my favorite part of being tortured is the alignment I get in my back when I'm put on the rack.

Comments!!! Woo-Hoo! It's quite obvious I love leaving them almost as much I do receiving them! With SITS though, I must admit it's getting very difficult to keep up but whatta ride!

I'll have to take some time to think about my 5 favorite things and get back to you on that... I DO think 'House Hunters' will be on the list but don't look for paper towels.
John Deere Mom said…
Just 5?! There are so many. Okay.

1. Catwalk Enviroshape hairspray and flat iron (that might sound like 2 but you can't have one without the other)
2. Coffee and alcohol (hey, sometimes they go together!)
3. Fountain Diet Dr. Pepper
4. Pens, planner, markers (all office supplies really)
5. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
What a fun blog! I just found you over at Angela's Painted House. You've been keeping me very entertained this morning. If I had to come up with my Fab Five, it would have to include:

1) My computer--gotta blog!

2) My DVR--I can't seem to watch TV "live" any more now that I've gotten used to fast-forwarding through commercials and the middle-parts of my HGTV shows (I just want to see how it turns out--not how they did it!)

3) M&Ms hidden in my study where the kids can't find them. Chocolate keeps me going while I'm working.

4) The MLS listings--I'm obsessed with looking up houses and seeing how everyone else lives. I'm on the MLS listings almost every day, even though I have no plans to move any time soon.

5) Hair color. Am I the only one who worries that they may end up in the hospital in a coma someday and no one will think to touch up her roots? I am? Okay, forget I said anything.

-Julia :-)
Sunshine said…
So um...I'm so intrigued by the Liquid Virgin. I *do not* get out enough! I'm a little scared too.

And I totally copied you and did this on my blog.

1. Mexi Snax Pico de Gallo chips. Lord help me.

2. Lysol Antibacterial Spray

3. Bath and Body Works Wall Flowers

4. My glorious bed.

5. Fiction. I needs my books.
Jen said…
Here's my five...
1. Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee.
2. Food Network
3. My iPod with ear piece head-phones (to silence the cries for just a minute)
4. Rachael Ray Chef's Knife
5. My shark floor sweeper. (Meal times are a war zone.)
Jennifer P. said…
Hmmmm...Mrs. R since everyone was asking and you weren't talking--I took the liberty of googling Liquid Virgin and Tighten Up and reading several, uh, interesting reviews on the stuff. Seems like the FDA is still waiting to put their stamp of approval on this stuff. Something about the Alium levels. Somebody did say it was great at taking out under-eye wrinkles though.

Learn something new every day, right?!?! :)
Tiffany said…
Ladies, Liquid Virgin says it all. That's what it does. Literally. I don't use it often, but when I do... hello!

Jennifer- I knew that stuff was too good to be true.
FDA.. what do they know anyway?
Sheri said…
1. internet/email/blogging
2. Music. I have a kick @ss sound system even in my bathroom
3. Friends. They constantly reassure me I'm really NOT crazy
4. My dog. She's going to live to be 100. She has to.
5. Thunderstorms. So rare anymore, and I LOVE them!
leezee52 said…
Liquid Virgin...WTF?...tee hee.
Petula said…
:-)... those are good. I think mine are: water, internet, quiet time, medicine and... hmmm??.... ah, cell phone!

Shallow, huh? LOL
Cookie said…
OMG! I'm soooo going to have to check out this liquid virgin stuff!

as for me, is chocolate already assumed as something you can't live without like the husband and kids?
Cristin said…
1. Wine. Pinot Blanc if I can find it.

2. Coffee.

3. Swearing... it's just who I am.

4. Hating my dog... cause I'm not supposed to hate the kids right?

5. Internet/blogging... cause most people in real life piss me off..

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