Photoshop Actions- Free!


I am in LOVE with this FREE photoshop set of actions!

It whitens teeth, brightens eyes and smooths skin.

Took this:


And, now you want to know where you can get it, right?

Now, Rita, of Coffe Shop is CRAZY generous and has listed a ton, and I plan on trying them all, but the one I used for this shot is called "Powder Room 2".
{It's down towards the bottum under "Retouching".

You do need minimal knowledge about layers and such, but I mean minimal- AND, this can be used in Photoshop elements, which is a bit more tricky of an installation, but doable.

{I must thank my friend, Carissa for turning me on to this site!}



Stephanie Faris said…
I really need to learn Photoshop again. I took a class in it in the 90s but I've forgotten it all now!
Unknown said…
I love her actions too!
Nicole said…
I love using actions on pictures to give them little extra.
Lori said…
Great photo editing!
Cheryl Lage said…
If only the actions could be employed in real-life....I've got a bad case of non-luminous skin and red-wine teeth! ;)

Seriously, these are AMAZING actions. Great work, T!
Anonymous said…
1 - there's another Cheryl commenting (which is super cool!)
2 - I really need to learn how to use photoshop again :) any suggestions on how to start that?
Susie said…
Wow! What a difference!
Hey thanks sweetie! YOU rock of course... :).

I just got PSE8 and I'm so dying to find the time to upload all my saved actions and then go get some more baby!
Anonymous said…
Wow...I am sooo bookmarking Rita's spot. I love to play w/Photoshop. NOT. But, I love the thought of doing great things w/it:)
kanishk said…
love using actions on pictures to give them little extra.

Work from home India
Jamie said…
I love Rita's actions! I've used a bunch of them but need to go get some more! Great blog! found you on SITS!
Gigi said…
I am confused how sits work. I have added some buttons from sits to my blog and posted some comments but only 1 returned. Please guide me along on this. I think it is great and good way to reach out and meet others and share things with. I do get your email and go to the sits of the day to leave a comment.
Please get back to me on how this works.
Bird said…

Thanks for the great tip!!
twinkietotmom said…
I will have to check it out! Thanks for the info!
Rebecca said…
Good find thanks for sharing.
Stopping by from SITS
Jenny said…
What a cool tip. I'm sending this to my husband. Does it work in real life, though? That's really the important part. Sigh. Stopping by from SITS.
Laura Bush said…
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Anonymous said…
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