So You You Want To Be Famous PART TWO

We are SO excited by your responses to The Secret is in the Sauce!  

A few things: 

1.  This is NOT a contest.  You will ALL be featured on the blog during the next 2 months.  We are featuring bloggers in the order received.

2.  The blog is set to open on Monday.  Come get your "SITS" button for your blog and find out the details.

3.  For the first five days, we will just be spreading the word...there is a contest involved.

4.  What is a "best post"?  Imagine you have a blog shop, which blog posts would you display in the store front window?  Anything... recipes, funny stories, great photographs... whatever best represents YOU.  

5. Please feel free to submit posts from other bloggers that you think people should know about!

This is gonna be great, I tell you, GREAT!


~Sheila~ said… guys know how to build up hype!
Pretty exciting.
Mama Dawg said…
I'm excited. If this takes off like gangbusters, will you let us add more blog links to keep us fresh in readers minds? Like bring someone to the front again after three months go by or something. That way, the ones who went first don't stay buried in the archives?
Tiffany said…
Yes, we will actually just ask you to keep on submitting when you write a post you think people must see.

Heather and I have also decided that if it did get big, we would limit the blogs we keep as "saucy blogs".

Its not fun to try to get seen in a crowded blog room.

Also, the button is going to tell other SITS readers that you want comments. They will be "committed" to leaving a comment if they see that button.

It should be a win/win for everyone.
Debbie said…
I sent my posts! Let me know if you get them and were able to access the links.
Alison said…
I had to find time to review my archives. I'm sending my links to you now.

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